TOP sell-out confirmed

THE EDITOR: The Tobago Organisation of the People has reconfirmed that its priority is obedience to its masters and mistresses in Trinidad, rather than the protection of the interests of the people of Tobago.

In a column published in the Tobago News on Friday 3rd February, the TOP has made it clear that the party is rejecting the recommendation made by the vast majority of Tobagonians that the residential qualification for persons voting in a Tobago House of Assembly election should be increased from three months to four years.

The TOP is also criticising the proposal that Tobago's maritime boundaries should be increased to a maximum of two hundred miles and is advocating a meagre ten mile zone.

It is mind boggling,even frightening, that a party which claims to represent Tobagonians could be taking these positions at this time. We are all aware that, over the next decade,much of the activity in the energy sector will be focused on the marine area to the north east of Tobago.

Despite this development, the TOP is insisting that we should not even be involved in the process. In fact, they are prepared for us to surrender our stake in our own resources and continue to go to the negotiating table with the Central Government as mendicants, rather than as partners with a significant stake in the country's patrimony.

Tobagonians are also justifiably concerned that, because of our small size, we are vulnerable to " legalised voter padding" and that the People"s Partnership intends to influence the next Tobago House of Assembly election by "populating" the electoral districts with new voters, using the present three month residential qualification. It is, therefore quite obvious that the Tobago Organisation of the People is acting "on instructions" when it attempts to convince Tobagonians that it is in their interest to support a three month, in preference to a four year residential period.

Over the last two years, the TOP has placed the interests of their UNC colleagues before the interests of the people of Tobago.

However, nothing could compare with this latest betrayal which not only undermines the aspirations of all those who participated in the deliberations on the Review of the Tobago House of Assembly Act but also emasculates the Assembly and jeopardises the future of generations of Tobagonians.

I urge you to read that TOP column, digest the content and draw your own conclusions.

W. Grant

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Nicolette said on Wednesday, Dec 5 at 3:44 PM

I was born in Trinidad but I am a Trinbagonian because as it stand we are still one nation. In my opinion if Tobago wants to stand and become seperate and apart from Trinidad it is a decision for all Tobagonians, because they understand their issues. However, it should not be a hasty decision but a gradual process. Keep the politicians out of this and let the people decide. Politicians can't be trusted so it is up to Tobagonians to plan their course and don't base their decisions on what either side is willing to offer.

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Long Mango said on Wednesday, Feb 22 at 11:24 AM

The Tobago PNM is a parasite organization never original in its thinking no forward looking ideas,nothing for the future.Let us take the Signal Hill road that is closed for over three months now to put in a round about,but these geriatrics are so backward and lacking forsight in that they have not considered the widening of the road neither constructing side walks on both sides so as to provide 21st century development.I think it is an absolute waste of time to close the road at such great inconvenience to the users without first class improvements,shame on you Exec,Council. The world is aware that the PNM has rejected Internal-Self Government or Self Determination for the better governance of the Islands business,but it is not strange that they have taken on an hypocritical voice of Internal Self Government.If the PNM were serious about Tobago they should championed Independence for the Island,but these parasites have attempted to hijacked the TOP momentum just to look good,

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RasBoyz said on Thursday, Feb 16 at 6:19 AM

The only thing to fear is God- And Tobago blessed by God himself- I remember going and see His Imperial Majesty when he visited . So full autonomy should not be taken off the Table. It is just a challenge.

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the virginian said on Wednesday, Feb 15 at 2:28 PM

Okay D mouse,yeah,I believe University of Texas(UT)as well as UCLA might each have well over 60,000.What the heck!Just don't feel like Googling them to verify. And I agree with you wholeheartedly that with Tobago's fair--stress 'fair'--share of the oil and gas deposits,Tobagonians should be doggone good to go.If that time ever comes and if needed this expat,but born Tobagonian,will voluntarily pitch in,you know pro bono,to help make the full autonomous Tobago experiment work.I'm not afraid.

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D Mouse said on Wednesday, Feb 15 at 12:39 AM

@ Virginian: Its only 60,000 people, some Universities have more people than Tobago. Tobago have brilliant and well respected people who can make a fully Autonomous Tobago work. Divi up the natural resources ie proven hydrocarbon resources to reflect the current budget distribution and then we good to go.

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BullPistle said on Tuesday, Feb 14 at 7:59 PM

All alyuh want bullpistle (s)

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T & T said on Sunday, Feb 12 at 10:16 AM

Please don't talk about fishing because here again our brave, macho fisherman don't say anything to anyone when they come in without fish. Why do they come in without fish? The just patrol right off Charlotteville,and these long liners take all the fish since they fish all day and nite. The fishermen get a little ting from them trawlers, and they are happy, but these big boats float away with thousands of pounds of fish that could have been landed by our men. The dred Trins', often are at the helm of these boats andit is legal for them to fish our waters, but they are a stones throw away from shore. If you want to protect a Tobago industry start there, and keep the fish for Tobago and our fishermen to make the money. If any trawler it should be the Castara Boat, but they should go further off shore to give local pirogues a chance to catch something. Of course this is about votes, and padding the TOP account of voters, but politics is dirty, just as free drinks flow from the PNM.

