The PNM's schizophrenic behaviour

Schizophrenia is a mental disease that affects about one percent of the world's population. Because of a chemical imbalance in the brain, persons exist in a distorted reality created by their mind and usually seem to have multiple personalities.

They are sometimes delusional and during these episodes, they develop false beliefs of persecution, guilt or grandeur, or being under outside control. People with schizophrenia may describe plots against them or think they have special gifts and powers. Sometimes they withdraw from others or hide to avoid imagined persecution. At times of hallucinations these persons believe they are hearing voices. Sufferers are usually disengaged from day to day duties, emotionally withdrawn and unable to plan activities effectively.

Schizophrenic is the only way to describe the PNM. For 60 years the PNM's behaviour during periods of lucidity has been to prevent Tobago from moving forward and gaining constitutional reform. The PNM is now suffering from delusions and is thinking that the PP government is plotting against them by presenting Tobago with its best chance of achieving constitutional reform. Suffering from hallucinations, they have discarded their age-old refusal to support autonomy and seem to be convinced that they are the new superheroes of constitutional reform battling the evil PP regime to liberate Tobago. However we are seeing on many occasions the PNM quickly return to their normal behaviour as the PNM's real objective at this time is to bolster their declining political fortunes.

If the PNM really wanted Tobago to move forward they would not have given back the Fifth Schedule (Tobago's areas of responsibility under the current THA Act), by removing it totally from their Constitutional Reform Bills. The PNM would have supported the three lists which are cited in the Green Paper on Constitutional Reform now out for public comment.

The Green Paper proposes that all areas of governance be divided into three categories:

1. A national list which spells out areas of responsibility solely for the Central Government

2. A Tobago list that spells out responsibility of areas solely for the THA

3. A concurrent list which identifies areas of responsibility, that because of their nature and our twin island Republic status, must be shared

This distinction will allow for better management of Tobago's affairs as the proposed amendment of the THA Act confers law making power to the THA on all matters on the Tobago list. This means that laws on marine sports etc. could be drafted and passed by the THA, effectively giving Tobagonians control over our affairs. The Bills passed by the THA, without minority participation and support have removed the existing Fifth schedule or Tobago list, increasing the likelihood of contention between the Central Government and the THA. The PNM continues to work against Tobago and seems to be deluding itself that the PP is a one term government and by 2015, the country would be back in the death embrace of the PNM and life in Tobago will revert to what now exists.

Tobagonians must be reminded that it was the Orville London PNM controlled THA that returned housing to the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) in Trinidad. The HDC was responsible for building and distributing houses in Tobago.

It was the Orville London led THA which is PNM controlled that had returned Works and Infrastructure to the Ministry of Works, Infrastructure and Transport to former Minister Colin Imbert and he decided that he would have dualled the Claude Noel highway. Mr. Imbert and the THA erected billboards, just before the last General election to give the impression that work would have started and be completed within a certain time. The Ministry of Works, Infrastructure and Transport under the direction of Mr. Imbert came to Tobago and conducted a number of projects as the Tobago PNM Council stood in their shoes and wondered. It was the PNM led THA under the leadership of Orville London that sat by and allowed Mr. Manning and his PNM counterparts to erode the powers of the THA by removing the Town and Country approval for Tobago projects from the THA. It was the PNM Tobago Council under the Orville London leadership that sat silently while the new EMA was passed in Parliament, a bill that reduced the autonomy of the THA. It was the PNM that never stood up for Tobago when all the gas and oil exploration took place in Tobago water prior to 2010.

The PNM has done all this to Tobago alongside their partners in Trinidad. However, the PNM seems to have taken on a new personality by criticising the PP government and Mr. Ashworth Jack for everything they do for Tobago. The PNM's new behaviour is trying to make Tobagonians believe they are working in the best interest of Tobago. But this behaviour has to be schizophrenia.

The Chief Secretary had to be delusional when in 2008-2009 he stated that he had done his mathematics and nobody would have been sent home. Two weeks after winning the election he sent home one thousand seven hundred (1700) government employees.

The Chief Secretary made the same comment when there were additional secondary schools been built in Tobago while allowing St. Joseph's Convent and Elizabeth College to be shut down. Harmon's is still standing only because of the resolution of the Southern Caribbean district. The Pentecostal Light and Life School has been unable to complete its Technical and Vocational wing even after many promises to help the organisation. The Anglican community continues to be a victim of the PNM's "different thinking". The PNM has been promising the teachers and parish of Lambeau a new school for years and have not delivered. But now, in what can only be a delusional spell, the PNM is now visiting all these organisations and promising them delivery of these projects.

However, these organisations must remember how the PNM has treated our Hindu and Baptist brothers and sisters. The Chief Secretary is now stating that he cannot work with the Baptists because there are two rivalling groups, the same has been said about the Hindus. He is now promising lands to PAWI and the SDA. Organizations should be careful when the Chief Secretary comes and makes promises. He may be in a fit of delusion and when he recovers he will have no memory of these promises. Tobagonians need to be wary about the PNM and the way they conduct our business. We cannot trust the PNM and their utterances on Tobago. Let us continue to watch for mounting symptoms of schizophrenia from the PNM as the year continues.


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Anonymous said on Friday, Apr 13 at 4:07 AM

I hope Tobagonians smart enough to vote them out of office..

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Anonymous said on Sunday, Apr 15 at 8:59 AM

Power is a dangerous thing if you dont know when to let go and serve diffrently..There is an efter life,what will happen to their souls when they past on from this dimension to another..Food for taught.

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