Jack and the Pumpkin Patch

By Speak out to: Tobago Council PNM

As TOP leader Ashworth Jack continues with his amazing account of how he sourced funds to finance his four million dollar mansion at Mt. St. George, one is reminded of that well known fairy tale of “Jack and the Beanstalk”. IT SEEMS THAT JUST LIKE THE ORIGINAL JACK WHO PLANTED THE MAGIC SEED AND CLIMBED THE BEANSTALK TO FIND THE STACK OF GOLD, THIS MODERN DAY JACK MUST HAVE PLANTED MAGIC PUMPKIN SEEDS AND FOUND HIS POT OF GOLD IN THE PUMPKIN PATCH.

Ashworth Jack cannot expect right-thinking Tobagonians to accept his story that he could have raised at least four million dollars in a single year from planting pumpkin and cucumbers; earnings from what we all know are very modest business enterprises; and payment for services a project manager who has no formal training and limited experience. The arithmetic is just not right. In fact the arithmetic is frighteningly wrong and if it is, all Tobagonians must fear the consequences of an Ashworth Jack in the Chief Secretary’s chair for a four year period.

We must be reminded that the Integrity in Public Life Act is based on the premise that a public figure acquires an asset with funds that are used either through earnings, borrowing or gifts. That is why the Integrity Commission instructs that all public officials must provide information to the Commission on all sums earned, all moneys borrowed and all gifts received. The Commission will be particularly interested in gifts received because the Commission recognizes that when gifts are received by public officials, it could place them in a position where they are obligated to the ‘gift giver’ and might be perceived to return favours, if and when they are in a position to do so. The concern which many Tobagonians share is that Ashworth Jack has stated publicly, on many occasions that he built his house “from his pocket”. That eliminates the borrowing option and therefore, if he cannot prove that he funded it from his earnings during that period, then one can reasonably assume that there was “gift giving”. Ashworth Jack will also have to admit that his judgment in this matter is highly questionable. Jack has admitted that he made a down payment on the land more than ten years ago. He has also made contradictory statements about whether he has completed payment for the purchase of the land, but what is irrefutable is that he did not have legal possession of the land during the construction of the house. Consequently, it must be asked whether he received Town and Country Planning Permission for the construction of a house, on land which he did not own; he will also have to answer questions on the strategies used to persuade WASA, TTEC and other agencies to provide the residence with relevant utilities.

But perhaps the most troubling aspect of this entire scenario is the timing of the construction. Mr. Jack is attempting to convince the Tobago public that, after not being able to pay for the land over the previous ten year period, his fortunes improved to such an extent after 2010, that he was able to source funding to construct his four million dollar mansion. This has to be placed in the context of Jack’s decision to forge and inextricable bond between his Tobago Organisation of the People and the United National Congress; his unwillingness or inability to criticize the People’s Partnership Government for many of the atrocities inflicted on the citizens of Tobago and the rest of the country; and his pledge to Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar on a political platform that “Tobago is yours”. Should we conclude that Tobago was sold for “a house on a hill”?

During the past week, Ashworth Jack has not helped his cause nor endeared himself to the unbiased, by his sneaky attempt to cast aspersions on the integrity of some PNM Secretaries who have built houses. The Tobago Council is heartened that the Secretaries were able to demonstrate that their houses are being built with funds raised either from their savings or by borrowing. They have also confirmed that all relevant transactions were reported to the Integrity Commission. Their explanations further underscore the preposterous and precarious position in which Ashworth Jack has placed himself and highlights the demand that he has to “fess up” with Tobago’s public, especially at this time when he is aspiring to the highest office in the land.

Ashworth Jack must recognize that this is one issue from which Tobagonians will not be distracted. The stakes are too high. Ashworth Jack must be able to convince Tobagonians that he is not beholden to any one, that he has received gifts from no one and therefore he is under obligation to no one.

He has to do this but based on the information he has made available to the public, it is unlikely that he can. However, the Council is convinced that even the most ardent supporter of the Tobago Organisation of the People must be troubled about the credibility of their leader at this time. The rest of Tobago is even more concerned at the frightening implications if the right decision is not made on Election Day.

Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar has said that Tobago will complete the ring of People’s Partnership control. Tobagonians will have the option to decide on January 21 2013. The choice is between a party and a leader whose commitment to the development of Tobago for many decades cannot be questioned and a party whose leader is still unable to prove that he is not beholden to some ‘gift giver’ who will be demanding his ‘pound of flesh’ if he ever assumes control of Tobago.

Tobagonians the choice is clear. The decision is yours.


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Silent Architect said on Tuesday, Jan 29 at 4:27 PM

I'm the contractor responsible for the design of Mr London sou sou lands house an it was above board, that house was design an built on a loan, when u sick uneducated people don't have facts, don't cast stones cause you may end up paying for your mouth

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RJ said on Tuesday, Jan 22 at 7:17 PM

It will seem that we have to mature and go beyound the politics of race and hatred. The TOP need to reform and run for the local council election, you have two members in parliament.

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PG said on Tuesday, Jan 22 at 12:44 AM

MR.JACK congratulations, your family is young they need you now more than ever you have fight to educate the Tobago public about their pontential of growth, they have refuse it I say to you the road to family life is tedious along with politics, The time have come for you to reflect, take stock of all your achievements and move forward with your young family, they need you now.Your home is your castle,at avery young age not many men can build a house.I say to you time to take a Holiday from politics, my friend.

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RJ said on Monday, Jan 21 at 9:29 AM

Vote TOP for a better and improved Tobago.

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Angelic said on Sunday, Jan 20 at 1:40 PM

I can see that TOP is the party that can make for a better Tobago. Please vote TOP.

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RJ said on Sunday, Jan 20 at 7:57 AM

!!VOTE top TO Improve Tobago's economy and living standard!!!

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RJ said on Saturday, Jan 19 at 9:22 PM

People be aware, I hear that the Jamaat is in Tobago causing trouble!!!

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Fresh off the boat said on Saturday, Jan 19 at 9:00 PM

We coming to take over Tobago. So vote TOP. So we can take over and rule. Hahaha. Tobagonians clear the way, we taking over, we moving in. Doubles in allyuh tale. Kamla going to show allyuh how we does do it. Is time for we to enjoy the beach and big house and plenty land. Tobago women like me bad. And I like them soft headed Bago gyul. So get ready for nuff curry. Meh whole family taking over Canoe Bay.

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John not asellout said on Saturday, Jan 19 at 7:38 PM

For those of us who have been planting peas in Tobago, please take note it is not working out. We need to plant pumpkin and cucumbers.

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Batchak said on Saturday, Jan 19 at 6:42 PM

Wah happen to the Bolt agreement? Ever since Chief Justice gave his unofficial opinion on the issue in support of the THA like UNC gone silent on the issue...Oh wait Ramlogan just want to waste Tax Payer money with Judicial review or is it just election ploy...In both cases is a waste of Tax money

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Anonymous said on Saturday, Jan 19 at 5:13 PM

you right rj,try telling your people party the top that.

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Dr Ruth said on Saturday, Jan 19 at 4:34 PM

Tobago needs strong leadership to move it forward, and Mr jack seems to have that. THEREFORE, Tobago will benefit better by voting TOP!!

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RJ said on Saturday, Jan 19 at 4:31 PM

!!LETS VOTE TOP TO MOVE Tobago forward!! Small minds discuss people; big minds discuss issues!!

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Batchak said on Friday, Jan 18 at 12:49 AM

Also you short comments show that you don't really care about Tobago...So the obvious question is, Why are you doing this?

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Batchak said on Friday, Jan 18 at 12:47 AM

RJ: "messed about" That is no Typical Tobago parlance. You Spent Some Time in England, but you are not British, if you were you would be espousing in greater detail. I don't think you are even in Tobago else you information would be more factual and detailed as it relates to the current goings-on. You cannot fool me Girl.

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RJ said on Thursday, Jan 17 at 7:44 PM

MR Jack seems to be a good leader that cannot be messed about. Lets vote TOP to move Tobago forward.

