'Finding your place helps you to find meaning for your life'

By Michael A.T. Stewart Communication Specialist/Counselor Licensed Marriage Officer

We all agree that to really understand and appreciate life we must find our purpose. People often ask the burning question, "How do I find my purpose and meaning in life?

When God created the heavens and the earth he made the birds to fly, the fish to swim and the horse to run. Neither of these creations opposed their created purpose. Fish never negotiated to fly nor did birds argue about being afraid of heights. In fact the only creation of God that seemed not to accept nor understand its purpose is man. Ultimately we were made to please God. In doing so we must find our place in the scheme of things. When an eagle is in flight it dominates its space, when a shark is in the sea it conquers its adversaries, when a gazelle is in the wild it outruns its prey.

When you are in the right place you will dominate and rule, you will conquer and flourish and you will be happy and contented. When you are out of place you will succumb to pressure, adversities and feelings of hopelessness and doom.

In life you are in one of three. You are either "In Place, Out of Place or Displaced."

When I go fishing and I am on the rocks and I land a shark I am not afraid of the shark. I am in my natural place, the land. The shark is subject to my control and will. On land I am in my place and the shark is out of its natural place. The shark is no match for me.

However when I go diving and I encounter a shark I am out classed. I am at the mercy of the shark because it is in its right and natural place, the sea. I am out of my natural place, the land. When you are in your right place you are confident, you determine the outcome of your situation, you are mighty and can do exploits. When a person is in the right place of their life, they will please God, they will be focused on expanding borders and helping others achieve.

When you are in place you don't mind others progressing because you are ok where you are. There is no need to envy and to pull others down. It is when one is not in their rightful place that they feel challenged and intimidated by others who are getting ahead in life.

Are you unhappy and miserable? Why are you feeling as a failure and downtrodden? Do you feel as though you are overwhelmed in your life? Do you think that your world is spinning out of control and you cannot regain control of it? Maybe it is because you are out of place. You are not where you should be in your mind, your current circumstances, or your relationships. Maybe you need to assess the relationships around you.

Maybe, just maybe, you allowed your circumstances and poor judgment to lead you into a place that is not meant for you. Maybe you accept less than you deserve from your spouse because you do not think that you deserve better. Maybe, you are working in a job that has you so unhappy and drained at the end of the day and that may not be the place you should be, and you know it, but you stay anyway. You work just hard enough not to get fired and your employer pays you just enough for you not to resign.

But, you are frustrated and even bitter at the job, and, your relationship with your co-workers is no better. If you are not in your place then you are out of place.

You will not live your purpose while you are out of place. Some people work in jobs they hate waiting to draw a pension that will pay them a percentage of what they barely can live on currently. They live in continued frustration while they exist out of the place God intended for them to be contented and happy.

Yet, there are some people who feel Displaced. These are people who were doing well. They were in the right place in their relationships, their spiritual lives and their job. They were happy in their skin. Over time things changed. Sometimes you become very comfortable and tempted to do things, make decisions and hang around people who eventually influence us to leave our place of design to a place of disgrace.

Drugs, friends, ego, money and greed get in the way and slowly or suddenly you are displaced from the right place where you used to be. So many people attest to having things the way it should be and then losing it all.

A broken marriage was all it took for one unfortunate incident and the next thing is that you are heading for divorce, the house is sold, the children go astray, the bills loom large and your faith in God is shaken.

Sex or an illicit relationship could change your life overnight for the worse. Before you know it you are displaced and living in regret. What you had that was so good you have lost and now you too are lost. Your sure foundation was shaken and you fell off the wagon. Now you drift from a place where you once were secure and in control.

If you want meaning to your life then find your place and you will find your purpose. Spend more time and effort to get in the right place in your life than you do in making money. If you are in the right place of your life money is attracted to you and opportunity presents itself to you.

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nice reading

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