London wants answers over SoE

By Elizabeth Williams

Chief Secretary of Tobago Orville London is calling for answers from the government as to why the country was put under severe stress for the past three months. London's comments came as the State of Emergency came to an end on Monday.

The Chief Secretary said the country has now fallen to great depths in the continued mistakes and missteps by the present People's Partnership Government and after three months, he is yet to have any proper reason from the government about why the State of Emergency was instituted in the first place. He expressed the view that the SoE was just a crime suppression and suspension strategy. "I am asking myself, is a SOE meant to be a period during which the police does more efficiently, those things that it was supposed to do, and that I do not think based on the law," London said

Tobago's top politician noted that the SOE and the alleged assassination plot have hurt the once thriving tourism industry in Tobago, damaging the brand. He expressed concern about the repercussions and how long it will take to rebuild Tobago's brand.

With no charges laid against the 17 alleged plotters who have been released from police custody, London said once again the government continues to err without caution. "The facts here speak for themselves, and I think Trinidad and Tobago is judging the Prime Minister, judging the government, and has already started to come to conclusions."

London said this clearly shows the Tobago Organisation of the People TOP's decision to join the People's Partnership, was not in the best interest of the people of Tobago. "It is ironical that the TOP is sitting helplessly, while Tobagonians are being decimated in Trinidad, and the country as a whole is facing so much discrimination and so much unfair treatment and they sit there silently and helplessly."

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german said on Saturday, Sep 15 at 3:34 PM

to the german blogger thinking of a visit, you are wise to cancel , blog Peter Taut one of your country men, see what tobago did to him and others, never solved , brutality of tobago will not go unpunished, tourist stay away

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justice please said on Wednesday, Sep 12 at 8:40 AM

Tobago has lost its charm for the tourist trade, do the citizens of tobago think we are not informned of your brutality toward visitors , your crime rate rises daily , justice for the injured or murdered not addressed, I have travelled all over the world ,if tobago crops up as a destination it is quickly dismissed , reason it is NOT safe ,the world knows of your cruelty and brutality ,tobago is a has been for tourists , never visit again,I do not stand alone with this decision , your problems of decreased tourists began in 2009 ,you get what you have earned, good people all over the world say no to tobago

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Answer These Question Mr London said on Saturday, Jun 23 at 12:47 AM

1) Why is the THA paying Doctor Angus 65000 a month? 2) Why is the the THA paying for Dr Angus kid (whom was born in the USA and lived in Jamaica ) to go to college and denying tobagonians the opportunity. 3) Why is the THA allowing Dr. Angus to prescribe Herbalife to patients when there's clearly no long term study that could be found to back up Herbalife claims and no evidence . 4) Dr. Angus owns the largest hebalife warehouse in Trinidad and Tobago and she prescribes Herbalife to her patients It is illegal to prescribe a product that is not regulated by the FDA. ( that's why she is doing it in tobago) Why is the THA not investigating this? GOOGLE : Herbalife FDA regulations.

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ipmats said on Friday, May 4 at 6:20 PM

we have booked for a party of 6 to tobago, we are germans. but what i have read about your lovely island is terrible.. so we shoud cancel our trip.. the people over there must be crazy, they do nothing for their safety...and for the tourists..they will be murder of all People of their own... no more tourists will visit this lovely issland more.. think twice..

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Anonymous said on Wednesday, Mar 28 at 1:30 PM

Why.ONLY TO PROVEthat they can.Has it not beign Trinidads priority from the get go,to destroy and take over Tobago,whats changed. If London and his passy was doing their jobb in the beggining,Tobago would have beign in a better place Today.So instead of what Top is doing and not doing What did he do,nothing, but made himself rich.

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Anonymous said on Monday, Mar 26 at 2:41 PM

Lets ,see when whites were busy ,chasing Indians out their own country,consider the ethnicity,they choose to bring up their children.The intelligent beautiful coloured women,certainly no indian.Who cooked their foods ,certainly roti was not even on the menu. But fried chicken oh .the southern delicacies.fingerlicking. As a coloured lady i take pride in this very original culture,but i do also enjoy the occasional Roti,delicious in many ways.So while you indulge in your childish trantrum about another race,i find pleasure in beign able to enjoy two different food cultures ,which adds to the unity of all races.But you beign intelligent and all,with your book sense cant seem to read this anywher,so much for the books you read.Our maybe its just common sense.

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D Mouse said on Tuesday, Feb 14 at 6:55 PM

The race is not for the swift but the one who endures ! Well lets see if he can consolidate these victories now that we have sampled his minor inroads into politics. But I still cringe when I here him talk about issues. Anyone could start a political party its an entirely different thing to lead. @Virginian: you are right I will keep my Friends close and my Adjectives closer.