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mesehsoh said on Sunday, Feb 12 at 9:37 AM

What stupidness am I hearing ,like asswot and company have on blindfold or dey real dottish no intelligent person would allow such foolishness ...three months ..that is total madness..they could come here for three months just for that purpose and leave after...Iknow the man personally and he real dottish..and that maritime thing now all we fishermen will get killed or just disappear in thinair ..tobagonians think with you brains that god give you not atee shirt and promises and a few dollars bribe think...think....

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tobagoboy said on Saturday, Feb 11 at 1:17 PM

I agree with you, let's extend the marine boundaries to 200 miles. I also agree that this should become international law. This way, both Trinidad and Tobago will be in Venezuelan waters and we can give up our republic to Hugo Chavez and enjoy a new brand of socialism. You are sooooooo smart!

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the virginian said on Saturday, Feb 11 at 10:51 AM

In terms of the Tobago paradigm,what does full autonomy mean?Is it the sovereign state of Tobago?If not,then it's only quasi full autonomy.In my view,Tobagonians fear full autonomy absent big sister-like interference.They're scared stiff of what such commitment and responsibility entail.As current,they love to indulge in self-government feel-good talk but always prefer the easy way out,"let someone else do the hard work of providing for our economic well-being,quality of life,safety and security while we sit on our hands aimlessly watching the ebb and flow of the tide." I must admit I haven't resided in Tobago for the past 45 years,but I visit periodically,there hasn't been any significant quality-of-life improvements since.The capital town--or may I say,city--is still devoid of a navigable sidewalk system which must be hellish especially for folks who are abulatory challenged.

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T and T said on Saturday, Feb 11 at 8:23 AM

You will never have full autonomy as long as you take the handouts fron trinidad, it is like as long as you live in daddy's house you have to follow his rule. The other party has the same situation. With other p,romises that are not kept except free dinks for the voters so to keep them in power. Drinks flowed at c'ville last week to sway folks to back the pnm's destruction of the waterfront, and all with our tax money to do it. People want the power of politics and will do what they can to keep it, and of course their pensions. Tobago had the self sufficient power, and work mentality before Eric Williams PNM, was it not the bread basket that fed Trinibad? The talented people left because there was no room for them, the work ethic changed to just give me now. Listen why work, when you don't have to,enjoy, let's spend mamas money. It is the same country, if you want the oil split with Trinidad, you can write drafts until yuh dead. If you get autonomy yuh have to work, take it now

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Desuperman said on Friday, Feb 10 at 4:06 PM

This is an issue that affects TOBAGONIANS than it does Trinidadians. So we don't need your shallow-minded input in this. Full AUTONOMY was an election promise by Kamla echoed by Assworth the puppet, but what they send to the Government for consideration was more water down than the John Prince Draft on behalf of the THA and a process that the puppet was apart of, until he pulled out. If Tobago get more marine territory and it result in oil and gas SO WHAT? That means that if we pull out or Trinidad want to pull out we will be able to take care of OURSELVES, but that is not the article addressed. But it spoke about the threat to voter-pad if the law continues to allow a person to become a RESIDENT after three months on the island, instead of 4 YEARS and this is what Ashworth Jack and the TOP is supporting because he believe it will help his floundering party. Stop being ignorant.

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crickey said on Friday, Feb 10 at 2:46 PM

Good blog from TNT, I would rather visit Trini than tobago any day, keep it up ,

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Adjacent said on Friday, Feb 10 at 11:09 AM


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Adjacent said on Friday, Feb 10 at 11:08 AM

I believe that more parties need to be created to keep politicians on their toes. Tobagonians like to hear promises and accpet jerseys. We need to make a statement....let us not accpet jerseys and just vote.

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T & T said on Friday, Feb 10 at 7:06 AM

Enough already! Tobago put up or shut up! If you want independence take it, so you can claim the oil that belongs to T & T. You have had hand outs from Trinidad's money making machine for years, without Tobago able to make a cent for themselves. What if Trinidad said all the oil is ours because it is close to us. Mandate this and that, constitution this and that, we deserve this and that. Just work at something=, make T & T some money and stop blaming Trinidad , you have industry to develop for so many years but you just want to talk about it and not work at it. Tired of this is mine, and this is mine. Work for the money, and make some money, and please do not tell me how Trinidad restricts you. Look at Cove Estate,empty, no one wants to manufacture because no one wants to work! TOP and PNM just politics as usual, Tobago people just sucking their teeth, and complain and do nothing about it except complain in acronyms TOP, PNM.

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