Work continues on Charlotteville Project

…Total madness says Toppin

By By Adamson Charles

There was a sense of perplexity and even bewilderment among several residents over the current progress of the controversial Charlotteville Beachfront Beautification project, when Tobago News visited the site two Sundays ago. Besides not being given an opportunity to see the final designs for the project, many expressed consternation at the preliminary works that have begun on the controversial project. The line of wooden booths have all been demolished except one belonging to Irwin “Jabba” Hercules, who has the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) in Court over the matter. Several public convenience toilets located at the side of the Community Centre also went the demolition route. The entire demolished area has been fenced off and there are concerns that a section of the hard court facility bordering the project may also be targeted for demolition to allow for the necessary space for the new structure. The fenced area has two active water courses with a drain running from west to east and a large canal from north to south. Residents told Tobago News that they are waiting to see how the contractor would deal with these water ways. “We see that they have cast the top of the canal that runs into the sea and have bolted down some heavy steel beams across it while the concrete drain running west to east have been dug up. When the rainfall is heavy that canal usually overflows especially when the tide is high. We hope they know what they are doing,” muttered one resident. Another resident quickly dismissed the concerns of his fellow villagers. “This is all politics,” he declared. “The elections has come and gone and this is PNM country now. They can do what they want as the people voted them resoundingly with a 12 nil victory,” he argued. “What we don’t understand is one man seems to be keeping back progress in our village” observed the villager. How could the authorities break down all the other vendors’ booths and fence around the entire project area and leave his booth standing?” he questioned. “Told that the vendor had taken the THA to court and that it was still pending, the villager expressed surprise. “Well the THA should have waited for the matter to be determined before starting the project,” he contended. Tobago News had reported previously that the project is yet to receive Town and Country planning permissions as well as a Certificate of Environmental Clearance (CEC) from the Environmental Management Agency (EMA). Tobago News was told that officials from the EMA visited the project last Monday. Contacted by Tobago News last Thursday, MP for Tobago East Vernella Alleyne-Toppin stated that as soon as the EMA report on the project is ready, it would be made available to the public. “I visited the site last Tuesday and I was appalled at what the contractor has done there. It is total madness to put those beams across that river,” she declared.

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DL said on Monday, Sep 23 at 12:06 AM

When I go Tobago, Charlotteville to be exact, I don’t want to see a skyscraper, I wanna go chill out in a nice wooden hut. If people idea of development and beauty is putting up a concrete mall, Then despite GATE, our people are not being educated at all.

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Anonymous said on Thursday, May 23 at 10:17 PM

you dreaming some big dreams, most people cannot understand why they cannot get service, or why it costs $50 TT to get a bottle of water delivered to ones room at the gov't owned hotel. Or walking into a hotel with to an empty desk while the general manager is ten feet away and turns away. Tobago has a lot to learn about treating tourists with any regard., Of course there are some great folks out there. Again with the jealousy. This is article is about respect for process and the law which one were given. Some will say the squatter and some will say THA. No one is anti development just the manner it is being done. Period. Everyone is on such a discourse it is ridiculous already. Now C'ville is in shambles due to poor planning.

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Anonymous said on Wednesday, May 22 at 3:21 PM

dynamite,you just another one on the rampage to try and stop development in Tobago,every knows that with development comes some difficulties,whats the problem,they deal with them as effective as they can.people like you do every thing to try and undermine Tobago,why ,simply because of jealousy and envy of the Tobago people and its resounding development sucesses.The worse tourist problem that Tobago is facing is the criminal Trinidadinas comming to Tobago,commiteing crimes and then making fast escapes back to Trinidad.but Tobago remains focus in always making sure that every tourist visiting has an unforgetable experence.So far the majority has no complaints,according to go Tobago you doing good.

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Dynamic said on Wednesday, May 22 at 9:06 AM

You mad anonymous, Tobago can't handle the measly tourism it currently has, so sure add more people to the mix and become a bigger laughing stock then you are now. You obviously are part of the greedy ones who just see money from outside without the ramifications and damage to Tobago. No one is opposed to development but you still have no clue to what seasoned travelers really want. C'ville has a special niche right now, people come, spend money, stay in guest houses, eat in restaurants, buy fish, rent cars, go fishing. Look how many years it took to build a new exit road in S/boro, and now. So sad you will let the jewel sink!

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Anonymous said on Tuesday, May 21 at 10:11 AM

HOORAY TO south beach miami,now we going to really big the rich and wealthy in the country,giving it a much needed lift.International Tobago hear we come.yiiipeeee.Tourissmn would no longer be a problem,but they would be flocking from all over.hey,hey,ye,ye.

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Dynamic said on Tuesday, May 21 at 8:41 AM

You all are a bunch of squatters with your hands out and do what you want, knowing your cousin in charge will not bring the hammer down on you. We be family and that is Tobago. All those sheep who just moved out are also squatters just remember that and the same with all roadside shacks selling this or that on government property, I guess they okay too. The plan to build Miami in C'ville is just irresponsible to heritage and life. Sure cruise ships and oil workers, but you can remain authentic. Now the whole village is in shambles because a whole plan for the village was not undertaken just piece this and that. The focus should be to rebuild Roxborough, make that facelift, lift up those people who need it more, they have space and position for all of this Miami design nonsense. Sure C'ville is a port but it does not have to resemble Scarborough or POS. As one blogger mentioned this will happen, but THA was not upfront with the truth of why they were building South Beach Miami.

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Anonymous said on Monday, May 20 at 4:23 PM

Thev worse part is that the squatter is not even a Tobagonian.he is destroying for anyone who can temporarily squatt to build themselves up.what the THA is now going to do and should do,is get rid of all squatters immediately.THANK YOU MR HERCULES FOR EXCERCISING YOUR RIGHTS.