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Anonymous said on Thursday, Jan 17 at 2:22 AM

Tired originally said " RJ do everyone else a favour and jump in a cesspool with yuh mouth open" RJ based on your response I can tell you had a mouth full. All this money pp paying you and that's your best response. Let me give you some homework, check transparency international site and see how corrupt your precious PP had put TNT on the map. These are facts, now debate that, some real issues. Now don't tell me it's a pnm conspiracy because they were also judged equally like any other international government. Race aside, religion aside, preference aside, cesspool aside if you love Tobago you will not ask them to vote for corruption. How many PNM ministers have been arrested and charged for any crime, murder, theft etc. If you hate Tobago that much forget jumping into the cesspool with yuh mouth open, being yourself is punishment enough.Yuh lips probably red red from all that kool aid...

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RJ said on Wednesday, Jan 16 at 6:38 PM

Tired, it takes fools to speak foolishness. When you get some sense then speak. However lets focus on the issue of moving Tobago forward!!! LETS VOTE TOP TP MOVE TOBAGO FORWARD!!

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Batchak said on Wednesday, Jan 16 at 4:42 PM

Heheheheheh "Jack Sprat" We goh du fuh ayuh !

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citylimer said on Tuesday, Jan 15 at 9:13 PM

Jack Sprat could eat no FAT only Pumpkin and Cucumber but Jack is a GREEDY MAN he ate and he ate but was never satisfied. The UNC crew said do not worry Jack we will provide for all your needs just give us the Tobago seats and the House of Assembly. First we will weaken the PNM led THA by STARVING THEM OF FUNDS and will soften them up with ABUSE AND LEGAL ACTION SO THEY CANNOT BORROW OR BEG. We the UNC will bring all the LAW CASES IN TIME FOR ELECTION to MASH THEM UP. Do not worry about the DEBATE all the UNC boys and girls will pump you up with info/notes and you know what to do carry them in the DEBATE but if you got caught YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN but becareful of HOCHOY he knows all the tricks. KAMELON will tell Tobagonians to MOVE ON and she will administer the USUAL DOSE OF EPSON SALTS TO HELP THEM MOVE ON. Remember we will be OPENING SEVERAL THINGS in Tobago that the PNM worked on but is a PITY YOU JACK HAVE NOTHING FOR US TO OPEN BY THE WAY we will open the PUMPKIN HOUSE. WE GO LOSE

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Post, Share, Spread said on Monday, Jan 14 at 12:09 PM

Transparency International’s 2011 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) ranks Trinidad and Tobago in position 91 out of 183 countries, with a score of 3.2 out of 10. In 2010 Trinidad and Tobago was ranked in position 73 out of 178 countries, with a score of 3.6 In 2008, Trinidad and Tobago’s score rose from 3.4 to 3.6 where it remained for three consecutive years (2008- 2010) before declining in 2011 to 3.2, a level that it last reached in 2006. Trinidad and Tobago’s CPI Score from 2001-2011 Year CPI Score Survey used Confidence range Country Rank No. of countries 2001 5.3 3 3.8-6.9 31 91 2002 4.9 4 3.6-6.9 33 102 2003 4.6 6 3.4-6.9 43 133 2004 4.2 6 3.6-5.2 51 146 2005 3.8 6 3.3-4.5 59 159 2006 3.2 5 2.8-3.6 79 163 2007 3.4 4 2.7-3.9 79 180 2008 3.6 4 3.1-4.0 72 180 2009 3.6 4 2.9-4.7 79 180 2010 3.6 4 3.0-4.3 73 178 2011 3.2 5 2.7-3.7 91 183

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Tired said on Monday, Jan 14 at 11:51 AM

RJ do everyone else a favour and jump in a cesspool with yuh mouth open. I can only respond to you with stupidity because of the foul stench that illuminates from your post. If Jack was cleared, then he should have no problem providing those documents to the public so we can add the numbers ourselves. It's our country, our land, our resources and you want us to stay in third world mode, by not questioning. You think Obama could do this, he could hire the best PR but the public won't let the matter rest. WHY? Leaders are their to serve the people. Small minds judge a book by it's cover ( can only discuss issues ), big minds will open the book and read it. ( have the ability to discuss public ministers business, understand the issues and debate the issues ) RJ my friend based on the pre-k edu you spew, I'm guessing have a small mind. Government official do not have private lives, not when my taxes pay their salary and their spending decides my children's future.

