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The Tobago Council of the People's National Movement thanks the hundreds of persons who attended its recently-held first meeting at Bishop's High School to highlight the pain that is being inflicted on the people of Trinidad and Tobago by the UNC-led People's Partnership Government.

The enthusiasm and positive vibes that emanated from the meeting served in large measure to invigorate and vitalize those present, and from the general responses received, large numbers of listeners to the live programme also were moved by the testimonials of the persons who were affected by the atrocities of the UNC led Partnership Government of which the TOP are a part.

Having heard the testimonials, it is evident that Tobagonians cannot allow themselves to be abused and discriminated against, before taking preventative measures. On listening to the HIGH FIVE television programme on the night of Monday 30th January, it was evident that the TOP "moderator" and his TOP side were of the view that the victims, although Tobagonians, did not reside in Tobago and therefore the pain they related had nothing to do with Tobago.

On the programme, Carlisle Dick referred to Joseph Goerbbels, Adolf Hitler's Propaganda and Public Instruction Minister who played a significant role in the Nazi administration that was responsible for the death of several million Jews who were gassed only because they were born Jews. Surely, if the German people had an inkling of the atrocities what were to be committed at Auschwitz and to the people of Europe at the hands of Hitler, between 1939 and 1945, perhaps the history of the world may have been different and not so many people would have felt the pain inflicted on them by the Third Reich.

We in Tobago are fortunate to see what is taking place in Trinidad at the hands of the UNC led Coalition of which the TOP is an integral part. It will therefore be foolhardy and irresponsible if we at the PNM did not bring to the attention of Tobagonians, the threat this government and the TOP pose to their liberty, well-being and freedom. FEELING THE PAIN has been one way of exposing the threat to the people of Tobago.

This column is not surprised that in a TOP article in the Tobago News of 3rd February, the Tobago Organisation of the People is strongly supporting the UNC People's Partnership's GREEN PAPER that will allow any citizen of Trinidad and Tobago to spend three (3) months in Tobago, register and be able to vote or hold office in the Tobago House of Assembly. The TOP has now clearly confirmed that it would support strangers to converge in Tobago three months before the next THA Elections to steal the election and subjugate the people of Tobago. The UNC led Partnership has made clear their intentions to close the circle of domination by winning the Tobago House of Assembly and "mannersing" Trinidad and Tobago by any means whatsoever. Tobagonians! Tobago must be seen as the last beach-head of resistance against the persistent UNC/PP/TOP assaults. We dare not capitulate - NOT NOW and NOT IN TOBAGO!

A substantial percentage of the population of Tobago has indicated that they are totally against strangers being allowed to vote at THA Elections and to hold office in the Assembly, having spent less than four years continuously on the island. In the Bahamas, the qualification is 7 years even if you were born in The Bahamas. The same applies to the Cayman Islands. Time qualifications also exist in Nevis for Nevisians returning to Nevis. Similar limitations apply elsewhere in the Caribbean.

We are convinced that this TOP leadership recognizes that the only hope it has in the next THA election, is if the voter lists are padded with PP supporters from Trinidad. They must be aware that not even the corn with which they propose to feed fowls, bribes, the glitz, the money and the consistent lies will help them when the elections bell rings. And this is the reason for the TOP and the UNC-led Coalition clinging desperately to the retention of the 3-month eligibility limit to for the THA Elections.

The definition of Tobago including its maritime boundaries is most important to Tobago and its people. Without knowing what belongs to the people of Tobago, the THA will not know what it has to protect. In the same TOP article of 3rd February, the party seeks to down-play this vital issue.

The writer disingenuously indicates that the GREEN PAPER provides for consultation between the THA and the Government of Trinidad and Tobago regarding the application of the EEZ. However, nowhere in the Green Paper is there any mention of an EEZ or a 200-mile maritime limit. This column agrees with Mrs. Moore-Miggins in her call for the constitutional maritime definition of Trinidad and of Tobago so as to determine the jurisdiction of each island.

