Childhood obesity

By Clemente Ferrer


Cardiovascular and endocrine diseases are the main problems related to childhood obesity. However, there is another dilemma very dangerous called cancer. A study published in the journal “Cell” states that overweight acts as a promoter of tumors in general and particularly of liver tumors.

Today’s children will live fewer years and with worse quality of life that their grandparents. This is because the problems derived from obesity and passivity, warned in a press conference the president of the Organizing Committee of the Congress of the Society of Endocrinology and nutrition. In the last ten years the childhood obesity has doubled, reaching 13.9 %. In addition, 30% of obese children are also obese as adults.

The practice of leaving children watching television so they do not bother too much is not good for the health of kids. Two New Zealand scientists have shown that too much TV during childhood increases the chances of being obese as a more direct way that poor nutrition or by not doing physical exercise. 41% people who are overweight at 26 age matches with those who spent more hours in front of the TV in his childhood.

The Center for Consumer Freedom in the US has started a campaign against the overweight under the slogan “obesity: epidemic or exaggeration? “ It seeks to deny the obvious in the world’s fattest country. The journal of the Medical College pointed out that obesity was the second leading cause of death in this country.

The distribution group Eroski has launched a campaign against obesity in collaboration with four associations related to health and healthy eating. Obesity is a serious problem for health in many of the developed countries because of its impact and its health burden. It is estimated that about 13% of the population between 25 and 60 is obese. The figures of obesity and overweight children and adolescents are even more worrying. Almost 14% of the population between 2 and 24 years is obese and 26.3 % are overweight.

“The best seasoning for food is hunger” said Cicero

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Theresa W said on Sunday, Feb 16 at 8:14 AM

Educating parents and key stakeholders through the implementation of workshops on eating healthy will greatly assist in addressing childhood obesity.

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Theresa W said on Saturday, Feb 15 at 5:11 PM

The implementation of Health Workshops will assist Parents and other key stakeholders in making a difference towards addressing childhood obesity.

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Stanley said on Wednesday, Mar 6 at 2:31 PM

One approach would be for collaboration among various THA divisions (including agriculture, education, health) to implement intentional and systematic programmes aimed at reducing childhood obesity.

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Mildred Whiteman said on Wednesday, Mar 6 at 1:55 PM

Childhood obesity can be tackled but in a sense it must be stopped before it begins if you understand my view. This would mean proper parental training for pregnant,first time mothers, and human development and nutritional education for nursery, nursery school and other early childhood providers. Then policies in the education sector supporting healthy eating, movement, play and PE would be very applicable.

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Save the children said on Monday, Mar 4 at 12:41 PM

Something must be done more than anything that has been done before in this country to tackle Childhood Obesity.

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Letsgetmoving said on Sunday, Mar 3 at 6:59 PM

In the United States the First Lady has been championing the childhood obesity issue. Perhaps some prominent person, or some organisation, or one of the newspapers or electronic media houses may need to enlist as an advocate for healthy children and campaign to fight the problem of childhood obesity.

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Letsgetmoving said on Sunday, Mar 3 at 6:37 PM

In the United States progress on the childhood obesity probem is having success in some states including Mississippi.In Tobago and in Trinidad very little seems to be happening. Just go to any public school cafeteria. Consider also the absence of proper guidelines on food ads aimed at kids.

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the virginian said on Friday, Mar 1 at 7:10 PM

RJ@6:05AM,by your statement one must then also infer that atheists and agnostics and possibly deists or nihilists can't function physically or,perhaps,mentally at optimal capacity since they don't seem to clearly embrace Godliness or spiritualism as we understand them.Is that your position?

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Ingram said on Friday, Mar 1 at 12:27 PM

RJ is on target with the points about health being holistic and the importance of the total package.

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Tobago Mother said on Friday, Mar 1 at 10:01 AM

I like to see old pictures since all the people seen are thin and healthy looking.Eating badly and TV are only two contributors . In the Tobago scenario ,some children cannot exercise in their normal day. We do not have well designed,vendor free safe sidewalks . Most are forced to drive because it is not safe to walk. Tobago is warm and nice but not safe to exercise.

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RJ said on Friday, Mar 1 at 5:05 AM

Health IS HOLISTIC; It's not just about being fat or thin. It incooperates the, physical, mental, social, spritual, diet, drinking adequate water, exercise, rest, spirituality, ect. One cannot do without the other for the body to function at it's full optimun capacity. We do need to start health education in the home, school and churches. People need to know that all the other components of health and not just diet is important for maintaining a healthy heart. I t is the total package.

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Forecaster said on Thursday, Feb 28 at 6:59 PM

In New York school nutrition policies resulted in a reduction of childhood obesity.

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Inez Hamilton said on Wednesday, Feb 27 at 9:26 PM

One way to address the problem of childhood obesity is through education policy initiatives aimed at promoting movement and play among children.

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Ingram said on Tuesday, Feb 26 at 9:27 PM

To Anonymous@4:50PM.It is all well and good to make your points. But who will educate the parents? The churches are hardly doing it. Unless there is a special focus on educating parents nothing would change.

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Anonymous said on Tuesday, Feb 26 at 4:50 PM

Educate parents about what they should be feeding their children. Life education starts in the home and then continued in the schools. We need to start our re-education in the right place. In the HOME.

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fredgriggs said on Tuesday, Feb 26 at 10:24 AM

Would like to see statistics on childhood obesity for Tobago.

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Retired Teacher said on Monday, Feb 25 at 1:22 PM

Childhood obesity has to be addressed in a holistic way.

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Savita said on Sunday, Feb 24 at 10:12 PM

I like the letter. Parent education programmes should include how to regulate television viewing at home. By the way is there a Division in the THA that specifically has the responsibility for addressing childhood obesity?

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James said on Sunday, Feb 24 at 5:34 PM

I find that more attention should be given to two subjects which can help in the fight against childhood obesity. These are (i) Health and Family Life Education and (ii) Physical Education.There should be a basic minimum standard amount of time each week for Physical Education at the pre-school, primary school, and secondary system.Every class at the secondary level should have Physical Education.

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James said on Sunday, Feb 24 at 5:29 PM

Childhood obesity is a complex matter. There is need for more parent education in the area of healthy eating. There is also a need for appropritae policies to determine what items are suitable to be sold in school cafeterias and tuck shops. I think that denominational boards should do a lot more parent education at their schools through the PTA. Topics like healthy shopping and Meal Planning for academic success should be presented.

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