Tobago Not Taking Mamaguy

By Speak out to: Tobago Council PNM

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, her UNC colleagues and her TOP minions continue to plot their strategy to take over Tobago on the premise that Tobagonians can be easily bought and that Tobagonians are not overly bright.

In the week prior to Christmas, the People’s Partnership leader, quite predictably, arranged to hold a Cabinet meeting in Tobago and then proceeded to reveal a package of promises which she felt would serve to revive the flagging fortunes of beleaguered TOP leader Ashworth Jack and his team. The Tobago Council would like to advise Madam Bissessar that Tobagonians are not impressed. We are not impressed by her cynical announcement that “I HAVE GIVEN INSTRUCTIONS TO THE ATTORNEY GENERAL THAT I WOULD LIKE TO SEE THE BILL LAID EARLY IN JANUARY.” We have not forgotten that it is this same Attorney General who discarded the Tobago Bills which represented over three years of consultation involving thousands of Tobagonians, and is now attempting to “RAM DOWN” our throats, his Green Paper which is geared to confirm the recolonization of Tobago.

Tobagonians are aware that the Bill which the Attorney General is expected to lay in Parliament would confine Tobago to a 10 mile maritime boundary, instead of the 200 mile maximum which we are demanding. The 10 mile boundary advocated by Attorney General Anand Ramlogan and supported by the Tobago Organization of the People, will distance Tobago from any claim on the vast energy resources now being exploited on the North-East coast of the island. This would destroy the bargaining power which the Assembly should have in its relationship with the Central Government and consign the island to mendicant status, in perpetuity.

The Attorney General’s Bill is not expected to address the issues of the qualification to vote in a Tobago House of Assembly election; the Assembly’s right to borrow and most importantly, the Tobago House of Assembly’s control over all the areas related to the governance of Tobago.

But the most insulting aspect of the Prime Minister’s statement is that she is insisting that the Bill be laid in the House before the Tobago House of Assembly elections, obviously with the expectation that her PP government and her TOP cronies would derive significant political benefits from the strategy. It is obvious that the Prime Minister, possibly based on the advice of TOP leader Ashworth Jack, believes that Tobagonians are naïve and gullible, even foolish. It is only a naïve and gullible electorate that would respond positively to a Government which, after 30 months in office is prepared to “HUSTLE” the THA Bill through Parliament, less than two weeks before an election. It is only a naïve and gullible electorate that would support a political party that agrees with the contents of a Green Paper and a Bill which would rob generations of Tobagonians of their patrimony and their heritage. Kamla Persad-Bissessar and her TOP minions will soon realize that the Tobago electorate is neither naïve, nor gullible, nor foolish.

The Prime Minister also made heavy weather of the announcement that her Government would construct a new correctional facility at Hope. She omitted to mention, however, that the construction of that facility has been on the drawing board for many years and, even at this time, some of the preliminary aspects of the process are incomplete. It is, however, quite revealing that the Prime Minister was silent on the construction of the police stations at Roxborough and Old Grange; construction which her Government has delayed for more than two years. The Prime Minister did not tell Tobagonians that when her Government took control in May 2012, contracts had already been awarded for those police stations. It was the PP Government which rescinded the contracts and while new contracts have been awarded for the construction of eight police stations in Trinidad, the Tobago process continues to languish.

The Prime Minister and her TOP colleagues were also quite disingenuous in their treatment of the issues surrounding the grant of assistance to Secondary School Status to the Harmon School of Seventh Day Adventists. The impression is being given that the process was initiated by and involved only the Central Government. The Prime Minister and Minister of Tobago Development Dr. Delmon Baker, did not reveal that the decision to grant the assisted status was reached after extensive discussions between school officials and the Tobago House of Assembly. After those discussions, a Note was prepared by the Assembly and sent to the Minister of Tobago Development for transmission to Cabinet which has to grant final approval. That Note remained with the Ministry for more than two years before the relevant Minister thought it appropriate to take it to Parliament and then, of course, to take all the credit. In the meantime, the Assembly has invested millions of dollars in supporting the Seventh Day Adventists in their longstanding and laudable contribution to the development of the island’s young people. It is less than one month to the election, and the electorate can expect more promises, more hampers, more food cards, more blandishments and more bribes. It is fortunate that the vast majority of Tobagonians recognize that the issues in this election are too critical and far-reaching for them to be influenced or sidetracked by empty promises and blatant bribery.

