Foreigners giving business to foreigners

THE EDITOR: I would like to bring to your attention a great scourge that is prevalent on our island, one which is being ignored and could lead to our detriment.

I hail from the very beautiful and serene village of Castara and have for the entire half of a century of my life. This means that I always have a hand firmly placed on the pulse of this tiny village and I do not appreciate what it's communicating!

A foreign national is building a house not far from mine in Castara. Now I am almost one hundred per cent certain that this house is going to evolve into a place for holiday-makers who will pay this woman to stay there. Yes, foreigners will give business to other foreigners instead of Tobagonians! This has been happening for years and it does not show any signs of changing.

This woman has been here for about a year and I am wondering to myself that a lot of leniency is at play here as I don't see how one foreigner can receive so many visa extensions. Maybe Tobago has now got open –'supulca' status, so now any one can come to stay/live. Maybe this woman has many tricks up her sleeves to trick our immigration officials.

If I can recall correctly, foreigners are no longer allowed to buy land in my village. Even if she has duped someone else into purchasing it for her, shouldn't the law make provisions such wrong- doings?

For years we have been welcoming foreigners into Castara and showing them all which the village has to offer. While we appreciate the sojourner's love of our home, let it remain only that and let these tourists return to their countries after their holiday! If you examine the economies of these first world countries, you will see the huge mess they are in so it makes sense that who can run will run.

Let me categorically state that this piece of literature is not for the individuals who have fostered family relations by marrying a local.

This is for those who pick your brains clean about the island and in their heads become more knowledgeable than you.

These are the ones pretend to have a genuine interest in helping Tobago while their true feelings are that of resentment due to us having rights to this beautiful island. Surely their assistance is needed in places that really need help, places such as Haiti! My brothers and sisters, their true concern and motivation is owning a piece of our land …. A piece of us!

Let us not forget that the invaders always try to butter-up the natives first before they remove the masks and expose their true selves.

I am sure that the majority of you have the same fears as I … that you will wake up one morning to a little Britain. They will have your jobs, control your government and prevent your children from playing and picking mangoes from where our navel strings are buried.

Clearly immigration officials need to be more vigilant if they hunt and rounds up the Grenadians and Guyanese like dogs but others manage to escape!

I have seen these officials show so much passion in throwing the book at fellow West Indians. Can I be as bold as to question, is it because the hew of their skin tilts on the darker side? Malcom X's words ring in my ear today "who thought you to hate yourself"?

Tell me which is worse, the Guyanese who comes to the river to wet his tongue once in a while or those who establish a dam by the stream?

This leads me to my other question, is this not the land of Bo Nancy so ….. Why do we keep getting a six for a nine?

My people please WAKE UP AND ACT!



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Tobago Mother said on Friday, Jun 1 at 9:18 PM

Treat locals well first. The day that local people are once again included or welcomed in tourist facilities is the day Tourism will thrive. Local people would advertise their good experiences.

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TOBAGO GIRL. said on Friday, Apr 20 at 6:57 AM

You are a typical clueless racist who just beleive in your own fantasy world and writing rubbish.In your country no crime has never been commited ?I know you are a liar.You see in Tobago they are also human beings and I am sure it is not the majority of people who commits these crimes.It seems like your are another bitter soul who were not worshipped. Who are they in your countries prisons what are they their for a wonderful vacation?I do not think so.They are there because they have committed a crime and you know what ha, ha some of them are white.I can also tell you that some black people would not find your white people attractive in anyway just the same.Trinidad and Tobago are one of the wealthiest island in the carribbean. You can be a comedian you really would make people laugh.The only dirt is you I really pity your lost soul.

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citylimer said on Thursday, Apr 19 at 12:58 PM

Are there 2 bloggers by the name of ANONYMOUS I.E 1- LOCAL AND THE OTHER FOREIGN. I AM CONFUSED.

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TOBAGO GIRL said on Wednesday, Apr 18 at 8:08 PM

To anonoymous. I can assure you the only filth and dirt in Tobago is you.

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TOBAGO GIRL said on Wednesday, Apr 18 at 7:44 PM

UKGIRL.You would call it freedom of speech because you seems to be a very bitter person you seem to think when you go to Tobago and flash your pale pasty skin you would be worshipped, however those days are long gone.Why was the student who made the racist remark about the black footballer who collasped while playing football was sent to prison .What about the racist policeman who was filmed using the N word and telling the black youth he would always be black as if the black youth told him he is ashamed of his colour. So tell me UK GIRL you would call this freedom of speech INNIT.When your people come out from my motherland Africa and return all the wealth they have stolen and come out from all the black countries and island then you can talk.Yes Iam very special I am one of JEHOVAH GOD wonderful creation. Girl Ican tell you I do not suffer with high blood pressure this Tobago girl is calm as ever. you must be so sad and depress your lovely weather has not last long what a pity eh.

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Eriksen said on Saturday, Apr 14 at 7:48 PM

So where do you come from?

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scarface said on Saturday, Apr 14 at 4:15 PM

you could not set one foot in front of the other,if any one is nasty it is you,

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Anonymous said on Thursday, Apr 12 at 11:59 AM

To inform you the person who destroyed a family store by burning, has been sentenced in UK to 11 years, he got off lightly, hope he is deported from whence he came, that is justice ,

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Anonymous said on Tuesday, Apr 10 at 4:36 PM

Tobago is completely wasted. Who would want to build a house in such a place where you are despised by so many backward idiots. No thanks, yawn, go back to sleep Tobago as usual. Perhaps the Government should have an education before attempting to run a country.

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@de stupid man said on Friday, Apr 6 at 8:27 AM

Only strong black man I have met carried a cutlas and the other a gun,real brave citizens of tobago

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Bless said on Thursday, Apr 5 at 1:26 PM

Chief Sec has a Modest Automobil looks like a Toyota Saloon and his wife drives a simple CUV like a Rav 4 kinda thing. On the Other Hand the Ministers in Trinidad are driving The Latest Mercedes similar to S class and also Porsche SUVs and the Big Toyota SUVs.

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Bless said on Thursday, Apr 5 at 1:02 PM

I saw the house Mr Orville London build and I can tell you it is a modest home. They rent it out for now because they currently occupy the State House which is for who ever is the Chief Sec. Compare the Modest House of the Chief Sec to the Grand Castle (TT $5 Million) of the Opposition Leader and you will wonder if the Opposition leader is making more money than the chief sec; answer is probably yes because the Opposition Leader of the TOP has Businesses. I am not suggesting that anybody is on the Take, at least these two gentlemen, what I am saying is that one cannot just jump to unfounded conclusions.

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DeSuperwoman said on Thursday, Apr 5 at 7:54 AM

I am glad that you had such a lovely vacation in Tobago, Virginian. It truly is a lovely place with the warm climate, beautiful beaches and wildlife, especially the birds. You were probably very safe in your upmarket hotel protected by security guards and checks. For those visitors who cannot afford this and rent villas or stay in bed and breakfast things are quite different. These people are very susceptible to be attacked,raped and held up at gunpoint. Remember the series of attacks in the Black Rock area, the English couple who were cutlassed in the face and have still not received any recompense, the Swedish couple who were murdered at Bon Accord, he recent attack on a youg German couple with their 2 children who were attacked at the waterfall ??? The woman who was raped at Carnbee No.1??? I knew her. My friends and I reported our attacks to the police but nothing was ever done. Is this a case of friends and family? I would recommend tourists DO NOT GO TO TOBAGO UNTIL IT IS SAFE

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the virginian said on Wednesday, Apr 4 at 6:00 PM

De Superwoman,I'm terribly sorry to learn that you've been vitimized by crime in Tobago and as such I'm sympathetic to your feelings and plight,as a result.But crime is a worldwide problem regardless of boundaries,skin-color,social or economic status and the likes,so you shouldn't write-off Tobago because of your individual circumstances and perhaps that of others. Look,I vacationed there for two weeks last November and drove just about the length and breadth of the island with strategic stops on the windward and leeward sides without incident.Maybe I was lucky.Fine. I can also say that my hotel accommodation was equivalent to a AAA-rated three star,the staff were respectful and friendly,even charming at times,and I felt safe there and around the southside in general,especially during my morning jog,at times,comfortably mingling with locals in the process.Yes,the stray dogs I could have done without.But... So,from my experience,I would recommend Tobago without caveat. Take care.

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DeSuperwoman said on Wednesday, Apr 4 at 2:30 PM

Thank you Virginian for kindly editing my my prose. True not all politicians are corrupt and not all service personnel are rude ans sulky in Tobago. Watch the huge houses and business premises that THA representatives ave built for themselves while 19% of the population lives below the poverty line. Consider how positions in the administration are given to friends and family of politicians while more qualified applicants are refused government jobs. Paranoid hysteria about foreign investment while tourism goes down the drain and needs alternative businesses to grow the economy..then the violent crime of which I have been a victim and then blame other races when the perpetrators come from Bethel, Mount Pleaant,Lambeau etc Prejudice about white people, East Indians, Guyanese, Trinis etc, Not to mention the drugs,alchohol abuse and incest..Do you want me to elaborate more?? I would advise tourists to visit any other island in the Caribbean.

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the virginian said on Wednesday, Apr 4 at 1:24 PM

De Superwoman,if you don't mind,I think a revised rendition of the 3rd and 4th sentences of your 3:18PM piece yesterday might be more accurate and less offensive:"Unfortunately'some'politicians are corrupt and 'unduly'enrich themselves while projects are left unfinished.'Some'service personnel are rude and sulky." See,by doing so,casting aspersions on an entire body as a result of perceived minority that you might have encountered has been avoided.

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D Mouse said on Tuesday, Apr 3 at 10:31 PM

@City, Well said, I will drink to that!

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the virginian said on Tuesday, Apr 3 at 2:11 PM

Hey Citylimer,I think you're right;a la Dirty Harry,you just made my day.See you still have your sense of humor from the 60's when we were then freshly minted and,and at that time,still commitment-free young highschool grads with good jobs. Take care.Looking forward to more of your insightful blogs.

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citylimer said on Tuesday, Apr 3 at 1:14 PM

Time to stop the Uncle Tom, Dick, and Harry. Our imagination is too fertile and has descended beyond the boundary. Have the bloggers appropriately psychoanalized Castara's thoughts and feelings about the foreigner within his midst. Perhaps Castara and his new neighbour are now drinking a fish broth chased by some coconut water down by the beach. Who knows Castara's reaction could well have been a knee jerk reaction to a new situation. His reaction to a local individual could also have been the same. Human beings and animals have a tendency to be protective of their space especially against strangers whether they are black, white, brown or yellow. The colour does not matter, it is the apparent encroachment of one's space and the sharing of the space is what brings out a certain behaviour in humans and animals. After a while both parties will realize that they both have to coexist in order to survive. Both Castara man and his new neighbour will be Jazzing it up for the Jazz festival.

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DeSuperwoman said on Tuesday, Apr 3 at 11:18 AM

Tobago is one of the most beautiful places on this earth and should be blessed.I lived there for12 years. Unfortunately the politicians are corrupt and enrich themselves while projects are left unfinished. Service personnel are rude and sulky. Scarborough is like a shanty town. My husband had to fight off 2 home invasions with his cutlass and I was attacked in my yard by a masked man with a 6 inch knife. My friends were attacked in their home, tied up ,cutlassed and had eggs forced in their mouths. People love to gossip and badmouth even their own kind and then go to church and feel it makes them good people. Beautiful land..nasty people.glad I never have to set foot on the island ever again

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Tobago Mother said on Friday, Mar 30 at 7:51 PM

My parents from Scarorough honemooned at Plymouth in the 1940's . Th best tourism experience I have had was at home in Tobago at Blue Waters Inn when there was a German owner/manager. He treated us locals very well. I am not sure if I could get treated properly there now.

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look again said on Friday, Mar 30 at 1:38 PM

The person accused of shooting the black teenager , is hispanic , is it okay now to blame the white race for all crime,know of what you write, indeed the murder of that teen ager is dreadful, but please if possible play fair ,we must learn to pull together to achieve any kind of peace ,even if the culprits are one of our own

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Anonymous said on Friday, Mar 30 at 9:05 AM

TO wise up, oh you can rant and rave, there is nothing brave of any colour who murders his own ,or others who are different , as for the riots last year in UK, have you looked at the scenes of the rioters ?also the overseas student who was robbed from his back while injured , look at the colour of that brave soulon the other side, there was a black man who tried to stop the low lifes from damaging property , thats who I call a brave man , UK has very strong laws re racial slurs and threats, there will never be a peaceful solution to these acts until people like you are dealt with by the LAW,the only solution is for all law breakers who were not born in the UK to be deported ,all you want is to take and put nothing into the country you live in,

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WISE UP said on Thursday, Mar 29 at 7:39 PM

To anonymous the problem with people like you.You cannot handle a strong black person like Desuperman .Tell me how many blackmen has been shot unlawfully by white policemen.What cause the summer riots in all over England a blackman was shot unlawfully again.So you idiot leave Desuperman alone.People like you cannot handle the truth.

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enough said said on Thursday, Mar 29 at 4:37 PM

Mr Editor , isnt it time to stop this racial blog, no good will come from it ,the blog to depsuperman says it all, the paper must be hard up for news.

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Anonymous said on Wednesday, Mar 28 at 9:07 PM

Okay mr stupid man, you want to play racial games, what about the two UK boys who were murdered in Miamilast year , how should I put it not to offend your sensiblities by a person of colour, he shot them at close range in the heads,they were un armned , you can play the race card for ever and a day ,but remember , not every black man is YOUR friend or every White man your enemy, you are a disgrace to the whole human race,

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Desuperman said on Wednesday, Mar 28 at 11:49 AM

"...different races more..."

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Desuperman said on Wednesday, Mar 28 at 11:33 AM

Choose any name instead of "anonymous" nah. Did I say flakes or FAKES? I will say it again, a lot of them are FAKES, they pretend to like us, especially when they are visiting. They flash a "smile" to you. A genuine smile lingers on. Black people never started the hatred, but we are hated instead by many other races for who we are and because we are seen as inferior. The case in Miami with the shooting of a little Black boy is testimony to that. And the White KILLER is roaming free, because he claimed "self-defense". Now how are we to react to that? Situations like these happen ALL THE TIME FOR YEARS, WITHOUT JUSTICE!I don't hate white people because they're white, I HATE the white man who hates me. Despite what we as a people endured through SLAVERY and what continues TODAY, we are still tolerant of the different more than any other race, and that's a FACT. And I'm sick of what I read on this page from white foreigners who claimed to visit Tobago before, they're nasty and vicious.

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Anonymous said on Monday, Mar 26 at 8:57 PM

Desuperman, I agree this blog has gone on far to long, what it has shown is the dislike you have for whites , and white for blacks,you consider whites flakes ,that is a term that covers all races, get well soon tobago ,to the flakes wether black or white stay away

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Desuperman said on Monday, Mar 26 at 8:08 PM

This page should be removed forthwith.It is becoming more and more nasty. We don't need to know what all these nasty foreign racists think about Tobago. We don't need them and they don't have to come here. So what's the point having this topic being discussed after a month? The writer has already said how he or she felt about "foreigners selling land to foreigners" and no amount of comments could change how this person feels. So discontinue this stupid blogging,NOW! What this has done is make me unappreciative and un-trustworthy of white foreigners even more, because I've always view a lot of them as fakes.

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Been there said on Monday, Mar 26 at 9:08 AM

True many tobagans live in Europe, mainly UK,we have welcomned them only to be exposed to their rudness and the demands they feel they have a right to,all we ask of you is to be productive , stop your whining get on with life, the Blacks in USA had a hard time , they have risen above it, slavery was a shameful time in History,

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Europeian Tobago knower said on Sunday, Mar 25 at 6:39 PM

Ignorant Tobagonians. The world is changing. Do you know how many forenars there is in Europe. Many times the prosentige of what you have in Tobago. Tere is more Tobagonians in Europe than there is Europeians in Tobago.

