Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Chairman Speaks..... Tobago Council PNM at the Constitutional Meeting

Gentlemen! I want to thank the Chief Secretary for convening this meeting at this time. And I am elated that you the leaders of the major political parties have agreed to participate in the discussions... Read More »

Patriotism the Tobago Way

Most dictionaries define a patriot as a person who loves, supports and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion. In Tobago language, we define a patriot as one who displays true Tobago... Read More »


Tobago Political Leader Orville London energized the massive crowd at the launch of the PNM Local Government election campaign last Sunday when he drew a striking analogy between the behavior patterns... Read More »

2.4 billion for Tobago and 2.4 billion for a Government campus.

Is Tobago just another Government Campus Plaza? After reading the front page article in the Sunday Guardian of September 22 on the 2.4 billion plaza project, all Tobagonians should be convinced of the... Read More »

Character must count

Trinidad and Tobago is being tested consistently. Tobago was tested in January of this year and the test results are instructive. The results of the Chaguanas bye election were just as instructive but... Read More »

Budget Betrayal

This year’s Budget Statement by Minister of Finance, Larry Howai, further highlights the cynicism and deviousness of the People’s Partnership administration and its contempt for the aspirations of the... Read More »


Do you expect tourism to rebound in Tobago in 2012?

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  • No