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Long Mango said on Monday, Feb 13 at 8:41 AM

D mouse if Mr Ashworth Jack is so dumb as you claimed how come he increased the number of opposition seats in the THA in the last election by three thereby reducing the london lead pnm by the same.Then in the 2010 general election the Ashworth Jack lead TOP captured the two seats from the bright leader of the PNM that is Mr O London.How could a dumb person do that, it stand to reason that that the dumb leader would loose,so D Mouse think again if you have a brain ah believe that when you people give support to the painful PNM party you give up your God given right to think, reason and be creative.So D Mouse think again.

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the virginian said on Saturday, Feb 11 at 3:44 PM

D Mouse,try never to call people derogatory names.Mr.Jack isn't dumb.Some of the things all of us do--you,I,Jack,London,your CJ or even prime minister--or decisions that we make might be at times considered'dumb.'But be assured that none of is so.Being dumb isn't a requirement for doing dumb things or making dumb decisions.Remember,we're all flawed and do our share of silly things as we navigate life's challenges.You know,sometimes that even makes it fun and inadvertently spices-up our lives.Have you ever laughed at yourself?

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D Mouse said on Friday, Feb 10 at 3:32 AM

By Good leadership I hope your are not referring to Dumbo Jack ! Cause that guy is dumber than a box of nails and would lead us from the frying pan into the fire !

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D Mouse said on Friday, Feb 10 at 3:30 AM

The SOE cost us Billions in lost revenue that is the only result...It may have helped Tobago more than Trinidad I will admit ! It was to hard for criminal to Hid in Tobago!

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Long Mango said on Wednesday, Feb 8 at 3:28 PM

Thank Goodness Mr O London has found his voice after so many years of silence under Patrick Manning manners. So that now that he can speak he is yet to learn how to use his newly found asset.Mr London stop your cry cry baby thing,and start to clean up all the under performing sectors,(eg)Agriculture why is Tobago importing peppers dasheen bush and ochroes from Trinidad.Health,what is the Assembly doing to remove the degrading reputation of Tobago being ranked as having the highest rate of amputation in the world, now that does not sound nice so Mr Chief Secretary stop the foolish cry cry baby thing and get down to work,, just deliver, deliver remember that performance beat old talk all the time.

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Conscioustrinbagonian said on Monday, Feb 6 at 2:34 PM

Tobago with good leadership can rise to the challenges that faces most countries in this 21st century. It has the potential and resources to compete with any other tourist destination, it just needs the right people to develop the tourism sector.!!!!!Tobago has beautiful weather, beautiful beaches, nature trails, snorkling, scuba diving, the buccoo reef, sailing, eco-tourism, nature resorts, ect.Lots of people love Tobago.!!!!

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Anonymous said on Friday, Feb 3 at 7:06 PM

Tobago refuses to see the political mess the country finds it self in, as for tourism this is a long dead issue, most sane people will not return , only the foolish , I am sure those who have died ,attacked ,raped ,and robbed, was a one off, the truth is ,it could well happen to you, tobago is beautiful, it saddens me to say I will never return it is not worth dying for, many people who are still living there know some one who has had these problems , in plain terms this is not a safe place to be in, most of all to expose your family to ,there are deep problems which will not be solved soon, elected officials do very little about poverty or crime ,money slides in their pockets at the expense of the most vunerable , take care, who you vote for ,it is said a country gets the government it deserves ,I guess tobago is finding that to be true

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conscioustringonian said on Thursday, Feb 2 at 3:40 PM

The SOE was necessary for the country. However the reasons given by the PM NEED TO BE CLEARER AND EVIDENCED BASED.!!!!!Why are the detainees not rehabilitaed or put under some special surveillance.??? No follow-up rehabilitative measures are in progress.Most of these criminals seem to be originating from other countries, however they seem to be living here illegally and no one seem to care.!1

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Anonymous said on Friday, Dec 23 at 9:12 AM

Mr. London if you think that the Gov't owes you an answer or a reason for their actions, then sit down and wait or pay your tax and are making yourself a fool...

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Reltih Floda said on Thursday, Dec 15 at 8:12 AM

on the contrary Orville the SOE was welcome(d) by tourists, for all the obvious reasons. they knew not to venture, the SOE being a pertinent reminder of what could happen. as for 'thriving tourism industry' OL was obviously not referring to tobago, was he? as a vacational paradise tobago is yesterday and there is 'free booze and accomodation tomorrow!'

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