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Anonymous said on Saturday, Mar 24 at 12:15 PM

Well said UK Girl. We could do with you in Tobago to put some locals into their place. So the weather is good in London, sadly it has rained continuous these past weeks in Tobago. Worth remembering if you are considering this island for a visit. Wet, Dangerous and Filthy, thats Tobago

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UK GIrl said on Saturday, Mar 24 at 12:03 PM

Tobago Girl,you loose all credibility when you name call and rant, Lydia has a right to her views, as do you,I see , you are residing in UK, I find that strange, as you are doing what the foreigners are doing in Tobago, tell me what makes you so very special? are you in my country peacefully , if not do us a favour leave, you notice I write this with out anger or name calling, do you ever think of anger management ?on a lighter note settle down , give your blood pressure a rest, I live in London and the weather has been wonderful, may be Tobago will get its wish , no UK visitors,so I will finish my starbucks,look at my town and feel very proud to be here, no reason for me to seek a life else where, something may be you should consider,

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Bless said on Saturday, Mar 24 at 1:24 AM

Don't get baited into silly arguments! A Blog savvy individual realizes that there are those that purposely blog for the sake of being controversial: They somehow get-off on it...its best to ignore this type of nonsense.

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Tobago girl said on Friday, Mar 23 at 5:59 PM

yes it depends on what side of the world you However when the writer is using language eg we should be proud because our slave masters brought us here screaming and kicking and we should be grateful because we were living in grass huts and other nasty comments.Tell me what you call that person?You see it was written in context.Uncle Tom is a black person who hates every thing about themselves their skin they hate their own race and kisses the whiteman backside,you are the stupid and ignorant person.

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WISE UP said on Friday, Mar 23 at 1:32 PM

To the writers who is replying to the comment about uncle Tom did you see the comment that was written by Lydia insulting her country men. Iguess that is what prompted this writers remark.Lydia deserve every insults. You all should be ashame.It took one person to put Lydia in her place UncleTOM is used diffent in other parts of the world.Stop turning this into an Uncle Tom debate.It has to take a Tobago resident in the uk to put Lyia in her place call it insult.Lydia deserves it.

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Anonymous said on Thursday, Mar 22 at 9:56 AM

With respect Virginian, I guess it depends what side of the border one resides, I realise the term UNcle Tom in the States is meant to insult, however the blogger who gave history of THE Uncle Tom was right,when insults are hurled to other bloggers it shows ignorance and stupidity ,all the best.

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the virginian said on Wednesday, Mar 21 at 5:31 PM

Anonymous,whomever you are,the term or name"uncle Tom"is considered derogatory in conversation in the US.It essentially means a black person whose behavior toward whites is regarded as fawning or servile:a term of unbridled contempt.

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Anonymous said on Tuesday, Mar 20 at 4:50 PM

Tobago girl, your ignorance is showing, you evidently do not know the history behind of uncle Tom, you try to use it in a derisive manner which shows your lack of a educated mind, Uncle Tom was a slave who escaped to Canada across the border from USA, he purchased land, became a safe haven for others who made it across the border to freedom , you are no better than most of your country men , you will live in UK take what you can , so word of advice stop with the name calling,it shows how very ignorant you are

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flip out said on Monday, Mar 19 at 8:17 PM

Tobago girl UK, are you for real, if you feel tobago is so wonderful move back , as for education you dont know your history, there were black slavers who sold our people as well as whites , stop living in the past and get out of the uk I am sure they dont like you either, I agree with education education as already stated you are out of your depth, all you can do is insult call names , you lost your cool chickie chick

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Scoot UK said on Monday, Mar 19 at 11:36 AM

(@Anon. 3.25am) Not that old urban myth being paraded again. I must have this half a dozen times citing various Middle-East or S American gov. tenants. BTW if you did as you claim, maintain this property, surely the pool maintenance was part of your job description.

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D Mouse said on Monday, Mar 19 at 10:02 AM

Really Faaaaaar Fetched !!

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Tobago Mother said on Monday, Mar 19 at 9:09 AM

Racialism as decency is worldwide. 25 years ago my family were ignored and not served in a restaurant in North Carolina. #5 years ago and up to 6 years ago I was treated with respect and regard in UK. I cannot rationalise the difference except that in the UK it is a crime to descriminate and the police take it seriously. Foreigners are here doing the jobs that our own people will not do with a good attitude. Anonymous: The comment about the Pool with excrement in the UK really sounds far fetched to me.

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Anonymous said on Monday, Mar 19 at 3:25 AM

found this blog while seeking a holiday destination and was completely taken a back.Such a variant of topics from what can only be described as a racial letter. However I would like to answer those who it seems live in London and describe accommodation in London. I ask who is to blame, tenant or landlord.Some years ago I maintained rented property in London and will never forget one property leased by a Caribbean Embassy. We had to clean out a basement swimming pool after the Embassy staff had used it as a toilet for many years. It was so deep in human excreta we had to use a small digger to remove the human waste. I will always look upon these people with concern. You will say anything to get your story across to the media. Remember there are people out there who are not fooled by your silly rants.

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Anonymous said on Sunday, Mar 18 at 6:32 PM

Black man, I know how you feel, when ever I go to a restaurant that is full of dark skinned humans , they all stare , the problem is stop worrying what others think , and may be try dropping the sullen attitude ,as for this blog, for God sake bury it , it has long passed its best before date

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Fed up said on Sunday, Mar 18 at 5:23 PM

I have no problem with a multiracial Tobago but let me ask everyone here a question. Why is it that we 'black Tobagonians' are always asked not to be a racist? I am what you would call 'jet black'. Anytime I sit down somewhere to eat in a classy restaurant in Trini or Bago and a high coloured indian or white person siting near me, they watch me as if I should not be sitting next to them. In my village, when the black boys call out to them, they watch them with scorn. Foreigners will always have a problem with us because we black and barefooted......low class. I agree with the woman in Castara....if she has a problem with them taking her bread then she could write about it.

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Lydias answer Tobago girl UK said on Sunday, Mar 18 at 12:17 PM

I smiled as I read your answer re my blog, I worked very hard to obtain a good education, I attended one of the worlds best places of higher learning ,all of which, after reading your blog, you are sadly lacking,word of advice know of what you speak, education ,education, education,

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Joanne/ London/UK said on Sunday, Mar 18 at 11:52 AM

Anonymous! I live in the UK and have seen some flat, and rooms for letting worse than you have described in 1st world UK. There is good and bad everywhere! You moron!

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Joanne/ London/UK said on Sunday, Mar 18 at 11:16 AM

Well I cannot understand all this utterrubbish some of no relevance. On the topic of accommodation in the UK versus that in Castara i can honestluy say it's of no comparison! I have viewed rooms in London in which the home owners live and share same kitchen and bathroom facilities as their tenants who the refer degradingly to as (lodgers) they looked at times worst that my grand mothers pig pen and somejust about passable and at the cheapest price of 75 pounds............ Don't talk about the lazy benefit scroungers who number over 2 millionthey don't work and every 2 weeks goes to their job centre and lie aboit being ill all for 130 pounds every two weeks. The rent out the grce and favor flat and change you money they won't know how to work for!

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atlanta gonian said on Saturday, Mar 17 at 3:53 PM

I am coming home to contribute and "get real" spewing negative comments.What's new,the naysayers are always saying negative and never evolve in their lives,they always remain the same,to them I wish them well,but stay out of my waif you can't help or contribute to something positive,anyhow I have to leave and purchase some tools for my container.

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Get Real said on Saturday, Mar 17 at 5:22 AM

Virginian, There is more chance of turning water into wine than Tobago resolving its problems in relation to crime,tourism and the local economy!!

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the virginian said on Friday, Mar 16 at 6:39 PM

Get Real,I obviously don't know where you reside but if I were to tell you in early 1968 that there would be an Americam footprint on the moon surface within 2-3 years or so and we would be able to observe that in real time,you would have,most likely,deemed that "mission impossible"as well.Won't you?Response unnecessary. So give Atlanta Gonian a break.

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Get Real said on Friday, Mar 16 at 3:31 PM

Totally agree that this thread is just becoming boring,boring. Atlanta Gonian appears to be just hot air,all spin and no delivery.Lets see some action rather than talk,which is cheap.Time to walk the talk if you wish to save Tobago,which in my view,is mission impossible!!

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Tobago girl resident in the uk. said on Friday, Mar 16 at 11:22 AM

Iam replying to a comment made by Lydia, who said she was educated in the uk and it was a previledge.Idid know that colnolial fool still exist in the 21st century.There are a lot of bogus establishment in the UK and I guess you have attended one of them.The wisest man in the world King Solomon said wisdom does not rest in the heart of a fool and when a person opens their mouth peole knows how clever they are,surely you are not one of them.The writer from Castara is very intelligent man what he said makes a lot of sense.

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so you say said on Friday, Mar 16 at 9:02 AM

Actions not words ,this blog is a bore, put some real interest in the paper not dreams.

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enough all ready said on Thursday, Mar 15 at 8:20 PM

What ever A Gonian states or doesnt state, lets get on with it, report all news , stop being selective in reporting , see tobag as she is, and try to rectify the many problems,

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atlanta gonian said on Thursday, Mar 15 at 7:10 PM

Thanks Virginian for the affirmation,they Will see it when it happens,my energy will be in it.

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the virginian said on Thursday, Mar 15 at 6:13 PM

Atlanta Gonian,there's nothing wrong or sinful in showcasing your greatness or achievements,for that matter.This becomes problematic only if it were empty rhetoric.I don't know you or know of you but,so far, judging from your apparent commitment,I don't think it is.Further explanation to any of these boxed-in myopic bloggers is unnecessary. Again,good luck in your endeavor.

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atlanta gonian said on Thursday, Mar 15 at 4:18 PM

"Anonymous" and "the truth" spouting nonsense .I never touted how great I am,all I was blogging is about ways Tobago can be enhanced,while you try to break the island down.I will come home to contribute whether you like it or not,deal with it. All your negativity eating you up inside,that's your blood pressure.I will handle my business,why don't you handle yours,Patriotic Tobagonian,that's what I am.

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Anonymous said on Thursday, Mar 15 at 2:01 PM

I sincerely hope this is the end , this blog has been a smoke screen for all that is wrong with tobago, mostly the murders that have taken place there, are never in the news, as for the over blown A,gonian, he has dried up with his promises, bring out thr real issues of this island ,I back enough , lets hope it is done and over ,

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Pickah Rat said on Wednesday, Mar 14 at 12:46 PM

This in like manner would be cause for concern. But I digress to to former luminaries of the subject.

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The Truth said on Wednesday, Mar 14 at 4:39 AM

Well said 'Ended'!! This blog has become totally boring with self appointed 'legends in their own mind'like Atlanta Gonian spouting nothing but foolishness about their own greatness,while totally ignoring the state Tobago is now in,which requires no further comment,as the alarming facts speak for themselves!!

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ended said on Tuesday, Mar 13 at 8:47 PM

hopefully this topic will be the last, it is boring untrue and used as a distraction for what is wrong with tobago,get to the real issues before it is too late, enough is a enough, amen

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Bless said on Monday, Mar 12 at 2:34 PM

I read they want to use Sag-D process to develop the T&T Oil Sands which is the nastier of the two main techniques for developing oil sands. Let dem poison Trinidad, Who Cares !

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D Mouse said on Monday, Mar 12 at 12:16 AM

The Pitch-Lake which is almost the same as the Tar Sand of thabasca region of Alberta, Canada has another 2 Billion Barrel of heavy oil. This is our safety Net and with Oil in the hundreds it will be cost effective even at $30/barrel as compared with Saudi Arabia that can survive on $5/barrel oil that's break even for them. Processing Tar Sands is very Destructive and incredibly energy intensive- our Nat Gas should come in handy there.

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D Mouse said on Monday, Mar 12 at 12:06 AM

WAKE UP-----Trinidad & Tobago -- with a population base today of less than 1.3 million people -- reached its peak in oil production in 1978 at 230 000 barrels of oil a day. It is now producing less than 150 thousand barrels, despite ever expanding deep sea oil exploration and extraction, at greater and greater cost (economic and environmental), along side deeper and deeper well construction on land. Rough estimates are that there are approximately 2 billion barrels of oil left in T & T territory. Though still in possession of large, untapped natural gas reserves, the inevitable economic collapse of the country -- which has artificially pegged it's TT dollar at roughly 6 to one US dollar -- has led this country to explore possible other sources of revenues.

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D Mouse said on Sunday, Mar 11 at 4:30 PM

Ummm! I would have to clear my plate. Timing is everything. At this point all I can do is finance the project and be a silent partner, otherwise it will have to wait.

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atlanta gonian said on Sunday, Mar 11 at 12:44 PM

I love my island,I left home to pursue my career which I couldn't have as a young man due to lack of opportunities in Tobago.I wish I could have stayed back and contribute,but my destiny says otherwise.I am coming home to do business and give some young people the opportunity that i did not get in Tobago.I see the writing on the wall and I am not lulled by the false sense of hope the trinidad government give Tobago.Tobago has to move forward for better,not worse into being more productive for ourselves,can't let Trinidad decide for us where we want to go,like all the history books say about Tobago."Tobago is a ward of Trinidad".We depend on Trinidad for everything,if the oil money runs out and their are limited funds,who do you think is going to be funded first?Tobago? In your dreams,that is why I am coming home to help in expanding Tobago'economy.So when that happens,Tobago won't come cap in hand,selling our soul to Trinidad for some crumbs.Dependancy is slavery.

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Batchak said on Sunday, Mar 11 at 11:57 AM

@@@ Virgininan, Well said ! Love transcends space and time...A man left his home country and went on a long journey. He traveled the world gaining much experience as got older, his heart yearned for the old country but circumstances prevented him from fulfilling his hearts desire: children, family etc etc. Finally he died and his last wish was to have his body returned to the place of his birth. He explained in a letter to his children, that Life may take you far away from your home. But your home is never far away from your heart. He didn't contribute in life but he will contribute in death

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the virginian said on Sunday, Mar 11 at 10:39 AM

Real Tobago Lover,I'm referencing the following statement in your 7:39AM article:"if you love Tobago so much why did you leave?" Let me declare that I'm an expat,myself,but you shouldn't hold that against me,yet I'm going to be presumptuous and claim your statement porous.Love is somewhat akin to emotion and decisions whose building blocks are primarily emotionally supported are usually suspect.Case in point,I'm sure you loved your parents unconditionally yet you left them,I assume,to find your own purpose and place under the sun.Assuming they are still alive,and I hope they are,I'm sure you don't plan to return to their nest any time soon,but you still love them unconditionally.Perhaps the same could be said for Atlanta Gonian and me and a host of others who left Tobago but didn't take all our love for the island with us,in our suitcases,at departure.Your sincerity isn't questioned.

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Desuperman said on Sunday, Mar 11 at 10:32 AM

"Atlanta" must be commended BIG TIME for being so pro-Tobago even if based in the US.What I've seen is a foreign-based Tobagonian who is very willing to return home after doing well in the US. Unlike many of our people who NEVER return even if they can,or many who turn up their noses and look down on us when they become "foreigners"(like Virginian)and believe that they're "better" than us.They make all sorts of negative comments about Tobago,they ALWAYS compare the US to T&T.Sure,they are financial power and first world etc.But there are other areas where we are incomparable,where we are "better off".Many of them who stay from quite to hell in Uncle Sam country and condemn everything from the politics,the economy, health, social services or whatever, are not even prepared to come home and make a meaningful contribution.Most of them contributions are NIL,before their migration and during their status as "naturalized Americans".That's why "Atlanta Gonian" MUST be complemented.