TOP leader Ashworth Jack might have signaled to the UNC-led coalition that Tobago is for sale but genuine Tobagonians are standing firm “IN DEFENCE OF TOBAGO.” They are the people who are “PUTTING TOBAGO FIRST” and therefore, we can be confident that, after January 21, 2012, Kamla Persad-Bissessar, Ashworth Jack and the other members of that MOTLEY CREW would finally be convinced that TOBAGONIANS CANNOT BE BOUGHT, BULLIED OR BRIBED.

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citylimer said on Saturday, Jan 26 at 8:59 PM


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SonofaTobagonian said on Wednesday, Jan 23 at 8:06 AM

@PG, do you know that before the said PNM came into existence, most people in Trinidad were uneducated? In central and south, through no fault of their own, most of the people could not read nor write. Yes, the same people who now say that the PNM did nothing in over 50 years, do not even know that their parents and grandparents could not read nor write, or they conveniently prefer to forget it. One more thing, most people in Laventille were reading and writing long before most other people in Trinidad. Why do you think that Fernandes built their rum making factory in Laventille and not Chaguanas?

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Peaceful citizen said on Tuesday, Jan 22 at 10:08 AM

Tobago People have spoken. We are for peace and unity, we want to enjoy our beaches and peacefulness, we want the people to plant your lands, treat each other with respect and love, does it have to have a disaster for people to come together and work together? Take out the race card, let us not look at skin color, God made us all, we are all God's children, whether black, indian, white, chinese, spanish blue, whatever we are all God's children. Take a page out of children's book, they play together, they disagree, but in the end they are still friends. Trinidad and Tobago, let us stop the bickering, these rich high people just thinking about their pockets, if they cannot lead they need to step aside and allow some one who has the interest of the people at heart. Nough said.

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PG said on Tuesday, Jan 22 at 12:37 AM

Tobago do not want progress. Prime Minister thanks for coming to Tobago. I want Progress for my children,but I will advocate that they migrate to Trinidad.Educational Opportunities will not be had in Tobago. Thanks to Mr. Harvey Boris and others Laventille, here we come.

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John not asellout said on Sunday, Jan 20 at 10:24 PM

Tobago moans quality of life just fine. It have no Beetham in Tobago. Tobago been fine and happy and progressing for years under GREAT leadership and organization. So don't sell out. TAKE ALL THE BRIBE BUT VOTE PNM. They Cyah take back nothing.

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RJ said on Sunday, Jan 20 at 1:44 PM

THERE SEEMS TO BE ANOTHER RJ. The regular RJ says to vote TOP for good leadership, no neopotism and corruption corruption.

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Angelic said on Sunday, Jan 20 at 1:35 PM

Vote TOP to improve the quality of life for Tobagonians.

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RJ said on Sunday, Jan 20 at 10:42 AM

Vote PNM Tobago first. PNM all the way,

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John not asellout said on Sunday, Jan 20 at 10:40 AM

All TOP want is the oil that they find outside Canoe Bay. So they bribing the people with riches so all of them could profit from that oil. Now Tobago fishermen can't even fish outside certain areas. Don't fall for the lies, open allyuh eyes. Vote People's National Movement. Don't be fooled.

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RJ said on Sunday, Jan 20 at 7:54 AM


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John Not asellout said on Saturday, Jan 19 at 7:29 PM

My brethren of Tobago, please don't sell out Tobago. Take all the bribery cell phones and baskets and say thank you, but vote PNM. Don't be fooled. Don't sell out like Canoe Bay.

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BETHEL PNM said on Saturday, Jan 19 at 4:32 PM


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RJ said on Wednesday, Jan 16 at 6:34 PM

lETS NOT BE DISRESPECTFUL TO THE PM. Lets look at the bigger picture of moving Tobago forward, and vote for TOP.

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Anonymous said on Wednesday, Jan 16 at 1:02 AM

david who said that the world was going to end.the fact is kamal is a drunk,everyone who knows her knows need to get involve in the issues to really comprehend whats taking place.

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David said on Tuesday, Jan 15 at 10:06 PM

Please stop the racism and hatred. I am from a mixed race family .Why does the world has to end. because of an Indian Trinidad leader. Shame on my people....

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Anonymous said on Tuesday, Jan 15 at 11:38 AM

Last night I listened to the PM on the radio speaking from a TOP meeting which surprised me . She said that Tobagonian lands have been freed up so they could own then ,use them or SELL them. To whom ? She also said that Tobagonians will be there "When the roll is called up yonder on the 21st" Someone has to explain to her what that song mean in the cultural context of Tobagonians. I Hope she said that in error . The whole election thing is too weird. Jesus help Tobago.