However, it is palpably clear that as the TOP collaborates with the enemies of Tobago to colonise and dominate us, it is not in the interest of their masters to allow the considerable resources of Tobago to be known to the people and therefore they are being instructed to ignore the wishes of most Tobagonians. They insist on pushing a 10-mile limit "head" on Tobagonians. But Tobagonians are not foolish - the majority has already taken the sensible position on this issue and will be satisfied with nothing less than the "international" limits recommended in the THA constitutional document.

Without reference to constitutional reform, the Minister of Tobago Development recently announced that THA Elections "will come as a thief in the night." Given that the current legislation provides for the Chief Secretary to notify the President of the prorogation of the Tobago House of Assembly and set the date for the THA Elections, this statement by the Minister suggests that this apology for a Government is still planning some sinister strategy in the hope of arresting the rapidly declining stock of a floundering Tobago Organisation of the People. However, with each passing day, scores of Tobagonians are being turned off from the PP as it continues to demonstrate its inability to efficiently run the country and, in the process, treats Tobago with scant courtesy.

In the meantime, the PNM proposes to stage the second part of the FEELING THE PAIN programme at Bishop's High School on March 18th, 2012, when another batch of victims of the UNC led Coalition atrocities will relate their experiences to the people of Tobago. All are invited.

THE Tobago Council


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Gc said on Friday, Feb 10 at 9:09 AM

You Tobago PNMites should be ashamed of yourselves. You all have short memories. Histroy does not mean anything to you. Why? You all do not read. No Administration in the history of Tobago is more guilty of neglecting the basic needs of Tobagonians than the dysfunctional PNM. You all PNM are a bunch of corrupted, racist, delusional people. Tobago,s way forward surely does not lie with PNM planners. You had numerous chances and failed Tobago miserably. Leave Kamla and TOP Leader Mr Jack alone. They care about Tobago. PNM does not have a divine right to lead Tobagonians. I am confident that Tobago needs will be addressed in a timely manner under the leadership of the TOP/PP administration. London is behaving as though he is the President of Tobago. The limited powers his office enjoys has gone to his head.

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Longo Mango said on Saturday, Feb 11 at 10:12 PM

Tobago council would you please tell Toabgo what is the PNM position on constitutional reform,at what did your organisation argue in the Parliament for the advancement of the peoples right to self determination.The record will show that is was never done,but what you would find is the PNM STRONG objection of all efforts by those persons who are thinkers,creative and innovative.The idea for self determination was never a PNM position,what they should have done was to take the question further to independence then argue that position and if so you would have gained something additional. But to hijack the process at this time without even understanding what are the dynamics of self determination is simply being foolish.Is this the same PNM that cried session when the following people were crusading for this same institution,Mr ANR Robinson, Dr Winston Murray,Hochoy Charles SISTER Pam Nicholson,Mr Nathniel Moore Ashworth Jack and many others,you parasites sing your own song.

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the virginian said on Sunday, Feb 12 at 3:29 PM

Look Tobagonians,better be skilled and very careful what you say and how you negotiate with a central government not of the same political persuasion as the THA.There's such a thing as'hardball politics'and should there continue to be divided party loyalty between central govt.and THA,Tobago could be legally eviscerated then jettisoned in its autonomy quest. A light moment:once a canary began late migration to the south to escape the harsh nothern winter and a freezing rainstorm froze its wings and drove him to the ground in a pasture.While freezing there,a big bison defecated on him and the dung kept him warm so he was able to survive.While in the dung and regaining strength,he began to chirp.The chirping noise attracted an eagle who swooped down and ate him.The moral of the story:not everyone who doo-doo's on you hates you and sometimes when you're comfortable in a pile of doo-doo you must know when to be quiet and when not to.The canary would be alive if he new that.

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Desuperman said on Monday, Feb 13 at 1:04 AM

And you should pretend to be the canary. Because you are ignorant of the politics here, you try to put your nose in it but you never know what you talking bout.