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RJ said on Sunday, Jan 13 at 3:39 PM


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Batchak said on Sunday, Jan 13 at 12:37 PM

@Flowers: That is so true de man don't smile anymore it is so un-tobagonian to not smile. when you see de man he look like a darkness has overcome him "...Why so serious ?" like venom now courses thru his veins. He is Not the cousin I once new; that friendly church going spirit is buried deep under muck and salt...I have to feel a bit sorry for him, after all we have same blood !...This man cannot be allowed to run Tobago affairs.

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flowers said on Sunday, Jan 13 at 12:00 AM

I agree with Mesehsoh! Ashwort Jack has sold Tobago! Oh yes he did the greed has turned him into venom. He hardly ever smiles, his energy is so terrible its frightening to look at him. These guys are under a spell for position. Remember! Power is like alcohol it very intoxicating! Ashworth Jack can't even run his own million dollar house affairs! Do you expect him to lead Tobago into the 21st century. Carefull of the you vote for. It should be PNM all the way!

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citylimer said on Saturday, Jan 12 at 9:02 PM

My People we have choices of where we live, study, make investments etc. Tobagonians who choose to migrate thats their choice but many who would have like to did not have family connections/support base in the initial stages thus settling in a new Country is not easy. Many Tobagonians who have lived abroad are now returing home others have not - good for them thats their choice. But you people of the DIASPORA please enjoy your new Country but do not BERATE Tobago and Tobagonians who are determined to build Tobago all be it with limited means. As we toil away what we want is encouragement not negatives because no Country is DEVOID OF NEGATIVES. I migrated to Trinidad and was fortunate to live and study abroad but I have returned and invested in Tobago because I have a very strong Physical and Phychological attachment to MY TOBAGO regardless of any real or perceived imperfections. So you diaspora Tobagonians I know why you blog here is because YOU STILL LOVE TOBAGO.

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the virginian said on Friday, Jan 11 at 11:52 AM

Batchak@4:34AM;C'mon man,the process of continuously educating oneself is never-ending.You know that.Too many of your folks,and perhaps ours,don't fully understand that one has the onus and responsibility to acquire the formal training and skills to fit the labor market--to fill the available positions--and not the reverse.If you were to do as little as an unscientific survey,you probably find that most,if not all,of the so-called educated unemployed folks didn't major in STEM--Science,Technology,Engineering and Math--or related discipline,so they might be ill-equipped for what's available in the labor market.In my case,my first choice was Poltical Science but I'm a pragmatic dude and pursued an MBA instead.To explain how critical that decision was,in late 1976 the then T&T Central Bank Deputy Governor came to NYC to recruit young T&T nationals with CPAs and/or MBAs.That primarily accounted for my short-lived return there very early,1977.

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Batchak said on Friday, Jan 11 at 12:34 AM

I like eating my "Government Cheese"...All these University Graduate in Tobago that cannot find a good paying job that matches their tertiary training. Just because I don't have a Welding Certificate or Pipe fitting skills don't mean I need education.

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the virginian said on Thursday, Jan 10 at 7:25 PM

Anonymous@12:31PM;you mustn't have distinguished yourself in English comprehension if you infer from my writings that my last visit to Tobago was 17 yrs ago. I'm impacted by the results of your elections to the extent of my periodic Tobago jaunts.Thus your vote or anyone else's,for that matter,is inconsequential to me.My attempt is simply to alert folks that their herd instincts might not necessarily serve their purpose well and that independent and unpopular thought and action might be more fulfilling. Finally,unlike locals,I'm tolerant and,for the most part,respectful of the views of others irrespective of whether I acquiesce.So you,Desuperman and others are always invited to opine.I'm receptive.It's interesting and provides an opportunity to tap into your thought processes to see how formal training,environment,exposure,experiences and socialization,among other things,might have influenced who/what we are.

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Winston Philip said on Thursday, Jan 10 at 12:42 PM

I made that comment at 12.31pm.

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Anonymous said on Thursday, Jan 10 at 12:31 PM

Hi! The Virginian, My Tobagonian brothers and sisters gave you lots of rope to hang yourself. I am talking about Mr.Desuperman. He has called you out on your philosophical analogies and condescending remarks. You have been doing that for sometime now. The last time you visit Tobago is 17 years? WOW! Do you have a dog in this hunt? I am supporting the only progressive party Trinidad and Tobago has ever known PNM!!!