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tobagonian said on Monday, Jan 14 at 6:34 PM

please hold on to our tobago,countries across the world fought to have it,our ancesstors will not have it any other way

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RJ said on Monday, Jan 14 at 9:18 AM

THE POLITICS OF RACE CAN SCARE THE DAYLIGHT OUT OF T&T Citizens!!. Just the statement Calcutta ship is coming to take over seems to scare people!! Where is the love!!ARE WE AS TOBAGONIANS NOT ABLE TO LEAD, WHY DOES A SHIP FROM CALCUTTA HAVE TO, IF TOP WINS??

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RJ said on Sunday, Jan 13 at 3:47 PM

tHE lONDON LED tha HAS SEEMED TO HAVE GIVEN AWAY OUT PATRIMONY to the Canadian researchers,that which belongs to our fishermen. Also to Grenada, and those Syrians in Trinidad. Let a party who has Tobago's interest like TOP rule.

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flowers said on Sunday, Jan 13 at 12:13 AM

Tell RJ go get his thrill somewhere else! All the indians want is to get into Tobago and run things. Stay in Trinidad & visit when yuh feel like. Kamala has barked up the wrong tree & I can't wait for the election cause I want to see how far Tobago will let her climb up! Hold on to Tobago real tight cause if you all let the land hungry people get their hands on your land it will be over...

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mesehsoh said on Thursday, Jan 10 at 4:46 PM

my fellow tobagonians cold you pleaqse tell me why is kamla is so interested in tobago..of course there are family with stores ..hardware...singhs,,,building rented out to the government....why is the two jacks so dotish ...they cannot see the pattern...why is the lady from lambeau as smart as she is supposed to be not reading whats going on ...tobagonians open your your ears and open your brains or else craupaud smoke all ah pipe

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citylimer said on Thursday, Jan 10 at 12:27 PM

SANDY's statement was unfortunate however he apologized. What about all the statements made by UNC PEOPLE. JACKS PUMPKIN HOUSE, Jack Warner's indiscretions, Devant Maharaj's and all others statements in or a worse vain than Sandy tthe UNC TOP people should have resigned a long time ago. KURTA JACK and KAMLA and all their followers who said that ROWLEY's waering of a KURTA MAKES HIM A DEMON A DEMON PEOPLE why have have they not gone. Donot waste time with SAT the PNATY LINE MAN. Why was he looking he not supposed to any line he should have closed his eyes and allow BLACK children in his school. These people feel they have the DIVINE RIGHT OF KINGS, RACE AND RELIGION. 8 Ministers, HDC, NIDCO and hidh official HELD SECRET TALKS WITH JACK ABOUT PROJECTS IN TOBAGO. They wasting their time. JACK DONE LOSE ALREADY. They did not SPEAK TO ORVILLE CIEF. SEC but They are UNDERMINING THE PNM. The ground is slipping under their feet. LOOK OUT FOR BIG TALK ABOUT DEVELOPMENT.PNM WILL DEVELOP NOT UNC

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Is this clever ? said on Monday, Jan 7 at 2:59 PM

If there is any truth in the allegations ,then the accused politician does not look too smart. Why take something that is so visible. Would a few gold bars that he could hide not have accomplish the same ? This just does not make sense. That is why it is alleged I guess.

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the virginian said on Sunday, Jan 6 at 3:15 PM

Bago to the bone,what appears as chalk to you might be cheese to the other guy.Ever thought of that?So,perhaps,if you were to care only for your own skin first and leave others to see after theirs,then all should be well.Jack might then sleep as a baby and maybe you'd do the same.Just try it,be Untobagonian for once if you could,and keep your head within your confines and not over your neighbor's fence.Promise?

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bago to the bone said on Sunday, Jan 6 at 2:13 PM

Mr A Jack, you should be intelligent enough,that nothing in life us free . You have sacrifice and betrayed your people for 50 plus pieces silver. How do sleep at night OR even wake up in the morning! up in rl

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SonofaTobagonian said on Sunday, Jan 6 at 7:33 AM

Tell grandma Kamla where to shove this arranged marriage that she want to setup between Tobago and the UNC. According to today's express, Krishna Lalla of SIS contractors, who worked on Kamla's palace and Ashworth Jack's house, is investing millions of dollars with the TOP to win this election. That kind of dowery have serious consequences for a virgin Tobago. So you see when Maticoor night come, this Tobago bride must kick they tail out. If not, that time honored village wedding of our Tobago heritage, will be replaced by another type of wedding. Drag yuh bow Mr. Fiddler.

