Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Business survey underway until May

UNTIL the end of May all business in Tobago will be surveyed to update the Tobago Business Register. The exercise is being carried out by the Tobago House of Assembly’s Department of Planning. The information will be used to develop the island’s long term developmental agenda and will assist the Department in the assessment of Tobago’s Gross Domestic Product, which is used to determine a country’s standard of living. Anyone wanting further information should contact the Department of Planning at 660-7063 or 660-7064. Read More »

Happy Easter

THE Easter weekend is here once again. This is the time of the year when Christians all over the world commemorate the death of Jesus Christ. It also celebrates the rise of Christ from the dead and his ascension into the heavenly kingdom. This year however our thoughts must also be on the death of ANR Robinson who has given distinguished service to the people of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. In so doing, we do share the grief of his passing with his family and friends. Read More »

Where do we draw the line?

THE EDITOR: When our children do wrong, what do we do? Do you ignore it? Do you encourage him/her to continue with such actions? Do you acknowledge that wrong was wrong and condone his/her wrong doing? Do you acknowledge that wrong was done and take corrective measures to ensure that it does not repeat itself? Read More »

Early days with ANR in Tobago

THE EDITOR: It is with deep sorrow that I learned of the passing of former president ANR Robinson. When I heard that he was hospitalised a few weeks ago, I shared with someone some of my earliest memories of him, and I wish to do the same with readers of this paper. Read More »

Robinson: A fine specimen of a quintessential Caribbean man

THE EDITOR: Tobago has lost not just one of its most distinguished sons, but the nation of Trinidad and Tobago as well as the international community has lost a fine specimen of a quintessential Caribbean man Read More »

ANR – ‘The Fighter’ leaves Earth for a better world

ARTHUR Napoleon Raymond Robinson ‘ah we Tobago boy’ was surely the most influential politician to come out of Tobago. Born in Calder Hall and spending part of his boyhood in the scenic Castara village where his father taught in the village school, Robbie, as he was fondly called, certainly left his mark. Read More »


Do you expect tourism to rebound in Tobago in 2012?

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