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Anonymous said on Sunday, Mar 11 at 9:09 AM

Atlanta Gonian and my Home are not true Tobagans,all mouth with out teeth, ignore them , they will soon stop all their stupidity.

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crocodile tears said on Sunday, Mar 11 at 8:12 AM

Always Tobagonians crying crocodile tears , perhaps a famous quote by JFK "My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." could be appropriate ..but they don't listen

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Real Tobago lover said on Sunday, Mar 11 at 7:39 AM

Atlanta gonoan. If you love Tobago so much why did you leave? Seems you just want to use it to retire and make money from. You really have stirred up hatred on this post. You are not a true Tobagpnian in spirit and those of us who have lived here all our lives would not welcome you.

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atlanta gonian said on Saturday, Mar 10 at 8:52 PM

Go for it D mouse.Tobago does not even have its own beer,good idea.Even Grenada gas a beer.Go for it.

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D Mouse said on Saturday, Mar 10 at 8:04 PM

...I am seriously considering it myself.

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D Mouse said on Saturday, Mar 10 at 4:57 PM

@Virginian: Spoken like a true free marketeer! free marketeers worry about competition...Socialists worry about balance !

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D Mouse said on Saturday, Mar 10 at 2:37 PM

Tobago could Stand to have a Microbrewery, A Tobago Beer will do well in Tobago, I think. Just Like Tobago People Buy Tobago Water first choice... Accessing workers will not be a problem as this Government starts to cut back on social programs because they really would not have a choice. Water Rate Gone UP, Claw-backs on property Tax, these things are just a start on the government revenue building to makeup for the drop in revenue from the traditional sources.

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Tobago Mother said on Saturday, Mar 10 at 8:10 AM

I am glad to see the word "employees". My experience in recent years is that the young people are off to their government funded educational programs. The others are driving PH, working CEPEP and other government programs. There are so many businesses with foreign workers and households with no help.From supermarkets to security foreign workers are manning the work ststions in T&T..Big shots cutting their own lawns and buying restaurant food like everybody else. So, if anybody setting up industry here accessing workers need to be considered.

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atlanta gonian said on Friday, Mar 9 at 7:29 PM

I have a business and I. keep it efficient,plus my employees performed and I delegate the work out.That's why I can blog in between my proposals.I enjoy what I do and I enjoy blogging about my home,so go figure.

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atlanta no gonian said on Friday, Mar 9 at 5:51 PM

Your name is every where,when do you work, or rather are you just a loud mouthed chancer,Tobagans will see through you very quickly,

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Anonymous said on Friday, Mar 9 at 3:22 PM

Atlanta Gonian, you spend much time blogging , when do yo find time to be as sucessful as you say you are, as for returning to Tobago, you go first ,put your plans in effect, hope you are as good as you say, I will watch, keep my plans for Tobago quiet, go a head make our day.

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the virginian said on Friday, Mar 9 at 2:46 PM

Atlanta gonian,I know you're well-meaning but be careful,you might be giving up too much in creative ideas for free.Guard you intellectual capital. Good luck and take care.

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atlanta gonian said on Friday, Mar 9 at 1:12 PM

Manufacturing is the key.I had blogged before about the Korean vendors who buy from me enjoying the seaweed from Tobago.Imagine the same seaweed we throw away,being pressed and tried and made into wafers like a roti skin to make wraps for rice ,tofu,suchi and hotdogs,healthier living.Pacro shell mullusk being sold as live pets for aquariums and small tinctures of pacro water for health.Farine being processed and sold as morning cereal,Bayleaf being introduced as a seasoning ,plus herbal tea,plus wine.Manko being used as a mouthwash,breath freshener,Local limes being package as a natural deodorant,when applied.Shark roe(eggs)sold to the asians as a aphrodasiac,flying fish being processed as food.The list goes on and on.We can have specialised technology being done in Tobago.Even conferences on sustainable energy,eco tourism and diving areas.So many things and this is just off the top of my head .I have many more and i am coming back to do something with one of these ideas.Think aboutit

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D Mouse said on Friday, Mar 9 at 12:42 PM

More Manufacturing needed in Tobago. Making Stuff exports is the key.

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D Mouse said on Friday, Mar 9 at 12:31 PM

@Tobagonian Love: you are an example of Tobago has promise. If what you say is true about being worth 150Mil TT and never left Tobago that is very good...I too know of Tobagonian that have networths in excess of 20Mil, These people are in the Less than 1% bracket and is not typical of Tobago citizen to have this kind of aggregate wealth. Even with your massive wealth you alone cannot bail out Tobago, you alone cannot seriously impact the Tobago economy to grow more than 2% year over year. Tobago needs an "All Hands ON deck" approach for a robust economy and that require that our diaspora return with the wealth of knowledge they attained abroad to contribute. The European austerity programs have begun to kick in , they no longer have the discretionary spending power they once had and are being more cautious about their spending habits, this will impact tourism severely. I try to encourage Tobagonian abroad by letting them know Tobago has promise.

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atlanta gonian said on Friday, Mar 9 at 12:04 PM

It matters not if you have long memories, i do too So what ,I am putting them into action.You don't defend anyone who makes nasty statements about Tobago and must like it .I have my own pride and i have dealt with a lot of different type of people,in just about every country,some like you,most don't,fact of life.Tobago need their foreign based citizens to return and contribute,what?you going to go cap in hand and beg trinidad to break you off some crumbs so you could survive.Please ,that's why the main employer in the island is the T.H.A. So when the oil money is finished and there is no tourism to depend on,then what?.The T.H.A as well intentioned as they are cannot be the main driver for the economy in Tobago,it has to be the Tobagonians who create business services and new industries for export,in order to increase the local tax base and drive more revenue into the economy.Crime is everywhere,if everyone think they not coming back,due to crime,it does not help Tobago's economy.

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answer said on Friday, Mar 9 at 11:26 AM

A gonian, you accuse one bloger of kiss a---, the same can be said of you, every one has a right to a opinion , if you are intent on returning here remember that , no human deseves ill treatment regardless of race ,creed or color,some of them have been treated badly, citizens and tourists alike , please stop preaching your ideas put them in action, also remember we have long memories.

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atlanta gonian said on Friday, Mar 9 at 11:13 AM

I have never lectured anyone about their behavior.I am not a fair weather citizen.I left Tobago to pursue my studies reluctantly.I wasnever happy leaving,I love my island.I don't think of Tobagonians living in Tobago as backward,I applaud them.I am not coming back when times are good in Tobago,just the contrary,Tourism is down,oil revenue from natural gas is down,crime as we know it is up plus other situations that have impacted negatively.I am coming home at a critical time in Tobago.So don't call me fair weateher.Whatever persons spewing negatively about Tobago ,I let them know how i feel about it.Insulting Tourist?These people are the same ones on the blog talking about no-one should come to Tobago,"it's a cesspool" manner of speaking and guys like Tobago Veteran want to defend people like them,typical kiss***.Yes the oil may be over in 15 yrs,but if the foreign based tobagonians don't start to contribute by way of job creation,technolgy transfer and new business,we will be hurt.

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Tobago veteran said on Friday, Mar 9 at 10:45 AM

Dear people of Tobago. Take note of fair weather citizens like atlanta gonian - who leave and make their money in another country, and return to us when they suit, lecturing us about how we should behave. Tobago does not make anything. And oil can run out. We cannot live in the past - the long past - blaming others for our great grandparents troubles. We should not be so rude to people who played no part in our past, but are very muc part of our present. If atlanta gonian needs a new cataract or heart bypass - where will they go? Scarborough Hospital? I don't think so. Where will she buy her car from? Tobago. No. Rememebr - racism is a 2 way street, and we should not become the type of people who once surpressed us. atlanta gonian has one might chip on their shoulder - and Tobagonian people who live here all the time - are not like that. I think atlanta gonian should stay in New York. You're not really our kind.

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Tobago Mother said on Friday, Mar 9 at 9:35 AM

The ports of entry and departure must have stricter controls if crime is to be decreased. I had an employee who took a vehicle loaned to him on the ferry ,which I found out afterwards. I would have thought that it would be illegal unless there was authorization from the owner. Imagine all the scenarios that could have played out because the port do not check for the right things. And this is what obtains in Tobago.

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dandy said on Friday, Mar 9 at 9:17 AM

all these plans from ex tobagans living else where, sounds good, But what about all the security problems and crime that is prevalent , these ARE BIG ISSUES to contend with , I hope this blog will not be subjected to selective removal because of the content ,tobago is facing hard economic times, some of which she is responsible for ,some of these crimes have caused world wide critiscism ,clean up these areas where in the past has been glossed over ,of course some people will not return to tobago, some how ever will,to those who truly wish to aid their country I wish you all the best, but until some of these crimes are solved I for one will not return.

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Tobagonian Love said on Friday, Mar 9 at 4:29 AM

Just for D mouse I born grow stayed in tobago ent go no Us or Uk and have a net worth of 150 mil TT so whats your point d mouse and I know of tobagonian who have more

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D Mouse said on Friday, Mar 9 at 2:03 AM

@Atlanta Gonian: Great Attitude ! Take what you have learned in the First world and apply it to Tobago appropriately scaled of-course. As you probably already know most business fail in the first year of operation.; Lack of planning, foresightedness, and understanding market are the main culprit in business failure. Don't depend on other for "YOUR" business you will have to be the Sail, the rudder and the Wind. I hope you have identified a need to fill; there are many. In Tobago most businesses are a copy of another business. Delving into the unknown is only for the chosen few but if your idea is a good one competition will soon spring to life. All the best !!!

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atlanta gonian said on Thursday, Mar 8 at 5:34 PM

Sorry to hear that.I was just commenting on the outwardly part that the public saw,the men with "testicular Fortitude".I don't condone that kind of behaviour,thanks just the same for telling me about it.I guess we all have "feet of clay".

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Returning Tobagonians said on Thursday, Mar 8 at 4:56 PM

To Atlanta G. Just a reality check here. You know I was the neighbour of one of those nation builders on your list. He used to beat his wife so badly even in front of the maids. He even broke her arm once. Just goes to show that some our mentors must be accessed carefully.

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atlanta gonian said on Thursday, Mar 8 at 3:12 PM

Thanks virginian.You remind me of the "old school tobagonians".The Victor Bruce,Dr.Bowles(Bowles Scolorship),A.N.R Robinson,A.N.A Yorke and other Tobagonians to name a notable few who have made a name for themselves and carried a learned behaviour about themselves.These were men of Backbone and integrity.They were the ones who would have built Tobago up if Tobago was being develop then in the 50's and the 60'.The new Tobagonians has changed a whole lot.I have always described myself and my attitude to my business associates as "Old School Tobagonian". That is why i am glad of my upbringing in Tobago for it made me more resilient than most people and be a more effective person.

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the virginian said on Thursday, Mar 8 at 1:36 PM

Atlanta gonian,I love your drive and attitude.Good luck. As your business(es)take root and develop in Tobago please keep us up-to-date on the social network or this medium. Again,good luck.

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atlanta gonian said on Thursday, Mar 8 at 1:11 PM

In the red.We don't need your social services,if it's England you are implying about,by the way Tobago as a colony had contributed so much to the British and Her Majesty's coffers,that if we were to take that money and compounded over time,the money would be over a thousand times what Tobagonians as you say used in your social healthcare system.We have our own system that people like you who are not citizens take advantage of so your words are without merit.If it wasen't for oil from Trinidad and Tobago during WW11.England would have been in some deep doo doo.Tobagonians serve with distinction in the North African Campaign against rommell,go look at your history book and learn something.Apparently between your aears is a dead space.

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atlanta gonian said on Thursday, Mar 8 at 12:50 PM

Bless meant black,not red simple misunderstanding,nevertheless i am coming home with my ideas to discuss funding for them.I had a set of ghanians who use to meet at my house every two weeks on the same idea/s that i was drafting out.I have put the meeting on hold temporarily while i get my projects out in the public eye here in Atlanta and New York.I am planning to introduce it in Tobago.Looking forward to coming home to contribute to my country.God knows i have contributed here in United States in terms of time,ideas,taxes, ,energy and treasure(money).Innovation is priceless.

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in the red said on Thursday, Mar 8 at 12:47 PM

Believe the blogger had it right , london lout has put you in the red, also all tobagans return to your homeland, get your foot out of my country stop using our social services to aid yours,selective emigration now,I love my Country , stay away , we thank you for doing so,

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Bless said on Thursday, Mar 8 at 12:46 PM

My mistake,yes Black !

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the virginian said on Thursday, Mar 8 at 11:37 AM

Hi Bless,what do you really mean by "...The man knows how to keep Tobago in the red and get us moving in a prosperous direction...." in yesterday's 4:26AM piece.If I'm in the red,then I'm under water where marginal expense exceeds marginal income.That's not good.Did you mean "black" instead of "red"?

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D Mouse said on Thursday, Mar 8 at 12:44 AM

coorrectipn: "Advertising" not "Adverting"

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D Mouse said on Thursday, Mar 8 at 12:42 AM

I 2004 a relative of Mine moved back to Tobago to open a Store she was very scared but circumstance dictated her abrupt departure from the USA. She did not leave empty handed; she spent her life savings (Not Much) on Goods to retail when she got back to Tobago, she also took back her American Work ethic and can-do spirit. In 2012 Her Net worth is Approximation 8 Million TT...I credit her for bringing the power of Adverting to Tobagoians Till this Day the Radio Tambrine owner will remind her how things were before she came and the explosion of adverting afterwards...Other business jumped on the Advertising bandwagon in Tobago. What A story from a Tough scraping-by living in the USA to being worth $8 Mil TT. Now she has become the reluctant Land owner, with prime land opportunity falling into her lap, something she never thought about doing but it just happened.

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Bless said on Thursday, Mar 8 at 12:26 AM

Go Atlanta gonian, GO ! I am Telling people Today the Tobago Diaspora. Tobago is not like it use to be 15 - 20 years ago, this present THA is willing to Fund good Ideas for Tobago. Dr London is a World Class Economist. The Man knows how to keep Tobago in the red and get us moving in a prosperous direction. Have Good idea, THA is ready to fund.

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atlanta gonian said on Wednesday, Mar 7 at 11:09 PM

To all the naysayers,don't come to Tobago,scince you don't like it there.I will enjoy my country,no matter what,my navel string is buried there,not in atlanta.The same energy I spent to be successful in America,is the same energy I will employ in making it in Tobago.

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goat mouth said on Wednesday, Mar 7 at 9:03 PM

Do not depend on a nosey neighbors, secure your property against intruders, never sleep on patio ,be aware at all times when outside even on your own property ,count on no one ,doesnt it sound like a great place to visit, to be really safe do not come here,

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Bless said on Wednesday, Mar 7 at 5:17 PM

James Franks shoots Blanks !!!

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the virginian said on Wednesday, Mar 7 at 4:08 PM

Returning Tobagonians,be careful,that seemingly nosey uninvited and unwanted neighbor who checks-up on you might be the one who saves your life one day.Think about that for one nanosecond. What if you,or no one else in your household, weren't at home and that same wasting-your-time-univited-nosey-neighbor noticed questionable and unusual activity on your premises,would you like him/her to alert the police?I would,but perhaps you're different and eccentric.What if you were being brutally attacked on your own property,would you like him/her to come to your rescue?Sometimes,it shouldn't hurt putting-up with a little inconvenience. In my condo community,if any"nosey"resident saw what they percieved to be an uninvited guest engaging in some sort of a suspicious activity,you could bet your last nickel the cops would be alerted posthaste.Why,because we're "nosey" and,as such,lookout for one another.Result:a safer and relative crime-free community.