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the virginian said on Wednesday, Jan 9 at 11:56 AM

Sonofa Tobagonian@1:13AM;this is a perfect example why two people might view the same object or circumstance and take away vastly different conclusions.Now,from that narrative I infer that Trini Indian is a skilled craftsperson of some sort,not necessarily formally educated,who's advising Tobagonians to be educated and entrepreneurial and,with that,help themselves and their country--no need to repeat JFK here.Could you see how his experience with the chef might serve others?Yeah,encourage business ownership--work for yourself while employing others to build wealth.That concept,more or less,isn't Tobagonians'forte. Your outburst is understandable.I don't think Trini Indian was attempting to insult Tobagonians but I guess Trini Indians and their ideas are unwelcomed in Tobago especially at this time. Finally,why a Trini worker has to go to Tobago to help construct a power plant?All those "educated" Tobagonians can't build a power plant solely with indigenous labor?

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SonofaTobagonian said on Tuesday, Jan 8 at 9:13 PM

@trini indian, you are advising Tobagonians to get educated. Yet you wrote a post that contains eight (8) lines of disjointed, rambling tripe, utilizing the kind of banter that one normally hears in the village rum shop. You did not even end your inebriated mumbo jumbo with a period (full stop). Like you got your education from Reshmi University or what?

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trini indian said on Monday, Jan 7 at 6:29 PM

please people wake up and stop this race talk ,learn a skill, and try to help your self be the best you can be , have a goob place to live, i lived in tobago for more than a year , building the cove power station,all the people in tobago whant is a urp job , i met one chef who wanted to leave that job and work for the urp, poor guy no self esteme he could have been a great chef and have his own rest one day , but that is how tobago people are ,please stand up and be educated and help your self,

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the ferryman said on Sunday, Jan 6 at 1:04 AM

Can Tobago aspire to self-government under a man who is now deep in the pockets of the UNC and its financiers who can now expose him and end his career whenever they wish?

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Anonymous said on Saturday, Jan 5 at 3:04 PM

If someone base Tobago on an experience from 1977,as their bible of Tobago,i wonder what they would say about America,if they lived in the demeaning situations the blacks had to undergo in AMERICA.Iwonder who is walking in unchartered waters.The stupidity of this virginia is like a disease without any ointment for healing.The race has never beign for the swiftest but chance and time comes to all.At lease we know that TOBAGO is moving into a developing stage,where she is they are declining more and more everyday,you just have to turn on the television for one minute and see destruction .bankrupt,crime,shootings ,what more can one say.the likes of virginia in Tobago ,GOD help them all.she is swimming in unknown and intelligent territory ,where she he cannot compete.

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the virginian said on Thursday, Jan 3 at 2:46 PM

Desuperman@5:32AM;had I not known better,I might have considered your offer but my first hand experiences there for about 11 months in 1977 confirmed my preferences for living and raising my family in an advanced country--vs a fledging one--with an advanced economy and significantly more challenging,fulfilling and varied opportunites.So far,my preferences haven't been challenged by the likes of the so-called Tobago experiment--social,economic and political.Mostly,I find blogging with you guys an experience as you struggle to find your bearings for the first time in relatively uncharted territory.

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citylimer said on Thursday, Jan 3 at 2:14 PM


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mesehsoh said on Thursday, Jan 3 at 10:03 AM


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Desuperman said on Thursday, Jan 3 at 1:32 AM

Virgin with all his intellectual BS is a TOTAL IDIOT who pretends to be "objective" (that's what he said in the past). Clearly this man doesn't know much about what goes on in this country, much less the island that he claimed he was born. If he had followed this Pumkin House story FROM THE BEGINING in the Express and the "Once Upon A Time" response from Ashworth Jack he should be making a lot more sense instead of trying to defend this pathological LIAR. Or maybe he did but just like all the others who have been insulting people's intelligence. This man could care less that the issue is one of honesty, transparency,accountability and credibility.Had this been Orville London all these nasty hypocrites would have attacked him like vultures.Virgin should bring his "brilliance" and "accademic prowess" and get a job as Ashworth's "Advisor", even in his senior citizen status. Think about it Virgin.

