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The call by Tobago Forwards’ Interim Political leader Christlyn Moore for the Tobago Organisation of the People (TOP), the Independent Liberal Party and The Platform of Truth to join with her party to fight the People’s National Movement (PNM) in Tobago, is the latest confirmation that she and her Tobago Forwards colleagues will continue to be agents of the United National Congress (UNC).

Oh no madam minister - are you for real?

Written by Sunday, 12 April 2015 06:41

Christine Newallo-Hosein is my favourite Minister, and this has nothing to do with the way in which she discharges her new responsibilities.

The Tobago Council of the People’s National Movement joins the rest of Tobago in welcoming the thousands of visitors to the island for the Easter weekend. For many Trinidadians, the lure of a Tobago holiday, at this time, is irresistible.

All things are truly related

Written by Friday, 03 April 2015 11:22

Whilst not professing to be a disciple of Albert Einstein, my thesis today seeks to demonstrate how the Theory of Relativity can be applied to the abomination which took place in the Parliament with respect to the “No Confidence Motion,” and to show how all things are related.

The Tobago Council of the People’s National Movement is always willing to facilitate persons wishing to express their opinions on matters of interest and concern to Tobagonians. 

I dare anyone to deny that Trinidad and Tobago is not a Mickey Mouse, bacchanal and carnival country. During the past week, I had extreme difficulty in deciding on which episode to voice my opinion. In the end I decided to add my “two cents” to the current debate between the Prime Minister and the wannabe Prime Minister.
If the truth be told, right thinking citizens are anxiously awaiting the hour when the Ole Mas will end and the conversation to be lifted out of the gutter, allowing the real issues which affect the lives of ordinary citizens to become the focal point and not the ‘cyat’ of which Dr. Rowley spoke. I am unable to understand why as an aspiring Prime Minister, he felt that it was necessary to use the now famous or infamous cyat to make his point? Is it that he is an animal rights activist par- excellence or is it a case where he simply has an affinity to kyats?

One might argue with the view that “a people get the government they deserve” but no one can dispute that “we have to live with the government that we vote for”.

Horse race or donkey derby?

Written by Sunday, 22 March 2015 06:09

Approximately two weeks prior to the PNM’s screening exercise here in Tobago, I was told that Wendell Berkley is the choice of the Chief Secretary. As I doubted my source strenuously and vehemently, I was told to wait and I would see for myself.

The reckless statements and arrogant posture of Tobago West parliamentarian Delmon Baker in the public debate on the crime situation in Tobago, are despicable and dangerous, but not surprising.

Given all the miss and mister steps by the Central Government, the Chief Secretary seems to be smelling blood. One is left to wonder if that is his reason for deciding to go down the wicket and bat out of his crease.

The latest move by Kamla and her cohorts is nothing short of absurd. What is the purpose of the government bringing a no confidence motion against the Opposition Leader?

The silly season is upon us – take cover!

Written by Sunday, 08 March 2015 05:55

IT is extremely sad that after 15,000 Tobagonians voted in 2010 to assist in putting the People’s Partnership (PP) in Government, the only slogan which the Tobago Organisation of the People (TOP) and the TOP/Tobago Forwards can come up with after they failed the people and are now facing guaranteed defeat is “a vote for the ILP is a vote for the PNM.” From where I sit, no right thinking Tobagonian should cast a vote for either political outfit (regardless of who their candidates are).

The next two months are going to be critical in the development of this island and it’s people. On Wednesday,  a team representing the Tobago House of Assembly and the Forum of Political Parties will meet with a Central Government team to discuss and, hopefully, reach some consensus on the issue of self government for Tobago.

When I read and saw on my television how the Secretary in the Division of Infrastructure and Public Utilities, Gary Melville attributed the $86 Million “secured” for road paving to the shrewd financial management of the Executive Council, I immediately said to myself that his time in “exile” recently did very little to bring him closer to reality.

Events over the past two weeks have fuelled hope that the long journey towards self government for Tobago is closer to the final destination.

Who speaks for Tobago in Port of Spain?

Written by Sunday, 22 February 2015 04:22

Sometime ago I had cause to ask the Chief Secretary what have the people of Tobago done to be treated in the manner in which they are being treated by the Executive Council. Today I am constrained to ask the same of the Prime Minister (PM).

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