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Tobago said on Wednesday, Mar 7 at 12:13 PM

once again Jame Frank open his mouth and nothing of truth and value came out. Which is why Tobago must say no to "JAMES FRANK"

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James Franks said on Wednesday, Mar 7 at 11:40 AM

The facts speak for themselves. Once again, James Franks says 'Tobago', NO THANKS!!

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Returning Tobagonians. said on Wednesday, Mar 7 at 10:58 AM

Just an advisory for people planning to return. Tobago has changed since some of you departed these shores and you will have to learn fast. For example, I have foreign returned neighbours who would not mind their own business . One of them thinks it is his duty to "check up on me" and is visiting my property and wasting my time - uninvited. Now , how do I stop them without insulting them ?

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goatmouth said on Wednesday, Mar 7 at 9:29 AM

Yahoo article stating Tobago a vacation spot, make no mention of security ,you may feel the warmth from the sun , hell also offers that luxury , tobago also comes with a cutlas, do not be taken in, tobago third world country with third world mentalities ,be wise stay away.

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D Mouse said on Wednesday, Mar 7 at 2:37 AM

See Yahoo Article about Tobago. I cannot put the link because the web page-master will not allow links search keywords "10 Amazing Undiscovered Islands" on Yahoo. I have always maintained that Tobago remains largely undiscovered to Americans.

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cathybw53 said on Monday, Mar 5 at 8:00 PM

During the 80's when Tobagoians was selling their lands to foreigners,did you all not think that one day it will come back to haunt you now you see that money was'nt every thing. sooner than later Tobagoians would be foreigners in their own land Remember Jacob and Esau in Genesis Esau sold his birthright for food.

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Tobago said on Monday, Mar 5 at 4:51 PM

James Frank your comments are ignorant, petulant and asinine. TOBAGO Say NO to JAMES FRANK !

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James Franks said on Monday, Mar 5 at 2:40 PM

The comments here show nothing other than jealousy,envy,hatred and a peabrained mentality. Tobago? James Franks says 'NO THANKS'

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Bless said on Monday, Mar 5 at 11:42 AM

...Its "Claude Noel Highway" Not "Clive Noel" ! You sure you from Tobago ?! I am not sure I even want to respond to some of these antagonistic comments. Tobago is Best! as far as pace of lifestyle. People are now very cognizant of the fact that Tobago land is like Gold...Banks are itching to lend money if you have land collateral, so why sell ? AnyBody remember in the olden day Banks would refuse to sell land to certain people even if the person had the money to buy the land "Republic Bank " AKA " "The White-Man Bank" My Father was telling me the Stories. Which is why he refuses to bank with Republic Bank till this day.

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Charles said on Monday, Mar 5 at 7:33 AM

Oh dear, all the responses here sound like a case of Technology meets Speciation.

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Me said on Monday, Mar 5 at 5:45 AM

As racial as this article is, it shows the true mindset of Tobago.

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Atlanta gonian said on Sunday, Mar 4 at 11:00 PM

I remember back in the early 80's,lots of young tobagonians sold their land for a motorbike,back then it was the rage then I begged lot of my friends to not do that but laughed look who is laughing now I still have my land and they renting now

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Born in TT But Escaped With My Sanity said on Sunday, Mar 4 at 9:46 PM

You crazy people, you sell your land to the highest bidder, this is capitalism, you spend your heritage on a BRAND NEW CAR, you spend your days and your nights driving down Clive Noel highway at 120 KPH, you smash into a tree and kill yourself and others, then with nothing left you look to blame others, who is best to blame, of course the stinking rich white people, whilst forgeting it was a stinking rich Trinidad resident who bought your land. What I want to know is HAS THE EDITOR OF TOBAGO NEWS BEEN SACKED YET AND IF NOT WHY NOT, SHOULD HE OR SHE NOT FACE CRIMINAL CHARGES LIKE OTHERS IN CIVILISED COUNTRIES FOR PUBLISHING CONTENT WHICH IS CLEARLY INTENDED TO INCITE RACIAL HATRED.

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Smokey jo said on Sunday, Mar 4 at 4:48 PM

I have many Tobagonians living near me in England,what a relief for them that as a Brit I am not so small minded as you,is it only the one Brit living in your village,as we have many long live peace and harmony.

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Bull Cow said on Sunday, Mar 4 at 11:13 AM

Nice news doh sell newspapah !

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Anonymous said on Saturday, Mar 3 at 1:11 PM

Oh dear, a barrack room lawyer. Very dangerous

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Bless said on Saturday, Mar 3 at 9:27 AM

...Pre-Meditated and Non-premeditated, To use legal jargon !

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Anonymous said on Saturday, Mar 3 at 9:05 AM

Bless , I am intrigued with your comment Tobago's first real murder. May I ask what is a real or for that matter an unreal murder

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sniper said on Saturday, Mar 3 at 6:15 AM

There are too many small minded people. Too much corruption and thieving and a lack of vision. My children may return but not in my lifetime unless there is a sudden improvement.

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Togabo Mother said on Friday, Mar 2 at 9:45 PM

Please come home all you Tobagonians abroad. Make sure to come home to ensure that no body is using and abusing your rightful inheritances. BUT, make sure you secure and do not dispense with all you are entitled to and work hard to achieve abroad. My neighbour , a person who was happy in NY complains and regrets coming back and severing his ties abroad. He constantly says , If I knew I would not have come back". I however encourage everyone to come back but I tell them to have one foot in and one foot out of Tobago so when they need good health care they could still go and get it. Good luck .

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atlanta gonian said on Friday, Mar 2 at 9:39 PM

real goatmouth.Sorry to hear that,at least they have the suspect in custody.1st real murder in happens all over,you cant predict that,i am still coming home to contribute,thanks for the information i am going to listen to radio tambrin about it.

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Bless said on Friday, Mar 2 at 6:48 PM

BREAKING NEWS: First Real Murder Today March 2. Two Tobago Men got into argument. One thing led to another and now one is dead...Like is Goat Mouth all over again.

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atlanta GONIAN said on Friday, Mar 2 at 5:07 PM


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ATLANTA GONIAN said on Friday, Mar 2 at 5:03 PM

YES,The man deserves to be shot,just like the guys try to do a home invasion at my house,and i had to get my assault rifle and my pistol to defend myself and my family in atlanta.They ran off when they saw my assault rifle.yes i am going to tobago and put my money where my mouth is ,and help contribute to my island economy.

Inappropriate? Alert Us!

Bless said on Friday, Mar 2 at 3:58 PM

Get you facts Straight: The buyer threaten to steal the man sheep because he did not have enough money to buy them he became belligerent... the seller defended his property.

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Batchak said on Friday, Mar 2 at 3:13 PM

Talk is good but we need more action. This is slowly becoming a nauseating intellectual exercise; Where Old people talk all day and noting substantive comes out of it. Some of you need to move back to Tobago and Lend a hand ! Tourism is dead and not coming back anytime soon. I was approached by some UK tourist on a few weeks back about investing in land in Tobago, I ask them if they were not afraid of Tobago they said NO, They Like Tobago. We had a long discussion and the Told me that Many of their friends are interested in "Investing" in Tobago...An Here I thought all along they were scared of by Tobago. They Like the people etc etc and really not scared off by all the talk of Tobago being unsafe they say that "RUBBISH" WOW...That was an nice conversation we Had, I like these particular people.

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Typical Tobago mind said on Friday, Mar 2 at 3:12 PM

The man was murdered ,he thought he was doing a honest transaction to purchase the sheep, the owner of the animals , decided to keep the sheep kill the purchaser and steal the cash,also when is it right to kill for the sake of gain or greed, as stated typical Tobago, no sense no reason, your leader must be my home

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Bless said on Friday, Mar 2 at 2:42 PM

Stop Lying and Get your fact right! When you try to Steal a mans sheep you go get shot, that's just the way it goes !!!

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Answer to my home said on Friday, Mar 2 at 8:51 AM

You write these blogs are full of hate, have you read your own ?look in the mirror and see that face dripping hatred shown to your own people if they do not agree with your warped sense of justice.there are many injustices in this world, one was the Greens who your so called peaceful people mutilated ,so chew on that for a while, SICKO,

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RJ said on Friday, Mar 2 at 8:48 AM

IT TAKES ONE WICKED PERSON TO KNOW ANOTHER WICKED PERSON. THOSE WHO ARE FILLED WITH HATE AND ENVY WILL BE ABLE TO PICK ON THESE THINGS. The people with love in their hearts will always look for the positive and good in everything.

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Reply to Bless said on Friday, Mar 2 at 5:58 AM

Bless, how did you get that notion "no murders in tobago"when we all remember the man attempting to buy sheep who was shoot dead by the owner of the sheep for his money. Please give us a break on this sick idea that Tobago is safe.

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Castara resident said on Friday, Mar 2 at 5:48 AM

another state of emergency is much hatred, resembles Rhodesia/Zimbabwe in the early years. Why less tourist again this year?

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Commentator said on Friday, Mar 2 at 5:16 AM

Up to now there have been 147 comments on this letter. This clearly proves that the question of whether or not the writer is a rascist is an emotive one. I have just read through the letters in this week's edition - March 2 - and there is not one written answer to Castara Resident's letter published in last week's edition. I am sure someone must have written to the Editor - I wonder why it wasn't published? The subject is like a red hot coal - too hot to handle so better drop it!

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Anonymous said on Friday, Mar 2 at 2:56 AM

It is not the paper that is supporting racial hatred, it is the people of T&T and their new found communication device, the computer. You are wicked and evil people and I am sure every alien living in Tobago must be becoming worried about the future of such uneducated people that live among them. These comments are read world wide and still you show no shame.

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Bless said on Friday, Mar 2 at 1:26 AM

tax payers money getting pocketed by Friends of Central Government. I was told by a memebr of the in-crown that corruption has gone to a new level in T&T, Big contracts and Kick-Backs in broad dayligh. $300 Million dollar contract going to a tent rental company to do "Construction work" With No Construction work experience.

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Bless said on Friday, Mar 2 at 1:18 AM

March 2, 2012 ; Zero Murders in Tobago!

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Desuperman said on Friday, Mar 2 at 12:29 AM

It's time that these White folks stop believing that they are more superior than everyone else. They ARE NOT!Give me a blasted break! Who the hell tell them that Tobago is dependent on them? Listen, tourists will come and they'll go, many will STILL love this place and some may not. That's just the reality. So we don't need these nasty foreign bloggers, supported by those stupid "foreign-based" Tobagonians who religiously blog here every week (including Virginia) to be demonizing this place. Many of these so-called first world countries DO NOT enjoy the FREEDOM we have. There are many ways to SURVIVE here, people could be unemployed here and SURVIVE, unlike those countries. That is because of our culture of giving and sharing.Neighbours share food from their gardens,shopkeepers credit their customers, you can ride a Taxi for free if you don't have cash on your person. Where else in the world this happens? It's a thin line between being poor and being homeless out there.

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Desuperman said on Thursday, Mar 1 at 11:57 PM

What I could never understand is how on earth were the Latos and Bishops able to own so blasted land in Tobago. Between these two families they own from Signal Hill, across to Lambeau all the way down to Canaan. Lato sells meat including beef since they own a large number of cows, but they won't even give you a bag of cows**t for free, you have to buy that too. Many folks who don't even have the volume of land and animals like the Latos, give away manure FREE. For these people to own miles of land in Tobago, had to be as a result of robbery in the form of natives being OUT-SMARTED! I can just imagine how much Republic Bank paid for that small piece they bought from the Bishops. I was once told by a former Assemblyman, that the THA had approached them to buy and was offered US100,000,000. These are just some crazy a*$e people. This is EXACTLY what happened in South Africa, when the very small minority took over. 95%Black/5% White. Thank you MANDELA!

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atlanta gonian said on Thursday, Mar 1 at 11:16 PM

These people talking about paradise lost,that skewed so call documentary about Tobago.I should go to CNN and do a documentary on thr recent riots in England and rise of the neonazis in Europe,plus the high unemployment in England among the country young people as high as 40% and the terrorist attacks there at the high number of British and European citizens going to Al Quida training camps in Somalia and Pakistan wajing jihad around the world.Go look at your country where you come from and speak about your negatives.You cone to my country for paradise because your country is not.Tobago is beautiful and to a large part unspoilt for now.Go to the other islands and go to their themed hotel where they give you an exatct itinary like a hamster on a treadmill.

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atlanta gonian said on Thursday, Mar 1 at 10:47 PM

Tobagonians are a proud people,and you are not going to break their spirit.You look at yourself in the mirror and see a bigot.Go somewhere and find a rock to talk to.People like you is one of the reasons why tobagonians are suspicious of outsiders,smile in your face and thinking how stupid and moronic we are ,those island natives,look how simple minded they are.The natives did not put on a fertility dance in their grass skirts for you,you didn't get a good shot on your camera camcorder showing the primitives in their loincloths and barebreasted so you would have a conversation piece to show your friends at your party how much of a world traveller you are ,and my,my these natives need help we need to show them how smart we are,let's make a charity so we cod feel good about ourselves looking like heroes ,put me on CNN or BBC,so the world cod see how caring I am.Yeah right,go play demigod somewhere else.

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atlanta gonian said on Thursday, Mar 1 at 10:31 PM

No go Tobago.calling me names,subhuman,that's ok.I am use to it,especially when you know you can't answer in an intelligent manner.Like I said,you plaigarise that list from A Blogger from the Trinidad Express.That's all the homicides for trindad and Tobago,including domestic disputes and accused criminals shot by our protective services.This blog is about Tobago,not Trinidad and Tobago.So take your skewed list and go somewhere and be a nuisance.I guess all Tobagonians are now subhumans,typical racist and bigotted attitude.I have not and will not bend backwards to you.You think everyone should kiss your feet .Tourist like you we definitely don't need.Lack of respect for us.Go Barbados or some other island where they can kiss your feet.Tobagonians are a very people and people like you

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To my home said on Thursday, Mar 1 at 8:44 PM

What is yor problem,

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NO GO TOBAGO said on Thursday, Mar 1 at 7:51 PM

answers my home (1)What ever you are trying to blog is plain trash , you are a sub human ,answer atlanta gonian, what is wrong with the death statistics , they are true, which is more than you can claim , to see the numbers in print puts all these deaths in full public view ,your criminals rule TnT, the article viewed on TV titled Paradise Lost is another blow to your Island, these crimes are never solved, until this happens you will lose economically , well deserved, STAY AWAY FROM TOBAGO.

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Anonymous said on Thursday, Mar 1 at 3:25 PM

Tobago has reached a point of no return , unless she moves quickly, these blogs show how very disturbed as people you are,airing Paradise Lost has not helped your image ,if any one knows why this barbaric act took place speak up , try to salvage what is left of the reputation of Tobago,

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atlanta gonian said on Thursday, Mar 1 at 11:29 AM

well,Anonymous and ex tobago fan,your thinking and putting the homicide stats on the blog surely helped are both haters of my island,that is why we don't need people like you around neither your money,if you want to harm my island ,you don't need to be in or around it .That is where i am patriotic about my country as you are not .Yes ,if i were to run tobago,i will put in place to awaken the entrepenural spirit in the island,focus on the resources we have here naturally to commercialise,including human resources.I would make tourism not the epicenter of revenue earned in the island ,but one of many revenue streams that i would help push for in creating.I would attract,advertise and market to all those forign based tobagonians to come back and invest with less red tape and genuine investors ,less red tape once they create a viable business that can generate revenue and taxes.Work on preserving our heritage. There you go if you want me to answer your question.

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Tobago Mother said on Thursday, Mar 1 at 10:01 AM

If you don't believe me, check on the improvements that have been made and their lack of capacity. The Highway is over run with speeding uncontrolled cars. There are vendors encroaching and squatting all over the place. It is suggested that the new hospital may not have the capacity to deal with the added growth in population size. Therefore, I implore you all to stop the hatred speeches and look at the realities .