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Batchak said on Wednesday, Jan 2 at 4:39 PM

...So why not make his finances available for public scrutiny and end this "Talk" once and for all...Why have you not summit your paperwork to the integrity commission for 2010 and 2011? Politically speaking this is perfectly good political Am-ooo. BTW: Virginian: The Sword of Damocles is reserved for the Judgment of the guilty and not for the righteous!

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SonofaTobagonian said on Wednesday, Jan 2 at 4:27 PM

@The Virginian, I have an aunt on Wilson Road in Scarborough. Sometimes, I does have to tell her that I cannot take any more. When I visit her, depending on the time of the year, is pigeon peas, eddoes, dasheen, tannia, sapodilla, paw paw, mango, coconut. You name it, she stuffing it in my car trunk. I am waiting to hear from Ashworth Jack's neighbors and friends, how much pumpkin and cucumber that he burdened them down with. Unless he sold all in the Penal Market and told his neighbors, "None fuh ah yuh".

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the virginian said on Wednesday, Jan 2 at 3:29 PM

Sonofa Tobagonian@4:23PM,beyond this immediate forum,I'm freed from matters Tobago.So my questioning comment was in context to what transpires herein and it escaped me if anyone else's house,but Jack's,was ever a topic.Your narrative seems to give credence and acquiescence to what you've apparently heard or been told about the other people's houses,but what you been told or heard or assumed about Jack's doesn't seem to square the circle with you.Hey,that's understandable.That's how politics works.Using an example closer to home,look how the Dems and Republicans are carving-up the same turkey.Whether it's Fiscal Cliff or Debt Limit,they all see the same set of facts but come away with vastly different assumptions, approaches and solutions.So whether we share similar views on a particular issue or disagree,that's all it is.As you know we might look at the same object but don't necessarily arrive at the same takeaway.But who's right/wrong?That's for another time.

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Anonymous said on Wednesday, Jan 2 at 11:29 AM


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SonofaTobagonian said on Tuesday, Jan 1 at 8:40 PM

@the Virginian (4:03 PM), you agree with AL that no one is questioning how other politicians got their houses. That is totally false. I just went to TOP's Facebook Page, where I saw three separate stories questioning how PNM assembly persons have built, or are building, their houses -- Dec 12 the 2012, "The Guest House that Adams built"; Dec 14, 2012 - "House that was built for the Londons at Sou Sou Lands"; Dec 12th 2012 -"Jack's House vs THA Assemblymen Houses". This last subject shows photos of 3 houses in various stages of construction vs Jack's completely built house. You see, the stories against the Assemblymen cannot gain traction because I have personally heard one talk about the loans he took out, and with which financial institution. Jack's explanation for this "sudden wealth" is what have him in trouble.

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the virginian said on Tuesday, Jan 1 at 4:03 PM

AL@1:23PM;I couldn't have said it better in so few words.Obviously,the round-the-clock blitzkrieg on Jack,and Jack only,serves only one purpose,especially in an election season,to emasculate him by any means possible,fair or foul.I hope Tobagonians could discern this and measure Jack objectively, subjugating their subjectivity just prior to interacting with their voting apparatus in a few weeks.London has a surfeit of baggages if put under the microscope as Jack,but apparently no one has the stomach for that.The proverbial knife has Jack's name emblazoned on it in scarlet.

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Al said on Tuesday, Jan 1 at 1:23 PM

Well I have no problems with rich people anywhere in the world, and I live in Tobago, but if we are questioning how one person pays for his home I was just wondering how come we not questioning everybody else on how they get the money to build their homes. Trying to keep the playing field level.

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Anonymous said on Tuesday, Jan 1 at 11:12 AM

Jack Sprat could eat no fat, his wife could eat no lean, between them both they licked Tobago clean

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Dr. O.M.A. said on Tuesday, Jan 1 at 10:25 AM

Additional products were found on JACK'S Gold of "POT" plantation. . . . Along with his pumpkin and cucumber commodities, African Cooking Spices (ACS)and Herbs (ACH)were also sown to make ends meet.