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Anonymous said on Monday, Feb 13 at 9:06 PM

Most tobagonians need to be educated. Everyone need to stop the party bashing and come together as a people to improve the lives of everyone in Tobago. No government will do for Tobago, what the citizens will do for themselves. We have to stop waiting for others to do for us, instead of doing it ourselves. Remember, the others we choose also have to do for themselves and their famillies and friends. Let us not be divided by party politics, a game in which all average citizens are loosers, but be educated on issues which affect Tobago and by extent tobagonians, so we could make educated decisions when the opportunity is presented. Pay close attention to what is taking place in Trinidad and ask yourself, would you like this to happen in Tobago? That's all. there are no substitues for Education.

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canary reply said on Tuesday, Feb 14 at 10:57 AM

Virginian your great wisdom knows no bounds,people of tobago have had, do do droped on them for years, they will continue to suffer this pain until it sinks into their brain to vote the right people in to office, even then errors are apparent ,to make tobago better, start at the bottom and with the most urgent, crime and solving techniques , health care for all, coruption of police and government officials, take care of the tourists and all foreign nationals along with the citizens of tobago,fulfill all promises made ,to stand tall in the eyes of the world should be your aim , forget your petty differences, until this is done all will suffer greatly.

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citylimer said on Wednesday, Feb 15 at 2:18 PM

Issues at hand-citizenship and the economic exclusive zone (EEZ).SUFFRAGE -the right to vote in a particular country derives from citizenship.Tobago is an island governed by the THA ELECTED ASSEMBLYMEN of the winning party.Size of Tobago's indigenous resident population whose lives will be affected by an election outcome and the tremendous potential for the influencing of elections by voter padding i.e non resident people flooding Tobago to effect a desired outcome is too great not to institute an eligibility period that is dissimilar to the norm - 3mths- which now applies.What should that period be should be based on the level of risk of unduly affecting the elections as has happened in the pass in Trinidad.The period should be as such to hinder potential padding because to turn a blind eye to this threat to democracy is equal to subterfuge.EEZ as per the UN's definition should be applied given the Island nature of Tobago and the autonomy concept with the sharing of revenues PRO RATA

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conscioustringonian said on Wednesday, Feb 15 at 2:38 PM

It appeared the under the CEEPEP, many people were involved in gang-related activities in Trinidad. It appeared that the MPs LEFT THE GANG LEADERS TO RUN THEIR CONSTITUENCIES, AND THE GANGLEADES then seem to have led some young astray and into criminal activities.

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citylimer said on Wednesday, Feb 15 at 2:46 PM

CONTINUATION - the actions of this UNC/PP/TOP cabal are clear for all to see. They are plotters who are advised by foreigners how to overthrow governments by subversive means which are being executed now as we speak. SOE - locking people left right and centre and then cannot charge them - is this a misstep or a gestapo gesture-We taking every thing as said by Jack sprat in the local government election.Tobago next The sprat is in the frying pan now. There is an agender to expand a particular diaspora and to capture the promise land. The French,English,Dutch,Courlanders,Spanish were all conquerors fighting for Tobago the paradise. People the fight is not over it has now begun and Tobagonians must be aware of the game plan of people whose agender is dominance to the extent of bringing about extinction of indigenous Tobagonians. The sad thing is that Tobagonians are aiding and abetting the process. Remember slavery it was Africans who were paid to rounds up Africans for sale into slavery.

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the virginian said on Wednesday, Feb 15 at 3:06 PM

Citylimer,this time this expat,but born Tobagonian,is fully in your corner.What you've described is huge and could potentially have irreversible implications if you folks aren't very,very meticulous. For this purpose,I think legal residency or Tobago citizenship should be nothing short of 1 year and be able to show some predetermined combination of utility bills--electricity,water,telephone,or what have you you--in your name,a legitimate Tobago mailing address where you've constantly received mail,a birth certificate,your Tobago address as on your job records,etc.You see what I'm getting at.Pardon my presumptuousness,but I'm sure,especially in this age of digitization, you folks have the resources to ensure at least a 99.99% purity of your voter registration records to minimize fraud.Question,how do you expect born Tobagonians,living in Trinidad,perhaps sympathetic or otherwise to Trinidad,would be handled.Maybe this won't even be an issue. Good luck.

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Anonymous said on Friday, Feb 17 at 10:06 AM

Rid Tobago of London, self serving idiot

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