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Tobago Mother said on Thursday, Mar 1 at 9:49 AM

While race is debated , other people who could blend in because of their appearance are taking over. Have you noticed that every time THA makes educational opportunities and services available , the population just seems to be growing. Well , I do not think that Tobagonians work magic and make Tobagonians mulltiply just so. On the commissioning of more schools,Mr London had jokingly said that we have more school places in Tobago than Trinidad and I suspect that it caused a run on Tobago's resources. Tobago is suffering from having resources that other people want.

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paradise lost said on Thursday, Mar 1 at 8:50 AM

Tobago, rest your head down nah , so much damage to Tobago has been done, the hatred is too deep to recover for many years, also the TV program on at 7 on cnc3 tobago ,we are a violent people ,to tourists we cheat rob and harm them ,why do we feel we have the right to do such horrific acts, of course we know some of this criminals , we continie to hide them, take care they do not harm you

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Ex Tobago fan said on Thursday, Mar 1 at 7:48 AM

If 'atlanta gonian' was running Tobago the country would be on its knees. It's almost there now. Calling 'customers' who spend money with you 'narrow minded' - is very narrow minded indeed. Sadly, attitudes and poor business behaviour like this is what, in the 21st century, will be your undoing.

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Anonymous said on Thursday, Mar 1 at 3:37 AM

23/John Isaac, 52,19/2/12 stabbing 24/Renaldo Fraser,15. 20/2/12 stabbing critical 25/Dion Thomas 20/2/12 stabbing, serious 26/Kevin Sullivan 20/2/12 stabbing, stable 27/Alim St Louis, 18,21/2/12 shooting,serious 28/Kevin Civiline,31,21/2/12 stabbing 29/Kevin Jaggernauth, 25,,21/2/12.stabbing 30/Hayden Williams.25/2/12 Kidnap.Escaped 31/Declon James,27.27/2/12 shooting.stable 32/Sterling Trotman,19. 29/2/12 stable

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Anonymous said on Thursday, Mar 1 at 3:35 AM

25/Sgt Joseph Woodley,16/2/12,shooting 26/Sangre Grande un-identified 16/2/12 found in drain 27/David Phillip, 24, 15/2/12 found in freezer.Hit&run victim 28/ un-identified,Laventille 15/2/12 shooting 29/Kamla Ramnarine, 68,18/2/12 beating. 30/Ashton "Lappe" Beckles,20/2/12 shooting 31/Kwesi Phillip,29.23/2/12 shooting 32/Randolf Griffith.45,21/2/12 stabbing 33/Penitence Street death.22/2/12 stabbing 34/San Fernando Hill,skeletal remains.21/2/12 35/Zeezikiah Lochan,26.23/2/12 un-determined 36/Mitchell Modeste,27 25/2/12 shooting 37/Isaiah Nagasser 25/12/12 U/D 1 week old 38/Jermaine Stewart, 20, 23/2/12 shooting 39/ SKELETAL remains25/2/12 40/Kyel Kheenan Foster,19,28/2/12.shooting

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Anonymous said on Thursday, Mar 1 at 3:34 AM

Unlawful Killings, Feb 2012 1/Rudolf Sturm, 82 1/2/23 Shooting 2/ Gabriel Vialva, 18 years old, 3/2/112 shooting 3/Shelly-Ann Amanda Pamponette 17, 4/2/12 chopping 4/Parbatee Thomas. 63, 4/2/12 strangulation. 5/Sparkle Williams 23 4/2/12 stabbing 6/Keegan Boxie,29.13/1/12 shooting. Press release 6/2/12 7/Kevin Ellis,26 7/2/12 shooting 8/Kevon Moses,34. 6/2/12 shooting 9/Sean Baptiste, 33,7/2/12 beating 10/Shaeed Seaton,24 9/2/12 shooting 11/Randy De Coteau, 34, 9/2/12 shooting 12/Jerome "Dole" Gobinn 24, 8/2/12 shooting 13/Toremba Mbeumuna, 26, 11/2/12 unknown 14/Andy Ramjit,21,12/2/12 shooting 15/Mark Hoofatt, 51 13/2/12 stabbing 16/Andy Ramji 12/2/12 shooting 17Emmanuel Hinds,58 13/2/12 at sea 18/Clement Julien, 57 13/2/12 at sea 19/Junior Philbert,27. 13/2/12 shooting 20/Daryl Lindsey,27 13/2/12 shooting 21/Vinood Harrilal, 19,14/2/12 strangled 22/Albert Bernard.,52 15/2/12 shooting 23/Windley Ifill,15/2/12 shooting. 24/Odaka Gibbs.28, 16/2/12 shooting

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D Mouse said on Wednesday, Feb 29 at 11:48 PM

...Well Look at that! I feel good when I see Local business doing well. Time for Tobago to Rise up from the shadow of our Twin island Sister ! Let Get Started my Tobago Brothers and Sisters...We can no longer depend on Tourist !

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Tobago Mother said on Wednesday, Feb 29 at 10:59 PM

To D Mouse: I buy Lanher products. They are made by Langston Roach who has Tobago connection.

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D Mouse said on Wednesday, Feb 29 at 7:51 PM

correction : "cannot be done in Tobago ?!"

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D Mouse said on Wednesday, Feb 29 at 7:49 PM

We are really in No danger of losing Tobago to foreigners given the level of mistrust locals hold against tourist who want to buy land and I can guest that the percentage of land owned by foreigners is below 2%... We do need more investments in Tobago I find that Tobagonians have a natural Business knack about them. The retail industry is dominated by Tobagonians but we need to move to bigger industry a simple thing as manufacturing Detergents, Creams, Soaps tooth paste household cleaners cannot be done in Tobago ! No reason to depend on American Companies Like SC Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Johson& Johnson, Carbide Union etc etc...Locals could pull together and Do this stuff in Tobago.

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the virginian said on Wednesday, Feb 29 at 6:56 PM

Citylimer,glad to know that was the real cagey 'Limer.Look,I understand but don't necessarily give my imprimatur on the locals motive for seemingly holding on to more prime and sub-prime property than could be justifiably supported simply for the sake of frustrating a so-called foreign/outsider foot print in Tobago.My concern is that action might be creating an artificial shortage and,as you know,an overheated demand and limited supply are a favorable mix for price escalation which in turn will also impact the locals themselves in the market place for land space.So,on the one hand,even though the no-sell attitude might be well intentioned,on the other hand it might also be generating unintended consequences,somewhat destructive to locals as well.What's your take?

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NA said on Wednesday, Feb 29 at 4:12 PM

"while still excepting the aid granted to us". Hey Lydia, nice to see what the British education has done for you!!!

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atlanta gonian said on Wednesday, Feb 29 at 4:05 PM

as a kid,still had to tie the animals,your father didnt work at the port of spain wharves where you had a big refrigerator to put in your house from his big pay and go partying from dusk till dawn.You had to drink"bush tea,farine and buc,buc soup to survive.So if that made you resilient ,great,now we need to start to identify indiginous resources in tobago we can commercialise and prepare to market and export. Look in barbados,they exporting our flying fish and now they are even exporting seamoss.A korean vendor of mines(he buys from my business)ask me for some seeweed when went to tobago.As a joke i bought it back ,he took it ,toasted it flattened it and made a wrap for a rice snack saying he wanted more scince the tobago seeweed taste better and its more filling.Yes same seeweed we would pick up and throw it in a pile near the highwater mark on the beach scince the seeweed looks like slimy litter on our beach.Take my idea and run with it i have more where that come from,watch out.

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citylimer said on Wednesday, Feb 29 at 4:00 PM

Land issue as stated bny Castara man to me is an economic concern for Tobagonians. If you are not a Tobagonian you do not have a psychological nor a physical attachment to Tobago.Many non Tobagonians only see racism, hate and barbaric acts associated with Tobago. The most ATROCIOUS,RACIST ACTS meted OUT TO MANKIND on this earth were perpetuated by peoples of the so called Ist world countries not by TOBAGONIANS.Most of these foreign bloggers are just junky bloggers who could not bring rational thinking to the Tobago land issue.The problem with them is that they like Tobago so much that they are envious of Tobagonians and their lands.If you give them a chance they will invade Tobago as was done in the past and they would drive Tobagonians into the ground and run them out of the island.History repeating it self all over again.They attempt to paint Tobago as the worst country in the world.Look right in your backyard in your big cities where decadence prevails big time.Tobago is A PARADISE

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atlanta gonian said on Wednesday, Feb 29 at 3:49 PM

yes that is quite true,my grandfather had the money to purchase diamond estate way back in the 1920's for cash.The bank then refuse to sell it to my family because they were black.tobagonians had a very rough time with non tobagonians who had owned large tracts of land here.All those tobagonians blogging from different countries.Why do you think you are there including myself; because the government prior to the T.H.A did not put any plan in place to develop tobago .Growing up you had to join be a cop,firefighter,defence force personel or a civil servant in order to stay and live in tobago.Thats why the protective service has more tobagonians by ratio than the general population.No L.N.G PLANT ,NO REFINERY not even an up to date technical school.Tobagonians have always start at a disadvantage.All you foreign based tobago bloggers,let me see if any of you are unsuccessfull,sure not,because you did not had anything given to you for free,even getting to school in tobago or living here.

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citylimer said on Wednesday, Feb 29 at 3:24 PM

Yes virginian -this is citylimer - sweet lime. Some form of sanity had to be brought to the discussion. As you correctly mentioned land purchase in Tobago by non nationals is a very delicate issue and Tobagonians have suffered very bitter experiences at the hands of expats on the island.Thus what they tend to write or say may be emotional based on their past experiences.It is just natural that Tobagonians are anxious to preserve their heritage.There was a time when and probably still the case that COLONIALS AND WHITE DECENDANTS owned large tracts of land in Tobago.Tobagonians could not even pass through their lands to access the beach comfortably.The THA has attempted to preserve Tobagonians Heritage by purchasing some of these lands for future development so that indigenous people could purchase a piece of land and a house at reasonable prices.Mass land speculation by foreigners have driven the price of land beyond the means of the average man in Tobago.There is economic concern.

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D Mouse said on Wednesday, Feb 29 at 2:50 PM

We need a new way of doing business. This business as usual is failing.

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Batchak said on Wednesday, Feb 29 at 2:47 PM

@ Atlanta Gonian: Well Said, I like it...But I will bet that Lots of these people are not from the UK; not true born and bread English people. They are fakes !! Pulling Chain !

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atlanta gonian said on Wednesday, Feb 29 at 2:34 PM

ex tourist.bye bye,enjoy your stay in barbados where they can deal with your narrow minded country does have free health insurance in which you will get if you are sick,barbados does not,you enjoy our views,scenery and hospitality.make sure that you pay the hotel in barbados to get access to the beach ,its not like tobago where it is free and you will make sure you keep a lot of money to spend scince the cost of food is higher ther there than tobago and don't stay over your time because they will kick you out faster than we would.Sorry we did not put on a grass skirt with a bone through our nose and did a rain dance for you.Those TnT nationals in your country are paying through their nose(Taxes) so that your country can maintain their free health care ,its not a free bus.Anonymous,when you give me an account of aid to my islnd,i will give an account of blood,tears resources and treasure compounded over time from tobago that kept your country going,see who balance who out.

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D Mouse said on Wednesday, Feb 29 at 2:31 PM

Correction: "business sales off 30-50 %" is what i meant to say.

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D Mouse said on Wednesday, Feb 29 at 2:28 PM

@Virginian: Inflation to hit Double Digit soon if not already in T&T (See Today's Express News). There are larger fish to fry, than some less than 1% tourist land ownership on Tobago. The Economy is Flat to Negative and loosing staem (See Express News LNG Sales down) dramatically. Business sales of 30-50 % year over year for the past 2 years. It is worrisome that the Tobago News web only shows about 1% of the real news compared to the print.

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the virginian said on Wednesday, Feb 29 at 12:54 PM

D Mouse,referencing your 11:54 AM piece,I'm sure you're fully aware of the old axiom:if it looks like a duck,quacks like a duck,walks like a duck,then it's a duck.From my perspective,racism is thinly veiled in the editorial comment.You obviously are of a different opinion and that's laudable.But are you correct?Maybe,maybe not.Likewise,the same could be said of me.For your take away,just remember that if two individuals are of identical opnion,then one is redundant,superfluous and unnecessay.So that makes both of us necessary.Wow!!

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Anonymous said on Wednesday, Feb 29 at 12:30 PM

Oh, and can we have back the millions we send you in aid please? I can get you the exact figure if anyone wants to argue

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Ex tourist said on Wednesday, Feb 29 at 12:28 PM

Well that's me done with Tobago. I'll never spend another dollar with you again. And I'll certainly feel differently to all the TT people in my country enjoying my hospitality , training and free health care. It's Barbados for me from now on . Bye bye Tobago

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Ma-Pappi said on Wednesday, Feb 29 at 12:22 PM

About 10-15 years ago an (ENGLISH MAN) bought the land surrounding ENGISH_MANS BAY and he tried to Close OFF the entire Beach to Locals, which was illegal because the beaches are a national heritage and access to the beach must be available at all times. This is the (River-DAM Mentality) of Foreigners. There remains loop holes in the law that these tourist are taking advantage of. Most a good well meaning people but others are not so well-intentioned. Its funny that while some foreigners spit venom at Tobago others seek to buy land and build a vacation home on the island in places like Castara today. I am 100% sure that if some tourist can, they will take away Tobago from Locals.

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D Mouse said on Wednesday, Feb 29 at 11:54 AM

This article is not about "RACE" or "HATE". I don't think some of you are properly reading this article. You skip the article and go right to the comments.

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watch 7pm t0night said on Wednesday, Feb 29 at 11:01 AM

If you take the time you will see how a barbaric attack has caused life ,as these people knew it changed for ever, rest assured their blood is the same color as yours,who wants to be a tourist in Tobago ?

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atlanta gonian said on Wednesday, Feb 29 at 10:32 AM

sedition,lambeay boy and all you sympathisers,you have not made one point ,learn to understand what you are reading,the writer is talking about how the laws of the land is not been enforced or being applied unfairely.This is not an act of sedition,as sedition foolishly wrote.If you think it is,put your mouth where your keypad is and report and sue,see who is going to be the fool.Too much armchair philosophers and i don't pander to anyone.I am a business owner in Atlanta with 3 employees .Let me not pay my taxes,build where i want with no regard to any laws and don't pay payroll tax for my employees ,see what happens to me,ok so the rule of law must be applied equally to everyone. PEACE

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atlanta gonian said on Wednesday, Feb 29 at 10:15 AM

Secondly not because we are a small country means that the law does not apply.People mentioning crime and and other negative experience,well crime happens everywhere and in every country.I was almost robbed here in atlanta and if i did not had my pistol to defend myself ,i would have been a victim,crime happens in the other islands too,so if you think tobago is unsafe then you don't have to stay.This is my island and i love it.When i come home,i do not have to feel like i am a second class citizen like when i am in other countries.People talking about ignorant locals,please! I have been to england ,canada,germany and other countries,believe you me,i do not want to stay there,Their immigration make sure you don't stay past your time there in their country and is quick to deport you if you overstay or flaunt their laws,so all you foreigners making rascist statements are yourself racsist,because you think our rule of law does not apply to you because we are "stupid,ignorant,mean,resident

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atlanta gonian said on Wednesday, Feb 29 at 9:48 AM

All you foreigners and others who making this out to be a rascist letter are really either dumb or self serving.First thing ,if you don't like Tobago then by all means leave it,no one is putting a gun to your head.The writer is talking about everyone obeying the rule of law,our country has laws. Every country has an immigration policy that the immigrants residing there has to follow,including Trinidad and Tobago.