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D Mouse said on Monday, Dec 31 at 8:52 PM

and we have good paying Jobs in the THA which is why it is so highly coveted by Jack and the Pumpkin patch so he could finally pay his bill without favors from Trinidad Partners

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Batchak said on Monday, Dec 31 at 8:47 PM

AL: you think Trinidad alone have rich people...but never mind de "rich" part because it goes back to the mentality of Tobagoninans and spending money...Tobagonians scratch and save and build piece by piece Breads...We don't run after every fet like trinidadians and we have our own businesses owned and run by from trini our what?

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Al said on Monday, Dec 31 at 8:14 PM

So when you swing on to Signal Hill from the traffic lights on the highway, the big house on the hill, how much that cost and where the money come from??

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Al said on Monday, Dec 31 at 7:47 PM

So it remains that big mansions are being built on Signal Hill. The question remains where is the money coming from??

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Batchak said on Monday, Dec 31 at 11:52 AM

Look how mush Big house in Signal hill built in the Last 15 years by Tobagonians citizens during the construction boom that make Singh and Almandoz and stumpy very wealthy men... Which of those owners are you talking about...Must be over 100 Mansions in Signal Hill some of the best houses in Tobago !

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Batchak said on Monday, Dec 31 at 11:46 AM

AL: Get your fact right before you talk because when you don't it just sounds like a big loud Faaart that smell up di whole place and stick to everthing!

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citylimer said on Monday, Dec 31 at 9:12 AM

Al - ask the owner who ever that is. Jack said PUMPKIN AND CUCUMBERS. Perhaps we will get a voluntary answer. Jack said where so lets not speculate AL go and interview the owner.

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Al said on Monday, Dec 31 at 8:49 AM

I would like to put the shoe on the other foot. How much does it cost to build an enormous house in Signal Hill?? Where did that money come from??

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Batchak said on Sunday, Dec 30 at 8:26 PM

Virginian: Thank you for the correction, I knew it was not right to begin with but could not- would not look it up...Bout of Laziness has befall me...But I had a feeling someone who knows would make me pay ! But me question is this...knowing that you are going for such high office why would you make these sketchy moves that to me are so blatantly obvious. If it Walks and talks like a duck...

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Pinocchio said on Saturday, Dec 29 at 6:46 PM

Ashworth Jack looking more and more like Pinocchio. Guess who paying Ashworth Jack? I never see Jack grow nothing. Jack is "on the take". It all "hush-hush". Jack's beanstalk is Crooked. Guess who paying Jack?!

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the virginian said on Saturday, Dec 29 at 6:12 PM

Batchak@4:01PM,is there anyone among us not somewhat tainted?Remember Portia,the heroine in Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice?Let me paraphrase part of her most famous speech:...if justice be thy plea consider this that in the course of justice none of us shall see salvation....See what I mean?And yes,if the democratic process yields a new and different government it should feel free and uninhibited to single-mindedly pursue its own interest disregarding where it might lead.Likewise,when that government meets a similar fate,which is inevitable in a functioning democracy,then that new government would also be empowered to initiate its own witch hunt,if I may say,and like a recurring decimal,it goes on and on.Democracy isn't perfect,it's the worst form of government except for all the others.So I hope if you get your wish it's enjoyed for however fleeting,but when the reverse occurs,which it will,you endure it gracefully and without rancor.BTW,that word is Damocles. Good night.

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Batchak said on Saturday, Dec 29 at 4:01 PM

Shall it be rough waters or smooth seas? Power does not come from office or position power comes from the heart. If a man who seeks power cannot see the forest from the trees then that man is blind. Jack has been tainted and can no longer be trusted with the business of Tobago people. Soon the integrity commission will come under new management as one President departs and another is installed and like the people of Trinidad and Tobago who has lost an independent voice Central bank the Presidency and the integrity commission will be corrupted and destroyed in the short term, Giving Jack and escape route but if you have ever read "Dante inferno" the sword of Demmicllese will be held over his head by the new masters.

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the virginian said on Thursday, Dec 27 at 11:37 AM

Dr.Mak,you're mostly right but to convince the local population of that is a Herculean task.Folks there don't seem to realize that the onus in on each individual to independenly determine what he/she believes the so-called truth ought to be based on acquired knowledge and experiences together with what they've heard,seen or read blended with a sprinkling of common sense.I call it the iceberg effect--most is under water,just like the so-called truth,most remain publicly unknown leaving us to draw reasonable conclusions disguising them as the truth for comfort and/or convenience.

