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A most unholy alliance

Written by Saturday, 13 September 2014 11:10

WHILST growing up, I often heard that one ought to be wary of Greeks bearing gifts. I was almost always confused. However, as I grew older and was able to acquire the art of critical thinking, and able to separate the forest from the trees;

THE Tobago Council of the People’s National Movement commends the uniformed groups on parade, the Division of Infrastructure and Public Utilities, the Office of the Chief Secretary, the Division of Community Development and Culture and all other units and individuals for their contributions to this year’s Independence Day celebrations in Tobago. When compared to the previous years, the parade was evident of the growth and development of the country over the years.

IT is with mixed feelings that the Tobago Council of the People’s National Movement joins the rest of the country in the celebration of our 52nd anniversary of independence.

My last article entitled “Why the Shell and not the Conch” focused exclusively on the lack of integrity of those who are in the leadership of the Steering Committee of the Tobago Forwards. However, that article was amended in the newsroom and not published as sent, based on the content and comments which were no doubt very strong.

THE Tobago Council of the People’s National Movement pays tribute to the Father of the Nation at a time when it is necessary to reflect on what it truly means. We also take the opportunity to wish everyone Happy Independence.

Why the shell and not the conch?

Written by Saturday, 23 August 2014 18:22

THE Tobago Forwards has wandered into the political arena as expected, where only the strongest of the strong survive and where surprises, posers and talkers are never in short supply.

It is symbolic that in the month of August that begins with Emancipation and ends with the Independence celebrations, this generation’s commitment to freedom and independence is being tested.

I must thank the Prime Ministers of St. Lucia and Grenada for standing in solidarity with all right thinking citizens in the defense of our treasured democracy. I am of the view that they decided that they would not remain silent whilst their regional counterpart, abuses her office and behaves like a Trojan Mare who is intoxicated with power, to the extent where she is bent on holding on to it by every and any means necessary.
It was on the eve of the last Local Government Elections that a Bill to amend the Municipal Corporations Act to allow for Proportional Representation at the level of Local Government was rushed through the Parliament. At that time, the government trumpeted the rights of minority parties and their supporters to have a voice within the governance of the country.

Kamla Persad Bissesar cannot be underrated. She is the consummate political animal. She is prepared to do and say whatever is necessary to retain power for herself and her cronies, regardless of all the damage that they have inflicted on the country, over the last four years. Every action, every statement, every strategy of this Prime Minister and her Cabinet, especially in the run up to the next general election, will therefore be focused on manipulating the processes and “mamaguying” the people as they make a final, desperate effort to revive their lagging fortunes.

A peek into the ILP Tobago agenda

Written by Saturday, 09 August 2014 23:46

SINCE the live coverage of the historic ILP alternative Budget presentation last July 5 2014 at the Mt. Irvine Bay Hotel, many persons have been expressing keen interest in the party. They now view the ILP as the only option for Tobagonians in the upcoming General Elections. Many have been asking what exactly will the ILP do that sets it apart from the other political parties.

The Tobago Council of the People’s National Movement is extremely concerned about the sentiments expressed by Minister of Community Development Winston Peters, in a recent newspaper interview. Minister Peters who should be remembered for his failed attempt to force a second carnival on Tobago, complained bitterly, in the interview, about Tobago “wanting to do its own thing” and his inability, as a Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, to do anything in Tobago.

The fruit doh fall far from the tree!

Written by Saturday, 02 August 2014 08:10

Why are we wasting precious time having this national debate about a separate Tobago airline? We must never forget that a few years ago, the then Prime Minister Patrick Manning wanted his own plane.

In a few days, Tobago will join the rest of the country in celebrating Emancipation Day.  Citizens of every race, in every community, will be striving to outdo each other with the splendor of their African wear and the stridency of their freedom rhetoric.

No more time to waste more time

Written by Saturday, 26 July 2014 23:23

The Minister for Tobago Development was interviewed recently by Mr. Edwards on the Rise and Shine show.

Over the next two weeks, the Tobago environment will be dominated by activities related to the annual Heritage Festival.

Are Tobagonians suckers for punishment?

Written by Friday, 18 July 2014 16:19

Our young Secretary of Finance must be commended for his long hours of hard work in compiling the data that allowed him to speak for in excess of two hours during the last so-called budget presentation. However, I wish I could have commended him for being innovative. If the truth be told, he presented a dull wish-list at best and pure lunacy at the next extreme.

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