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concern said on Wednesday, Feb 29 at 9:42 AM

There are crimes all over the world not just in Trinidad and Tobago. Come on think

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concern said on Wednesday, Feb 29 at 8:51 AM

All you foreigner who are talking mess. What the person from Castara is speaking about is accurate. you know that and all of Tobago. It has nothing to do with colour but thinking as a foreigner you will jump to that conclusion. The same way that the English people want everything for their people we are not like that. We welcome other countries, we are nothing like the English country we are not racist but we do need to protect Tobago because you cannot go into another person's country and build a house while on a holiday visas. Tobago news have a right to publish this article and many people feel that way including me. I agree with the person 100%.

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Sedition said on Wednesday, Feb 29 at 8:49 AM

--Part 2-- 4. (1) A person is guilty of an offence who— (a) does or attempts to do, or makes any preparation to do, or conspires with any person to do, any act with a seditious intention; (b) communicates any statement having a seditious intention; (c) publishes, sells, offers for sale or distributes any seditious publication; (d) with a view to its being published prints, writes, composes, makes, reproduces, imports or has in his possession, custody, power or control any seditious publication. 4. (2) A person guilty of an offence under this section is liable— (a) on summary conviction to a fine of three thousand dollars and to imprisonment for two years; or (b) on conviction on indictment to a fine of twenty thousand dollars and to imprisonment for five years, and any seditious publication, the subject matter of the charge, shall be forfeited. Both Castara Resident and The Tobago News had better watch out....

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Sedition said on Wednesday, Feb 29 at 8:45 AM

--Part 1-- In many jurisdictions, the publication of such a racially motivated letter is illegal. It is also illegal in Trinidad and Tobago under the Sedition Act of 1976. Here is an extract of the relevant sections— 3. (1) A seditious intention is— (c) to raise discontent or disaffection amongst inhabitants of Trinidad and Tobago; (d) to engender or promote— (i) feelings of ill-will or hostility between one or more sections of the community on the one hand and any other section or sections of the community on the other hand; or (ii) feelings of ill-will towards, hostility to or contempt for any class of inhabitants of Trinidad and Tobago distinguished by race, colour, religion, profession, calling or employment; or (e) to advocate or promote, with intent to destroy in whole or in part any identifiable group, the commission of any of the following acts, namely— (ii) deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction. -next part-

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for unforgiven said on Tuesday, Feb 28 at 11:32 PM

I appreciate how you feel, you are right we should never for get or forgive ,

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Jaffy cat said on Tuesday, Feb 28 at 9:59 PM

During my first visit to Tobago, I felt a feeling of unease,would I visit again absolutely not , I have good reason to stay away, I am sorry so many of you dislike us, I am Jewish, I dont hate the whole world or the Germans for what happened to my people ,I only wish peace for us all, I see by these blogs that is not possible .shalom

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Very Frightened said on Tuesday, Feb 28 at 8:47 PM

I have visited Tobago many times over the past ten years to see my TT friends. A long time ago I used to walk through the villages on a night time and feel totally safe and relaxed. I would travel everywhere in 'road cars' just stick my hand out and jump in. I am white, all my TT friends are black, some have been family friends for over 50 years. BUT over the past five or six years I have increasingly become more and more afraid for my safety to the point that I never go out on a night and travel everywhere in a friend's car during the day. HOW sad it as come to this. TOBAGO NEWS you should be ashamed for printing such a disgusting article clearly designed to incite racial hatred, more crime, and more fear, But more importantly you are giving licence to the mindless crimianls in Tobago a deeper justification for the crime against tourists The EDITOR SHOULD BE SACKED.

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the virginian said on Tuesday, Feb 28 at 6:49 PM

Tobago Lover,if your kids are enlightened they'd sell that portion of land--for as much as the market will bear,irrespective of buyer--from which they derive no utility or where the utility derived is disproportionately less than the property maintenance cost. Some free and unsolicited advise:since you seem to love Tobago unconditionally,to insure continued property ownership,you should decree that said property,together with ownership documents,be also placed in your pine box when the time comes.Sounds reasonable?Hey,I'm just trying to reassure you.At least,give me an 'A'for trying.

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Tobago Lover said on Tuesday, Feb 28 at 5:49 PM

I have my little 2 Acre and a hu of prime land ! I not selling to no man I rather dead and give it to my Children. Let dem play deFool and sell it I will Haunt dem de rest of deh days. I work hard and save my money and buy my Land now I old, My children have a better start dan me is up to dem to take dat land and make something out of it. I wish I was younger and have the strength to do something but it's up to my children now !! Land is like precious Jewels in Tobago why you thing Tourist want to by land in Tobago ?

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Adjacent said on Tuesday, Feb 28 at 2:19 PM

I was born in Tobago and lived here for 61 years. I know what bad mind looks like.

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Adjacent said on Tuesday, Feb 28 at 2:15 PM

atlanta dogonian...keep researching and talk rubbish...this is a democratic society. Nothing is wrong with d woman conducting business. If Tobagonians want the land let them buy it back from her....sure she will gladly sell and leave than to stay in a violent and racist society.

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sniper said on Tuesday, Feb 28 at 12:24 PM

Keep fighting amongst yourselves. That's what those in power want, it keeps you weak. Unite in one world and one race, only then can you change things and live in peace without calling each other foreign and become jealous of others accomplishments. Stop blaming others for your own deficiencies , it just maintains your corrupt and backward society. I still have my land in Tobago but will not return while there are people like the writer of the letter and a goverment that lines its own pockets . Anyone that makes a racial slur against me where I live now , is prosecuted, things have improved considerably in the real world. Unfortunately Tobago has not kept up.

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Anonymous said on Tuesday, Feb 28 at 10:49 AM

racial,3am yesterday. You were very lucky to have upset a Tobagian and walk away without injury.I will remind you that these people do have long memories and are known to wait years to retaliate. I was told that Tobagian nationals will do anything for a cup cake and a dollar and from experience I realise that is true.

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racial said on Monday, Feb 27 at 11:00 PM

You are only a victim if you allow it , you call us whitey but cry bloody murder if we call you names because of the colour of your skin, I have no care what happens to you or your Island,you can not have it both ways, racists exist every where , some born that way or because of a incident became that way, racism is alive and well in tobago .I remember visiting when a local asked us to bring him name brand trainers , stupidly we did , problem was he wanted them for nothing , we refused to give them to him ,life is not a free ride for black or white,

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Phoenix rising!!! said on Monday, Feb 27 at 9:43 PM

if any of those against..REALLY cared about Tobago, then they would guard Tobogonians and their land...but they jus cant help it..its in the genes...THEY HAVE TO CONTROL>......

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Phoenix rising said on Monday, Feb 27 at 9:39 PM

really disturbing...lanbeau boy, perminant residence ( God forbid..) another Canadian...wonderful..neoolonials thru a back dooe..using the same reasoning we taught them in their own country...anti racist jargon that WER AUGHT THEM..HOW DARE YOU ALL...we cant come to your country..but we can come to yours..and you can do more for our country than we can do in fifty years ( wow,.,soooo racist)..YOU WANT TOBAGO to be like YOU DID IN YOUR COUNTRY ...and call that progress...SOOOmany Dr we really need rescuing..OH !! thanks...LISTEN...LEASE the land..never own ..your not take ..our land...go back t your own AND CLEAN IT UP...and message your EUQaL RIGHTS AND JUSTICE to YOUR OWN PEOPLE....YOU CANT TAKE US TWICE!!...and im sorry for those who commented...who i love...who aint get it yet!!!!YOU bretheren from Castara...who wrote this...kEEP IT COMING!!!!...!and BTW i can come to urope anytime...No can keep it.....and take it with you....

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Desuperman said on Monday, Feb 27 at 8:26 PM

Despite what some of these nasty bloggers are saying about Tobago, the economy is good, the inflation is good, unemployment is still at an all time low and it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Mother England or the tourist dollar. But in Greece, as we speak, their economy is facing very difficult times, the US is still struggling with unemployment after their own recession. These are what we call "first world" countries, but I've seen many Tobagonians return home even young ones and there MUST be a reason for that. A lot of them "bad talk" where they come from, but when difficult times pick up with them, they know where to run to. Remember to ALWAYS leave the "bridge" intact for you may need it again. These big countries are always likely to fall harder because the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Keep that in mind.

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sniper said on Monday, Feb 27 at 7:26 PM

Until Tobago people face up to their own problems nothing will change . Always so quick to blame whitey and foreigners, that way nothing is done. Castara is one of the few places foreigners/tourists still feel safe to visit. Now this letter has appeared more tourists will stop coming. Soon Virgin will stop flights followed by BA. Good luck when that happens.

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Traveler said on Monday, Feb 27 at 7:20 PM

I was Rob at knife point in England by a band of (White Thugs) near the University in Eiling. Dey called me all manor of Names (Monkey, Sand |\|igger etc etc) and all manor of name I never heard before, I left the next day. It was a wake up call for me. The brits like to parade around like they smarter than fox...But they are savages like the next.

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Desuperman said on Monday, Feb 27 at 6:45 PM

Just reported in the news today, and sick-minded WHITE youth killed 4 other students at a school in Ohio. How many times have we heard of scenes like this? This is the dangers that everyone is exposed to in schools across the US. This is what makes the US and Europe dangerous to black people and even the natives. Never will we be targets of terrorism, like they are, so what makes us more dangerous? The Tobagonians who now adopt the US as their homes and are now "looking down" on us know that in their adopted country, they are "second class". They are victims of racial profiling constantly by white policemen, regardless which University they attend or which part of Virginia they live. Even some Black Americans turn up their noses at them. How many of us were told at some point to "go back" to your "3rd world" country? So stop giving this FALSE impression that we are accepted with "WIDE OPEN ARMS" in these foreign countries, we're NOT!

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Desuperman said on Monday, Feb 27 at 6:16 PM

And I don't have an argument with who want to sell, but there are also instances where foreigners come with their "pleasantries" and "smiling faces", buy lands on the beach front then fenced them off with walls higher than the house it self, even denying one access to beaches. How the hell could that be tolerated? MOST of you were not relevant to the article, but want to focus on how "unsafe" and "dangerous" Tobago is. How many of you see news in your country of brutal killings, at times against BLACK people. In these countries, BLACK people are not wanted. Hate crimes are committed against us by various WHITE extremist groups ALL over Europe. We are HATED for the colour of our skins and this is so for CENTURIES and STILL continues TODAY. It is RAMPANT in sports in EUROPE. America has come a long way in it's efforts to end racism, but we are still the VICTIMS! Is there any other group in this world that practices racism than whites? Cast the first stone if you all are "saints".

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R J said on Monday, Feb 27 at 4:42 PM

Desuperman, is you who write such a pathetic article??? People will always sell their property to whoever has the money to buy it, once they are not criminals or it is not in the interest of Tobago. What is your problem with that???Small minds can only feed on small things. Please look at the bigger picture on how we can develop Tobago..!

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sniper said on Monday, Feb 27 at 4:23 PM

I no longer live in Tobago because of people like the writer of the article and trolls like my home, who is severely deranged. Other Caribbean islands have less problems and share a one world, one race vision. Wake up Tobago. Those in power want to keep you ignorant so they can continue to exploit you. Wake up!You are led by corrupt thieves, they keep you down and throw you bones of carnaval and rum to keep you happy- ,,the opium of the people ,you are still slaves only your masters have changed.

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Desuperman said on Monday, Feb 27 at 4:21 PM

I read all the blogs before I decided to comment on my own and what I gathered is that there're a lot of HYPOCRISY! Most of you called the writer a "racist",especially those who may have had some know how of Tobago. According to the article, the writer spoke of locals being duped into selling lands, there are also the "local boys" who are used for "residential status", which gives a foreigner the "right" to purchase and own land in Tobago, due to the "Land Holders Act" introduced by "Ah We Boy" Robinson the "Castara Kid".According to the article, the lady referred to, only came here about a year ago. How was she able to own the property? Did she came "fell in love" with a local and marry? These are legitimate questions, but instead the writer is being attacked as a "racist". Racist? If we want to see racism just visit the same countries these nasty hypocrites come from and who are using the Tobago News to blog their hatred. Unfortunately, they are given the space.

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Bless said on Monday, Feb 27 at 4:09 PM

Feb 27 and no murders in Tobago yet!

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D Mouse said on Monday, Feb 27 at 4:04 PM

I don't know of any other country were Xenophobia don't exist, even in the great USA to a "Limited" extent there exist JOB and property related Xenophobia. So It is a Natural reaction. I may not agree with what the writer says entirely but I will defend his right to say it and for Tobago News to post it; NO Communist allowed. If you don't like what you see going on in Tobago with foreigners buying land then Why don't some of you invest in Tobago, I am willing to bet most bloggers don't even live in Tobago: whats wrong, you scared? Business is not easy to start or to run, I have lots of experience on the subject. From Selling Pickled Cherries, plum, Mango, Pomercytere(SP) in Scarborough Methodist to Owning my on Technology Company in the Telecom space, and a small but profitable Intimates ware retail store. And its Take a lot of Guts/belly/sleepless nights to invest and build a stable business. Quit Talking and "Move Something!"

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the virginian said on Monday, Feb 27 at 3:01 PM

'Limer,I know all too well the Tobago land sell-nosell deal to foreigners is a hot-button issue for you,consequently I'm surprised of the mellowness--versus your usual fire and brimstonelike attitude--in your well-advised and well-intentioned response to Castara Boy/Man.Come to think of it,perhaps someone else must be masquerading as Citylimer.Sure that's the original'Limer here?

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Technocratix Tobago said on Monday, Feb 27 at 9:20 AM

Shame on you Tobago news for publishing such a clearly bigoted letter. This is the kind of rant that Himmler would have been proud of, "the Wake up and Act" a strident call for what exactly?

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the virginian said on Sunday, Feb 26 at 6:59 PM

Even though in the grand scheme of things,matters of island of Tobago are somewhat inconsequential,nevertheless,some of these obviously racist,off-color and protectionist rants might unexpectedly return disguised to bite in the backside. Case in point,as understood,Tobagonians as well as Trinidadians are always clamoring for more and more visas to enable entry into countries such as,but not limited to,the US for various reasons.Right? Now,if I were a visa-granting officer--don't know the technical jargon--in a particular consulate in T&T,after digesting some of the constant barage of insults unnecessarily heaped at foreigners,my decisions might be accordingly influenced,sometimes.So,the promising scholar from,say,Castara or Lambeau might not be able to fulfill her wish for a Harvard,Yale,Brown or MIT--all ivy league universities--sheepskin primarily based on careless expressions by some.When a pebble is cast in the river,notice the ripples how they spread.

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citylimer said on Sunday, Feb 26 at 6:55 PM

CASTARA boy/man some Tobagonians could understand your fears of inundation of foreigners in your small village.There is always fear if a foreign population grows to an uncomfortable size vis a vis the local villagers.However have no fear I doubt this. My advice to you is take your time and build an addition to your property starting with perhaps a 1 bedroom self contained apartment. Pool your resources with your family and extend your current property.Thus you will be able to cash in on the accommodation trade. Fear not comrade there is a place for you but you have to ensure that opportunities in Tobago are grasped.Of course you will have your fears of foreigners hopefully these fears will spur you into some form of business action so that you will have foreigners staying at your place.I do not believe that you are racist as some bloggers who appear to be hell bent on jumping at any opportunity to spew and blowup statements out of proportion and stretching what you have said as racist.