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Dr. Mak said on Thursday, Dec 27 at 10:36 AM

The battle for power is a psychological game. Certainly, 'half of what you see is just illusion, most of what you hear is not the truh'

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TOPTakingover said on Wednesday, Dec 26 at 11:42 PM

TOP is taking over Tobago say what ever you want folks, we won't be fooled by your Pnm propaganda, 12 years what did we get from Pnm, absolutely nothing!!

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the virginian said on Wednesday, Dec 26 at 1:59 PM

Hey Citylimer@10:28PM,why not TT dollars in brown envelopes?Not sufficiently incentivizing?

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singing granny said on Wednesday, Dec 26 at 5:52 AM

Pomkins and cucambers growing better when you plant with fullmoon. So people could not see him. But watch carefully,that you not have to eat only these vetgetables during the next four years Merry Christmas !

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citylimer said on Tuesday, Dec 25 at 6:28 PM

"Who have more corn will feed more fowl" VANILLA A. My people US Dollars in Brown Envelope Politics has arrived BIG TIME in Tobago. The DIET seems to be Corn,Poltical Seats for PUMKIN AND CUCUMBER SEEDS which MAGICALY LEND A HAND to SPROUT A $4 Million House and a PRADO. Is it Money laundering, SEED LAUNDERING by SLEIGHT OF HAND,OR 4 JOBS HARD WORK. We know about STEVE JOBS the late Computer ICON but JACK JOBS the PUNKIN STALK Magician could turn a PUMKIN into a CHARIOT complete with CINDERELLA and Glass Slippers riding in Majesty to the Political Ball where she hopes to Marry the Prince and become the Chief of the Kingdom. Jack the Pumkin Stalker may have sold his soul for a MESS OF POTTAGE -POLITICAL OFFICE. Tobagonians will JUDGE IF HIM come Election Day.If he passes the SMELL TEST and other required Attributes then he could concentrate on one JOB only and leave the Pumkins and Cucumbers for his spare time if he will have any due the demands of the Job as Chief.So plant some seeds

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Anonymous said on Tuesday, Dec 25 at 4:46 PM

Asshworth Jack will have T'bago people kissing the foot of the Indian as this is what they are doing to the people of T'dad....and he has no education /ability to be the leader.....

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the virginian said on Tuesday, Dec 25 at 2:13 PM

Bago Boy,as usual,here you go again with the magnificent obsession with Jack's house and presumed wealth.Are you emblematic of most Tobagonians?Hope not.If I might expand on RJ's final sentence:small minds discuss and over gorge on other people's business,average minds discuss things especially the ones they covet mostly,while accomplished minds discuss ideas and concepts.Obviously excluding the last,pick your slot Bago Boy.I thought you guys would have been more strategically engaged since your local election is less than a month away but what a disappointment from my perspective.BTW,on how many doors have you knocked so far at the behest of PNM?Or perhaps you guys just sit around in the local bars and rumshops wallowing in folly.

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Bago Boy said on Tuesday, Dec 25 at 11:16 AM

RJ I see you are repeating this lie by the Kamla. Ashworth Jack was never cleared by the Integrity Commission because there never was any investigation. Ashworth Jack is the only citizen in the history of Trinidad and Tobago to build a $4m house in the span on two years on land he does not own simply by selling pumpkin and cucumbers. What are his qualifications as Project Manager? And what projects has he been managing??? When does he find time to plant cucumbers and pumpkins when he is a member of the THA, works in three family businesses, works as a Project Manager, attend PP/UNC meetings in Trinidad? Seriously.,...when did he find the time to plant garden? And how come no one in Tobago recalls Asworth Jack ever planting garden??????

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RJ said on Tuesday, Dec 25 at 8:44 AM

MR Jack worked hard to build his house. One should be proud oh his ambition. He has been cleared by the integrity commision. So please focus on the issues of moving Tobago forward and not dicussing a non-issue. Small minds discuss people's business, big minds discuss the issues.

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citylimer said on Sunday, Dec 23 at 9:00 PM

Testing having problems posting.

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