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Winston Philip said on Sunday, Jan 6 at 6:38 AM

It's amazing. Mr. Jack Warner going to Tobago and accusing people of shady dealings. That's a joke. It's like pot tell kettle its bottom is black. People shouldn't take this man seriously. He has humilated the Prime Minister and he is still her spokeperson. What can I say.

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citylimer said on Saturday, Jan 5 at 8:51 PM

KAMLIAR says JACK PUMKIN HOUSE IS NOT IMPORTANT IN THE ELECTION. JACK WARNER SAYS Orville has 6 to 7 Houses Renting and that Anslem paid off $2 Mn. in 2 years and that he paid off everthing except $94,000. Inever heard Anslem say that but Warner seems to have INSIDE INFORMATION either from the Banks or perhaps the INTEGRITY COMMISSION. IS JACK SPYING ON PEOPLE. Just asking. Ashworth Jack is the one who gave the press information. So it is getting NASTIER BY THE DAY. POT should never TELL KETTLE that his bottom is BLACK. Warner says Orville is the BLACK C HART does JW have a HEART for the SOCA WARRIORS.J W is known as an INTERNATIONAL CON MAN by the world over. People with such a REP should not throw stones towards glass houses.A NEW type of SLEEZE POLITICS is being brough to Tobago by the UNC TOP. People and the CFU are asking question about who is the TRUE OWNER OF THE CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE IS IT THE PEOPLE OF TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO OR ONE MAN. How many HOUSES DOES JW OWN.BLACK C HART

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The Mighty Tall Boots said on Friday, Jan 4 at 2:01 PM

Tobagonians be careful for who yuh vote Beware ah project managers who promote While yuh having fun and runing yuh goat Watch out for the Ram who could buss yuh throat. Tobago! Listen my appeal They say who doh hear - they bong to feel On the 21st be careful what yuh do Vote for the one who yuh know going to support you. Tobago!

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peoplesay said on Friday, Jan 4 at 10:05 AM

Citylimer did Manning consult the THA before giving away Grenada our oil/money.Ask Rowley about the deal that was brokered with Grenada with the PNM led Assembly led by Mr. Orville London.

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jacob said on Thursday, Jan 3 at 2:39 PM


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RJ said on Thursday, Jan 3 at 5:49 AM

!!THE TRUTH OFFENDS!!! Those who wants to hold unto power without the ability to truly lead, will always be offended by the truth and feel that the truth is mamaguy. They will resort to character assasination and lying, blackmailing ect., to try to cling unto power. However God is in control.

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citylimer said on Wednesday, Jan 2 at 8:10 PM


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citylimer said on Wednesday, Jan 2 at 7:04 PM

My People BEWARE of UNC TOP PR AND PROPAGANDA which was the main tool used by the FACIST & COMMUNIST Regimes to prop up their FAILING Regimes.The UNC TOP is attempting to SYSTEMATICALLY SHAPE PERCEPTIONS MANIPULATE COGNITIONS - BRAINWASHING - to gain favourable public responses. My people think deeply of all the ATROCITIES this UNC TOP has inflicted on both Trinidadians and Tobagonians. If you think that you have seen the end of this dispicable behaviour of the UNC TOP U ENT C NOTHING YET THE WORSE IS STILL TO COME. They are using Tobagonians - who they feel are gullible- to achieve they objectives of TOTALITARIANISM. And the SAD PART is that the UNC is using Tobagonians to FIGHT UNC'S FIRE. IMAGINE CHISLYN M from Lanbeau she should LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND SEE IF SHE RECOGNIZES THE SHAPE OF A CHISEL LOOKING BACK AT HER. So do not call people derogatory names.