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Anonymous said on Sunday, Feb 26 at 5:37 PM

well tobago you are not slaves now , so stop pulling the slavery theme,white people today have never held slaves we were taught fainess , you can keep bringing up past history and that is just what it is , so get with today, make life better for your children,

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Tchutchuko said on Sunday, Feb 26 at 4:56 PM

It's well known the poor service provided by locals. Not mentioning the bad attitude towards those who bring income to us. The "this is Tobago" is heard all around and to "steups" at each foreigner it will bring misery to the isle. If they are legaly here, let them do what they are here for. We are all humans trying the best we can for our families.

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RJ said on Sunday, Feb 26 at 4:54 PM

THIS ARTICLE DOES NOT HAVE THE NAME OF ITS WRITER???? It may not even be a resident of Tobago writing this it can be just a trouble maker.!!!Why print an article that stirs up hatred and anger, and is not in the best interest of Tobago. IS THIS AN ELECTION GIMMICK FOR THE THA?????????

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RJ said on Sunday, Feb 26 at 4:45 PM

THE WRITER OF THIS ARTICLE SEEM SO PATHETIC AND OUT OF TOUCH!!! PEOPLE OF TOBAGO TRAVEL ABROAD AND ARE ABLE TO BUY AND PURCHASE PROPERTY.!!! WHY CANNOT FOREIGNERS BUY HERE ALSO.???? YOU SOUND VERY UNINTELLIGEBLE.!!!!! Tourist should be able to buy building space if they cannot purchase land space. Their is a growing need for time shares, this can help to boost the struggling B&B and Guest House market.

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ANN said on Sunday, Feb 26 at 4:05 PM

People are losing sight of the real problem. Tobago is a really small island. Tobago does not have the land or to give away to every tourist who sets up shop here. Tobagonians prefer tourists who arrive like tourists and return to their countries like tourists. Tobagonians resent persons who take bread out of their mouths. AS it stands , there are so many foreigners who came on holiday visas and end up here doing the businesses and jobs that local T&T citizens should be doing. It is therefore not hatred but resentment.

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Malcom X said on Sunday, Feb 26 at 2:49 PM

It's a shame that "Castara Resident" has misquoted Malcom X:- "who thought you to hate yourself?". What he actually said in 1962 in Los Angeles was:- "Who taught you to hate the color of your skin? Who taught you to hate yourself from the top of your head to the soles of your feet? Who taught you to hate your own kind? Who taught you to hate the race that you belong to so much so that you don't want to be around each other? No... Before you come asking Mr. Muhammad does he teach hate, you should ask yourself who taught you to hate being what God made you." In 1965 two days before he died he said:- "I did many things as a Black Muslim that I'm sorry for now. I was a zombie then—like all Muslims—I was hypnotized, pointed in a certain direction and told to march. Well, I guess a man's entitled to make a fool of himself if he's ready to pay the cost. That was a bad scene, brother. The sickness and madness of those days—I'm glad to be free of them." I wonder who taught Castara Resident?

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Permanent Resident said on Sunday, Feb 26 at 1:59 PM

Part 2 --- His articles are written as if slavery in Tobago has only just been abolished and the Colonial Masters should be made to pay severely as punishment for having enslaved his countrymen over the centuries. He is no more African than I am. The media should not augment racism by giving the impression that they endorse such rubbish by printing it. If he is serious about his "Back to Africa" movement, I will personally buy him a one-way ticket. It seems to me that many Tobagonians are of the opinion that the White Man owes them a living - letters like this prove it.

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Permanent Resident said on Sunday, Feb 26 at 1:56 PM

Part 1 --- As an Englishman living in Tobago since 1994, I have come to realise just how racist, xenophobic and bigoted some people on this island really are. And I am not just talking about locals - of which the writer of this filthy diatribe is a perfect example. I am also referring to the media. The Tobago News should be ashamed of publishing such a letter of pure hate towards another member of the human race. In any civilised country it is the media that has the responsibility to uphold the law by not publishing articles having a racial bias. Nearly every week The Tobago News publishes articles which are racist and serve to fuel the fires of the xenophobic local - just look at some of the tripe written by The Pygmy Scribe (PNM description, not mine) who styles himself with the pseudonym of the fifteenth King of the Ashanti people in Ghana. Part 2 continues ---

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Another Canadian said on Sunday, Feb 26 at 1:32 PM

Wow.I'm stunned by the blatant hatred of all people other than someone from Tobago.As a Canadian,we are taught,and have to accept, that everyone is equal and deserves respect.I guess we were lucky to have stayed at a place owned by a local(even though had married a Canadian and had lived there also).We experienced the hatred several times and couldn't understand why it was directed at us.We are hard working people who save money & are friendly and quiet.We enjoyed your beautiful country in an eco-friendly way.We gave money into the Tobago economy but rarely was anyone nice to us.How awful that such hatred holds down your country.If that is how u wish to stay then be it.There r other beautiful places to discover and enjoy that are safe and friendly.The man who wrote this letter to the editor is an evil man. Surprised you allowed this letter to be published.Don't think we will return now.Your country's loss!!!We are good people.

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Linda Smith said on Sunday, Feb 26 at 1:21 PM

Perhaps there should be a register of qualified local builders in Tobago for people to choose from. Everyone seems to call themselves 'builders'and some cause huge problems for the likes of me, having taken the money and not produced the goods. There seems to be an assumption that if you have lived abroad, you are rich; justification for ripping you off. How about government regulation for the various trade bodies.

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also Canadian said on Sunday, Feb 26 at 11:33 AM

Patrick, please be advised Tobago is very dangerous , I have had experience with a violent episode toward a family member , it was the most horrific act upon unsuspecting victim, I wish my fellow Canadians would heed this warning , I have been in touch with our government officials , I can not believe sane people would carry on visiting this island,corruption is rife , police response is poor .my family will never be the same because of this criminal act, which to date remains unsolved, please support all who have been attacked , just stay away,please help spread the word .

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patrick said on Sunday, Feb 26 at 11:11 AM

I live in Canada and have visited Tobago,beautiful island.being an average person from the great white north and reading these comments from the editor really makes me wonder how inviting of a place Tobago would be to visit again.Then people there wonder why tourism in their country is on the decline.

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jaffy cat said on Sunday, Feb 26 at 9:34 AM

If it is true criminals from Trinidad make their way to tobago after release from prison, they are still your people, they have the right to travel in their own country ,I would also state , tobagans do the same when their sentences are up ,prisons need to be harsher , may be one knuckle head out of a thousand will get the message and work for his living,you are in deep trouble tnt, this beautiful island will be brought to its knees because of racial ideology even toward your own ,I wish you well, sadly you will not change.

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Anonymous said on Sunday, Feb 26 at 8:36 AM

No Man is an Island! Aren't their laws preventing discrimination against a person due to their nationality, race, religious belief etc in this day and age? Globalisation causes many changes and the writer should be more open and beaware of benefits local companies enjoy in other caricom countries both from doing business and land sizes afforded to transact such business in other caricom countries by reading some of the regional newspapers, layoff the reference of other caricom nationals to support your cause.

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Tchutchuko said on Sunday, Feb 26 at 8:07 AM


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Pleasant prospect said on Sunday, Feb 26 at 6:55 AM

Castara resident, you are a racist just like(maybe worse than) PW Botha, you are as guilty as any other despicable racist still living, the really pathetic thing is that you are comfortable with this evil, comfortable because you are not alone, this type of xenophobic, racist, hatred of another human being (yes white foreigners are human) is fostered by no less than "The Tobago Council of the PNM" those interested could read the recent letter to this newspaper where indo Trinbagonian people are referred to as "Aliens from another dimension"

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Anonymous said on Sunday, Feb 26 at 12:25 AM

If you have money and wish to invest do it else where tobago is not the place, investors often end up loosing because of the work ethics of the native people ,good people are tired of tobago with all its problems from security to corruption and unsolved deaths, why live in a country where they certainly do not want you,oh yes they would take your money ruin your business ,most of the citizens are not educated and have little knowledge of business or the economy, as one blogger said to be white is dangerous, night time would, for me be a nightmare, problems will occur make sure its not you.people dissapear all the time, most never reaches the news papers, stay alive stay away

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atlanta gonian said on Saturday, Feb 25 at 11:33 PM

its resources.foreigners are welcome,but if want to stay,there is the rule of law everyone has to obey,procedures that should be in everyone's interest,if you want to stay,fine show what and how you going to invest in the island,pool your talents and ideas so that Tobago can move forward and be "All She Can Be",this is a beautifull island,not perfect,growing pains,but if we pull together we can be a great nation.

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atlanta gonian said on Saturday, Feb 25 at 11:17 PM

In 2005,Bermuda had claimed that they had the highest standard of living in the world beating even Switzerland.All the money that is sent back to Tobago from Foreign based Tobagonians is net income,money that is already taxed from either a salary or investments abroad,after taxed money,the tax going to the government they live under,so what are you saying,everybody can come and there is no taxes paid,a little Shangri-La,makes no sense.Tobago's land is limited,so you have to balance the population need and manage

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atlanta gonian said on Saturday, Feb 25 at 11:05 PM

This is not bad mind,but reality.Tobago does not have as much land as united states,even legal immigrants in the united states have to show you are contributing to their tax base for you to be considered for their citizenship,as part of this process ,you have to show tax returns,if you are an adult.America also had another part to citizenship where if you can invest at least $ 1000000 in their economy ,you are fasttracked to citizenship.St Kitts has the same policy,only500,000. That is not bad mindedness,a lot of countries do that,Japan don't give you citizenship unless its your fourth generation. Don't make mindless statements,unless you do your homework,so that means that Bermuda "badminded"

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Adjacent said on Saturday, Feb 25 at 10:09 PM

This sounds like bad mind....terrible bad mind. What about all the tobagonians living in america, making money and sending it back to tobago. Such a shame that this article ended up in the papers.

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atlanta gonian said on Saturday, Feb 25 at 9:56 PM

as i said,Tobago should use the "Bermuda" model.Bermuda is a british overseas territory where it has its own House of Assembly where england is responsible for its defense and foreign relations.It is only 21 sq miles vs 116 for tobago.British citizens have to apply for a permit to work if they stay longer than 30 days.Foreigners are restricted to buying only 1200 lots that is circulated among foreigners and investors.This is done to avoid land speculation so that the average Bermudan can afford to buy land for themselves and this is a british overseas territory,even british citizens are subjected to this law!The 1200 lots keep speculating among the investors which the government make revenue when it is sold or change hands.Like i said,put this to work,let foreign persons provide some type of job creation,investment,technology exchange/training or training/transfer or capital investment that makes Tobago leaner and more efficient or we just create retirement communites like Costa Rica.

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crisis said on Saturday, Feb 25 at 9:12 PM

To friendly people, indeed the hate toward foreigners is mind boggling, It is sadly true, to get the feel of the safety of the island, google tobago crime ,it is not the warm friendly place they would have you believe , I do how ever feel due to person who wrote the article it will bring out truth to the violent behavior shown toward expats and visitors,the truth is some tobagans do not want to work and be productive, they live on hand outs from other hard working countries,I have had some first handknowledge of what they are capable of doing in the way of harm and brutality , remember no crime is solved , if I was white living in tobago I would not rest well at night, security is top priority to live there ,I am happy I no longer visit, shame as it is beautiful, but not worth dying for, visit other places, but carry good insurance , take care and go else where,they do not want us there, grant their wishes stay away , they need us more than we need them

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Friendly People! said on Saturday, Feb 25 at 8:55 PM

Wow! My suspicions of hostile attitude toward foreigners and tourists has been confirmed by the writer of this letter. It is no surprise that tourist have been choosing other more friendly islands to visit. If you have a better product, deliver it to the tourists. If you can't provide a better service, the "Hush-up your Mout". Tourists and foreigners not coming to Tobago anymore; the got the message to stay away!

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the virginian said on Saturday, Feb 25 at 6:26 PM

Anonymous & Atlanta gonian,if by America you mean the United States Of America this national experiment didn't exist prior to 1776,therefore,you're mathematically inexact to state that it took 400 yrs for it to achieve its current world dynamic status.However,if you interpret the term'America'to mean something else,then I apologize profusely. The nation celebrated its bicentennial on July 4,1976 and two hundred and thirtysix(236)years certaintly aren't nearly 400.Just an observation.

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Anonymous said on Saturday, Feb 25 at 3:30 PM

Readind all of the above blogs, I feel a sadness for a place that once was Eden , it appears people have lost all sense of fairness in business and relationships to each other, I too remember Peter Taut, the awful way he died will for ever be with me,the people who did this criminal act , are still free , living in Tobago, this was a hate crime, if this had happened to a black person all hell would have broken loose,we have a saying in my country ,'it aint over until the fat lady sings,'I feel a reward may loosen some cowardly lips, sleep well tobago .we shall not forget or forgive,

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Patricia Forde said on Saturday, Feb 25 at 3:18 PM

This is sad,I was born in Tobago but never knew that I was black until I migrated to America,the whole world is full of immigrants,my concern here is are the immigrants willing to share?--Life is too short for envy and small mindedness,as long as they are not carrying on criminal activities or monopolising all revenues they deserve a chance,listen every one works hard for what they intend to achieve don't be a stumbling block in any one's way,things have a way of catching up with you,so be careful.

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Anonymous said on Saturday, Feb 25 at 1:05 PM

Atlanta Gonin, you make a lot of sense and thank you for correcting the apparent mis-education of those you responded to. You are on target when you say America took 400 years to get to today, this is true, development is a process. I was born in Tobago but educated in the US, fully schooled on US history and politics and while we are only 50' yrs from Independence, but the politics on the island is still where America was in the mid-late 1800's. You also understand the "racial politics" whereby you said there are those making comments who would have opposed independence. With that said, there is a lot that came out in the piece written by author of the editorial, misguided, in my opinion. The thing is we cannot leave it up to the government, Tobagonians need to act, they depend too much on the gov't for a living. If we are to develop and build capacity as an island we need a strong thriving private sector. Hats off to the foreigners but locals must wake up and do for themselves.

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blandford said on Saturday, Feb 25 at 1:02 PM

I had the pleasure of knowing Peter Taut. A man with a big heart and a good ambassador for Germany. My last memory of him was taking several dogs to the airport that he had arranged to be re-homed in Germany. He paid for their flights to Hamburg and had arranged for the pick ups at his expense. What stupid people you are to allow such a dangerous environment to breed in you country. The saddest memory was seeing his body laying in the road after the authorities had exhumed his body from his shallow grave with a six foot bucket of a back-how, Shame on you.

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memory of Herr taut said on Saturday, Feb 25 at 12:43 PM

To all who read these blogs, I would like to say Peter Taut was a good man, struck down by heathens who pass them selves off as humans , we still wait for justice on that slaying, lets not forget the Olsens and all the others that have died on tobago at the hands of ignorant beings,they are, in my opinion not fit to live, if the citizens of this island feel any these crimes are forgotten , think again, you are corrupt in government and character ,until these crimes are solved and persons sentenced you will have a obea upon your land.all will suffer.tobago will decline , do not invest time or money on this land , no one will prosper

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Anonymous said on Saturday, Feb 25 at 11:40 AM

I remember Mr Taut. Worked for free at the animal sanctuary and raised funds for the same. His love for animals was so profound. One cannot imagine any person would take his life. If they had only had taken time to see what made him tick, maybe things would have been different, then I think of the brain dead thugs that roam your island and think they would still have murdered him. I for one will always remember Peter and hope his wife has found some kind of happiness after such a horrific act against her husband

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Anonymous said on Saturday, Feb 25 at 11:26 AM

Former investor. You were lucky to get out alive. Peter Taut of Bacolet was not so lucky. After many years of trying to kick start several businesses in Tobago his payoff was a grave in his own yard. Duct taped hands and feet after a severe beating. No one charged for his murder and still some Germans visit these islands. Not many I am pleased to say.

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Former Investor said on Saturday, Feb 25 at 10:37 AM

I'm a foreigner that invested tens of thousands of dollars in a Tobago company that failed due to being unable to find quality local talent, a drained bank account (import regulations), inconsistent day-to-day operations (poor infrastructure/processes-TSTT/air-sea bridge, etc.), draconian banking regulations, malaise/corruption in politics, criminal police/military force, etc. I respected the laws and didn't stretch them to meet my needs. We offered a tiered scale of lower prices for locals. I fell in love with T&T after my first visit however after going through the losses and pain (financial/friends), I have to say you reap what you sow. Even though I'll likely never re-invest in T&T, I still find the country and its' peoples to be a sleeping juggernaut in the Caribbean. Possibly more action in alleviating concerns I note above rather than general statements about foriegners would help to bring greater prospertity? I respect the opinion and offer my own.

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Tobago tricks said on Saturday, Feb 25 at 9:23 AM

Tobago will never be self sufficient due to the locals and racial feeling that is rampant on the island,it appears to many you blow your horn with out breath , the economic turmoil you are now experiencing will not end soon, Europeans travel to relax and enjoy the beautiful island you so sadly neglect, the amount of unsolved crime against expats has never been addressed , these crimes are your shame,what you do not get legally you take by force often resulting in a death, I would not visit again , I am sure some ignorant low life will say good, but before you prance around in your infinite ignorance, let me tell you this , it is a feeling many visitors now implement re visiting tobago,you need us more than we do you , there are so many beautiful places to visit, I will stay closer to home and enjoy the modern cleaner safer islands, I also second if all tobagans were to return ,it would be standing room only,remember you have little to offer in way of tourist attractions,

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Dollar Bill said on Friday, Feb 24 at 10:27 PM

I guess he is not one of the Family who runs Castara. It is true there are many who are not in the in crowd so they are not counting the money themselves. The laws of Tobago have in part caused this "thing" to occur. Surely these foreign types fall in love Tobago, and who would not. Immigration only allows 3-6 months for foreigners visitor visa. So people invest hundreds of thousands of dollars(good for the economy) for a place but can only stay a short time. Would you just leave the place, spend more money out of your pocket for up keep and keep spending? No you have to have the place pay for itself since you cannot live freely in Tobago. What is stopping you from building your own villa to rent? So many Tobagonians are illegal aliens in USA Canada,UK etc, many cannot come home because they over stayed their visa? Pure greed and jealousy is the problem. You go outside do what you want to do but you are vexed when someone does it here.

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Lambeau boy said on Friday, Feb 24 at 9:06 PM

Atlanta gonian Where do you put burglar bars on a grass hut?, If all counteries sent tobagonians, back to Tobago, would there be enough land?

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Dennis Carrington; said on Friday, Feb 24 at 8:22 PM

It is very sad to see at this present time,there are people in Tobago with such a low way of thinking.I must also say that such persons don't always speak for the rest of Tobagonians;I was fortunate to live in Tobago until I was 19 years old, moved to Trinidad for 13 years and eventually moved to the U.S for 22years.I also had the opportunity to travel to many different countries and gained a lot of experiences;'There are almost as much Tobagonians living outside of Tobago as the residents living on the island;and no one bothers us;most of the resourses that come into the island are being produced abroad.That Castara resident who thinks that Tobago can stand on its own needs to do some serious soul searching.There are too many more important things on the island to be addressed than his or her specific concern.Things that I care about are factors like the cleaning and modernizing of Scarborough, the completion of the hospital, jobs for youths leaving schools and colleges.take note.

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tobagoboy said on Friday, Feb 24 at 7:23 PM

I forgot, let's also cancel all loans from the IMF and the European Central Banks. Then make international contracts, specifying the exchange of nationals, i.e. one Trinbagonian in England in exchange for one Brit in TnT, etc. In the meantime send back all Trinbagonians from wherever they are.

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Newbagoboy said on Friday, Feb 24 at 6:48 PM

I think you will find the 'real' Tobagonians ' died out or were killed off a long long time ago. We are all immigrants living in another mans country............!

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common sense prevails said on Friday, Feb 24 at 5:58 PM

AS one blogger states, ex pats who live in Tobago could draw more tourism from friends and relatives than the locales can, making work for many and bringinging dollars to a struggling economy, they also can do the reverse ,and do so due to level of crime ,I know many who spread the word to stay off tnt ,many have chosen to go else where, clear up your criminal activities, make it safer than it is at this time,may be then they may come, but many at this time will stay away in droves,much info has been spread in UK re your crime,some of us will not take the chance of attack, tobago is not doing as well as your government would like the world to believe, I hear from the island every month and the economy is poor, prices high and crime still not solved,on top of that attitude is always a downer,

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D Mouse said on Friday, Feb 24 at 4:35 PM

I have Dual Citizenship USA/TOBAGO. I have often Told My Wife (American) That we can make lots of Money in the tourist industry in Tobago (second Home) Just by Telling or friends at work and placing Ads in the Local News Papers where we Live in NY/New Jersey/ Connecticut...The Americans Will be most Willing to Trust us and take a chance with us.

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D Mouse said on Friday, Feb 24 at 4:16 PM

This is a Good thing if they bring business and much needed foreign exchange to the island. They already own the Land So let them utilize it to the Max. The tourist can do a much better job at getting visitors to the island than the T&T government can. I this kind of Cottage tourism is better for Tobago as oppose to Mega Hotels... Great Like it, I only wish it could be locals doing it...I see that the Foreign Base locals have the advantage of being able to drum up customers (tourist) because they understand their particular foreign market Better than a Local T&T operator ever can... Local operator have to depend on T&T Government to drive the industry; A foreign National/Local Can go back to his home country Tell His friends to tell Their friends hand out flier ETC ETC totally independent of T&T Government... get I am not vex atall by this r news.

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tobagoboy said on Friday, Feb 24 at 4:01 PM

Besides the fact that the writer of the above article is clearly a bit wacko, the island does suffer from a real threat by foreigners (I am one). For years now foreigners have built and rented out their properties with total impunity of the law. They hire locals for the maintenance of their properties, this without paying taxes or PAYE and/or income tax. Immigration and customs are NOT doing their job in catching these people. The immigration forms that we have should be clearly filled out and FOLLOWED up by the authorities (Immigration, Ministry of Finance, etc, but they are not, resulting in a feeling of hatred against foreigners on the island. It is sad to note that we have become a completely lawless society where these economic crimes rate at the bottom of the pit. As far as the comments on Haiti are concerned, please remember that Jack Warner stole all the money that FIFA gave to him, so the old saying is true " The Massa days ain't over, only the color of the Massa has changed"!

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at last said on Friday, Feb 24 at 3:56 PM

I have commented many times re slavery, I have also mentioned that blacks sold blacks, also whites in coastal towns of Britain were taken from their lands by black pirates these accusations are never answered ,it proves to me TnT mostly are self serving and me first people, if you put as much effort in making your country work as you do with your complaining you may get the world to pay attention, until then you are what you are, mostly ill informned racial people

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Anonymous said on Friday, Feb 24 at 3:03 PM

Well said the Virginian. I have lived in the UK for many years and without the mix of Afro / Caribbean and other cultures within our society the UK would be a lesser place to live. We are a multi culture society and that makes Britain Great including the Commonwealth.

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the virginian said on Friday, Feb 24 at 2:49 PM

Atlanta gonian,maybe if the Brits weren't privy to resources from the West Indian chain of islands they might have exploited others within Capricorn and Cancer,on the eastern side,instead.Just maybe. You forgot to mention that Africans sold/traded other Africans that enabled the Triangular Trade.As far as history has codified,it appeared that Europeans didn't travel deep into Africa to get their prize,it was instead brought to them to the west coast.By whom you ask?I'm sure you know that answer.I know it's convenient,but don't hold the Brits totally culpable for this atrocity. One more thing,your math is a bit off,it didn't take 400 yrs for the great American experiment to evolve into the dynamo it is;more like 236.C'mon,didn't you get your dose(s)of American History as I have,for better or worse? Finally,don't minimize the legacy the Brits left her colonies.A kind of symbiotic relationship;each gained in the end,maybe one more than the other,but so what?

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italian said on Friday, Feb 24 at 2:05 PM

oh my Lord,i cannot believe somebody from Tobago wrote this,shame, you are the top of the racist,that's what your family teach you? that's your culture?i'm sorry for you but more sorry for the rest of my Tobagonian friends for this article

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to anon said on Friday, Feb 24 at 1:52 PM

You sound like hitler, when you have finished rounding up the foreigners who contribute to your mean little isle, you then should start on the people of colour, all deported back to africa, believe me you would hustle your b---- A-- there if you wanted to live, stop whinning get on with improving your country , to the Trinnis I can see why you speak badly of tobago,

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atlanta gonian said on Friday, Feb 24 at 12:48 PM

sorry for the mispelling,i was just typing and not proofreading.If you want to hold it against me ,so be it.I will enjoy my grass hut.

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ATLANTA GONIAN said on Friday, Feb 24 at 12:44 PM

lAMBEAU bOY AND lYDIA,stop talking your brainwashed foolishness.Tobago Contributed to the the british economy during the heyday of the british empire.The british took the raw materials from the colonies including slave labor and made themselves wealthy.This is the kind of parroting intelligence that has to stop.Foolish talk like if it wasn't for the british we will be living in grass huts,well if it wasn't for the resources from the colonies,they would have been just a small economic europian country as they are now scince they now have a high unemployment rate.I rather be in grass huts than be enslaved by a chain.It's people like Lydia who would have stop us from becoming independant,yes we have growing pains,but that is part of the process.America took 400 yrs to evolve to be the world superpower as they are now.We need more innovators and out of the box thinkers not "parrot intelactuals".

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dwight said on Friday, Feb 24 at 11:41 AM

and when tobagonians with cash returns they stay in hotels owned by foreigners. starange ent?

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atlanta gonian said on Friday, Feb 24 at 11:33 AM

however we do need foreigners in Tobago,for we need different ideas and views in order to make Tobago more productive and lean.The T.H.A should encourage foreign based Tobagonians to come back and contribute to the island economy by way of business and experiance.I myself am coming back to help lead the charge for that.Tobagonians who leave the island are often very successfull abroad.They need to bring back and apply/teach that success here and the government need to lessen the red tape for them to come back.As for the land we can do like BERMUDA and limit the foreigners who want to own land to 800 lots or a predetermine figure with only those lots other foreigners can buy to limit speculation on the rest of tobago's land.Those who buy have to show that they are investing or planning to invest in the island either assets(HOTEL,BUSINESS,JOBs CREATION,Technolgy,Training) minimum of $1,000,000TT.Those lots will speculate among the foreigners and give Tobago a new economic engine.

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LYDIA said on Friday, Feb 24 at 11:21 AM

I was educated in UK ,I consider that to be privilege , it taught me how to deal with the ignorant locals living on Tobago,we should all be so lucky to have received one of the best educational standards in the world , we have lots to thank our slave masters for,with out them we would still be living in grass huts, the problem with my people, most are lazy, blame the white man for all our troubles while still excepting the aid granted to us,we have been spoilt , we believe these Islands are ours, wrong again, we were brought here yelling and kicking and have never risen above that brain set , we could be a great place to live work and exist with all who visit here,we wait until the new comers land becomes successful then cry foul,education is the only way to improve our lot ,

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atlanta gonian said on Friday, Feb 24 at 11:13 AM

I use to think like that when i grew up in tobago.I remember when there was an annual Cadets Camp at Signal hill in tobago in the early 80's.The trinidadian cadets had bought RED-EYE to the camp and the tobagonians caught it.Then some trinidadians were making comments that people in tobago were primitive and they all live in Caves.Leutenant Waldron a tobagonian(deceased) heard of it and ran the trinidadians who said it" through the gauntlet".Then some of us tobagonians "pretended we were doing "obeah " and some of them requested to leave tobago ,due to fear,it was so hilarious.A lot of trinidadians then had thought of tobago as being backward and of no use to trinidad ,thats why tobagonians never had any of the real wealth shared there.Thats one of the reasons why tobagonians then was so protective of themselves and had a brain drain where there were no opportunites in tobago for their children.Fastforward to 2012,land in Tobago is worth more than land in Trinidad per unit area.

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Tobago Mother said on Friday, Feb 24 at 10:42 AM

The problem is the immigration department. These understaffed and underpaid scrunters will facilitate any foreign refugee of any color. Their best line is ,"Well get married and you could stay". Then they bring their relatives. So, is who selling out Tobago for less than thirty pieces of silver. Is the gate keepers who are destroying our way of life.

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caversham said on Friday, Feb 24 at 10:11 AM

There is so much to ponder , to all the anti whites , my answer is you would not last a day with out hand outs from UK and other countries,you talk big with no solutions to your crime and your racial unfairness to many ,I question , where the article states whites will take tobagans jobs, What Jobs ?most of you are ignorant and not employable ,as for money to Haiti, I suggest you ask your government officials where that money went , it now resides in well known persons bank collecting interest, money of ANY substance in Tobago is generated by foreigners with out them you would be nothing,you need them , for who else could you rob and kill , as for using tobagos facillities for a holiday, there arnt any , the days of sleeping on a bed of straw has long past,I do, how ever agree there are too many tnt people living in UK we would like you to leave ASAP, also the statement of picking the brains of tobagans, dont make me laugh, just read some of the blogs, you need therapy,

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Anonymous said on Friday, Feb 24 at 8:15 AM

I stayed in Castara several years ago where a local advertised accommodation next to mother nature. It turned out to be shacks in the trees. A beech so small that if the local dog defecated on it , it was out of bounds until the tide came in. The rooms were no more then garden sheds. My dog has better accommodation then that. There was no security and reading your article, I question your mental health and would certainly demand locks and a gun and cutlass if they were handy.

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Bacolet said on Friday, Feb 24 at 8:11 AM

Castara Resident: You are being very short sighted. A foreigner brings in cash to the island. Who received the money for the land, the land taxes,the payments for construction work and all the supplies? We the people of Tobago. What about all the services used and paid for by the owner and the TSTT, T&Tec, Wasa . Even groceries and gas for the car. All of these things cost $$ and we,the Tobago people are the ones who benefit from this foreign cash. What if England, Canada, and the US forbade us from working or living in their respective countries? Maybe you would like it but many people here would not. We should be grateful for the opportunities that foreigners afford us. Please do not be so myopic.

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sister peace said on Friday, Feb 24 at 8:08 AM

First I am worried about this article and more worried about the comments. People you talking racist talks. The world is for all of us. Nobody owns anything on this planet. We all have to go how we came, with nothing in our hands. Second, I am ashamed of what people do to other people. No wonder we have this crime situation on the islands. Human beings with this thoughts are not far from killing each other.!!!!

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Anonymous said on Friday, Feb 24 at 7:45 AM

Regarding Haiti and its financial needs, did we not just read in the papers that millions of $ were send via T&T but millions have disappeared after being transferred thru an elegant T&T official's bank account. Your comment referring to returning all foreigners it seems that idea was welcomed by the European Community. However have you enough room to take all T&T repatriations. Oh of course they could stay with your friendly white neighbour who will do more for your economy in one year then you have done in fifty,

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Nick said on Friday, Feb 24 at 6:59 AM

In a global economy, government must step up to protect its limited resources but government officials almost always fall to greed. What's good for the people is not good for the government official's pockets.

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Lambeau Boy said on Friday, Feb 24 at 5:25 AM

If it was not for the UK, Tobago would still be in the dark ages. If it did become little britain, then a lot of people would feel safe in their homes, as there would be better crime prevention/detection rate

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anon said on Friday, Feb 24 at 1:33 AM

I agree Tobago for only Tobagonians, Trinidad for only Trinidadian and England for only English.Lets keep to that rule my people.

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