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citylimer said on Wednesday, Jan 2 at 6:20 PM

From some of the Blogs I am detecting that many Tobagonians have been INFECTED with the most ATROCIOUS - Extemely wicked and Cruel behaviour this Country has experienced from a Regime in Power. When you have Ministers Drunk and Disorderly, CUSSING POLICE OFFICERS and before the Courts,6 to 7 Ministers incl. Ambassadors being dismissed, Boards in Upheaval, Ambassadors indicating that they never see so much corruption like they printing money,Using Parliament as a COVER to pass SEC.34 and then using Cabinet to sureptiously enact Sections to benefit Financiers and then spending Millions to defend Actions brought due to the Repeal of the same Act/Sec. When you have INHUMANE Ministers indicating that KUBLASINGH SHOULD HURRY AND DEAD ALSO HIS MOTHER AND FAMILY IS A CULT their Statements is INDICATIVE OF WHO THE UNC ARE.You have a Tobagonian calling the Chief Secretary and Finance Sec,MANGY DOGS Yes my People A BLACK TOBAGONIAN SAYING THAT TO ANOTHER BLACK TOBAGONIAN FOR ADVANCEMENT BOW WOW.

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jacob said on Wednesday, Jan 2 at 2:33 PM


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Anonymous said on Wednesday, Jan 2 at 9:06 AM

I truly believe that their are enough selfaware and intelligent people in Tobago for the THA to win this elections,thou once should not count eggs befor they are hatched,i cannot believe that Tobagonians are blind and foolish enough to dismiss the facts and vote JACK AS1.

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IwentToschool said on Wednesday, Jan 2 at 8:48 AM

@citylimer---"in this regard the UNC is a ruthless protagonist" Tobago people need help, and the TOP has people who can read and write (a shock for people like citylimer)

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Desuperman said on Wednesday, Jan 2 at 12:52 AM

Kamla her her bunch of minions believe that every Tobago is dotish, ignorant and illiterate like RJ. She comes here and INSULTED intelligent Tobagonians with a set of promises and boasts about things that we already know about and what has been initiated by the THA e.g the assistance to the Seven Day Adventist School,which they falsely gave the impression to their backward supporters who believe them.The false impression that they initiated the construction of the Police Stations and the new prison at Hope/Belmont rd area. Why are these people so wicked and nasty?It is clear that they believe that the TOP supporters are easily fooled and gullible and they will continue to take full advantage of that. I make no apologies for expressing deep hatred for these people, they disgust me and we have Tobagonians here like "RJ" who encourage this nasty disgusting and deceitful behaviour. Thank God there more intelligent Tobagonians than the illiterate,gullible and ignorant.

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citylimer said on Tuesday, Jan 1 at 9:57 PM

The UNC's increased interest in Tobago is from a Political and Economic Perspective which will complete the UNC's AXIS OF EVIL AND RING OF FIRE AROUND T & T. In this regard the UNC is a ruthless protagonist who will break all established protocols to achieve its objectives. Three (3) days before the THA Election the UNC is carrying the ELECTION CAMPAIGN to Parliament which to many Citizens is a VULGAR and Atrocious Act designed to abuse the sensibilities of Tobagonians. For 30 months the UNC has not engaged the THA in any form of discussions as prescribed in the Constitution. Instead it was abuse,subterfuge and character assinations of the THA Members. Such an important ISG Legislation needs time for the main players to deliberate on. But RUSHING this legislation at this time is similar to the SEC. 34 FIASCO. SO KAMLIER of the LIEDER REGIME we in Tobago will not fall for it especially when you are saying forget Jack's Pumpkin House, SEC. 34,RESHIMI INTER ALIA. FORGET NOT WE WILL.

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RJ said on Tuesday, Jan 1 at 5:58 PM

The mamaguy comes when Tobago is taken backward in the last four years instead of moving Tobago forward.Tobago needs to see a new dawn a new day. This can be done through a leader who has the vision to tap the potem with it developing the potential of its natural resourses.

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Bago Boy said on Monday, Dec 31 at 5:55 PM

Hawk Eye, the NAR Government led by then Tobagonian ANR Robinson also had the opportunity to advance the internal self Government conversation with Tobago. Why didn't he??????????

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Hawk Eye said on Monday, Dec 31 at 10:19 AM

The reality is that the PNM led Central Government under the Manning Administration did nothing to advance the Internal Self Government conversation with or for Tobagonians. One now has to await the former Chief Secretary's reponse to the Central Government's proposed 2% increase budget allocation to the THA. The reality here is that the PNM-led Central Government under Manning had every opportunity to provide this proposed increase under more favorable global economic conditions - and did nothing. One has to be sympathetic with the THA's Secretary of Finance's attempts to obtain funding from the then Minister of Finance - Conrad Enil (as documented on the THA's website in support of the MILSHIRV deal!

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