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citylimer said on Monday, May 20 at 12:34 PM

' As soon as the EMA report is ready it will be made available to the Public' Vanilla Topin. She has nothing to do it would appear that she wants to claim the Project. It could well be that she would like to manipulate the EMA if given the opportunity. Nothing is beyond people who is seeking redemption. It would appear that she has run out of 'CORN AND FOWLS TO FEED'. The so called FOWLS ate all the corn but did not lay any eggs instead the 'Fowls' BURIED THE FEEDER AND MINDERS IN THE BALLOT BOX. Time for a new MINSTREL SONG Vanilla the CHICKENS HAVE GONE HOME TO SLEEP and will be BAKED/ROASTED BY THE BAKER IN VANILLA SAUCE IN THE OVEN IN THE NEXT 2 YEARS OR BEFORE. So sing MINSTREL SING.

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citylimer said on Monday, May 20 at 12:14 PM

So to all those those people who never had a Project to build and is not aware of what it takes to get a Project executed ASK CALDER HART AND THE PNM who built a WHOLE CITY and changed the FACE of the Capital overnight. A lot was said about the PM Residence, NAPA, SAPA, the' TALL Buildings' - we ent bound for all that - the Promenade, ESPLANADE, BROADWALK, THE TOBAGO LIBRARY, THE GARDENSIDE BYPASS, POINT LISAS the list goes on and on of objection and discontent. It will never end. The THA is a responsible organization and I am sure that they will not do anything to destroy C/ville because such an effort will be counter productive. So stop chasing SHADOWS and conjuring up in ones mind DOOM AND GLOOM but look on the positive side and encourage the THA in their Development efforts of Tobago. The THA is working MAGIC with the LIMITED DEVELOPMENT FUNDS made available to it. The bottom line is be REAL and measured in your utterances and think on the POSITIVE side not on the GLOOMY SIDE.

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citylimer said on Monday, May 20 at 12:00 PM

It would appear that the so called 'Environmental Purist' are wearing 4D LENS COATED WITH A POLITICAL FILM which changes not with the light but with their POLITICAL THOUGHT PROCESSES. The REALITY is that there is nothing wrong about FENCING a work site, and doing PRELIMINARY INFRASTRUCTURE such as immediately improving the horriblr Drainage System in the area pending either Outline or Final Approval. That Project is a small project perhaps it may be deemed a mega project by C/ville standards. The Person who has refused to not relocate as the other progressive vendors thinks that he is exercising his right as a SQUATTER on PUBLIC Property. The 'old talk' about not being opposed to DEVELOPMENT is a POLITICAL RED HERRING. I am sure that the THA and any RESPONSIBLE Contractor will be well aware of the CONSTRAINTS involved with Substructures and Preliminary preparations of a JOB SITE. The Superstructure is a bit more Sensitive. RAINY SEASON is upon the Project that is why ground work is on.

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Observer said on Sunday, May 19 at 10:23 PM

Now you sound like a dictator, perhaps you are the pen name for ours. Yes this is all about business, from cruise ship arrival taxes to oil company rent and revenue. Guess what none of this was stated the we! It was a guess but now you bring it to the surface. All this protest is about is the aesthetics and environmental impact, and a reasonable C'ville for the future. It does not want to be used and abuse like let us say Boucoo. AGAIN this is not about anti THA or development it is about sustainable design and infrastructure for the future of Charlotteville that is it! You want to bully people and spew that is up to you as you probably do not live on the east end anyway. The fact that "this will happen if you like it or not" says volumes of the care for Tobago. Do you not remember the slogan Clean Green and Serene! Well that will be gone, just the passing tides right? Later Soup

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Desuperman said on Sunday, May 19 at 12:03 PM

AGAIN, the project will eventually go on and the PEOPLE of Charlotteville (who is matters most) will be happy at the end. Do you know that ISCOTT and Petrotrin and all the other major industries were opposed too by a few short-sighted in Trinidad? Today these are some of the MAJOR revenue erning state enterprises for the country. What is happening in C/ville today is no different. So "Observer" you can huff and puff all you want, the Charlotteville project WILL be completed. You doh have to guh deh after, your biness dat.

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Observer said on Sunday, May 19 at 10:01 AM

The soup has boiled over once again. The comments are not anti THA or anti development. Even Jabba is not opposed to the development only the process. It is evident all this came up right as the campaign began in full swing, as politics go that is normal everywhere in the world to get support and votes. Sure there was a photo in the news, but all other projects have public renderings. This is a story of side stepping the process and the law of the land. Who is at fault the dirt in C'ville? Old buildings breed dirt"? A consultation, "this is what we are going to build" sure everyone was wide eyed but only one design was brought forth rather then a few to choose from. Many villagers are not that savvy in the design development world so sure it looked great and exciting. A rendering for all of village and the world to see at the site should be placed. You have to drive to Arygle to get a daily paper on the east end. Just putting up buildings is not development, we can do better.

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Desuperman said on Sunday, May 19 at 12:53 AM

AGAIN, Adamson Charles on one of his agendas and he will not stop in a hurry, not once the Tobago News continues to employ this imposter.Now it seems like this is the "Observer Show".He/she is commenting after every other comment looking to discredit the THA in all forms and fashion.But just like Derson Charles,HE WILL FAIL.Weren't there CONSULTATIONS with the villagers and the THA?Weren't there a picture of the design in the Tobago News,of the proposed building?DEFINITELY, there are alot of politics here.Look at those on the negative side(including Madam Shoppin Toppin).The majority of the villagers are in FAVOUR of this project, so who the hell is the "Observer", Adamson Charles,Vernella,Cupid or who else?To these buffoons alone, C/ville must stay the same untidy and primitive way for their political satisfactions. NONE of them will stop what is INEVITABLE, none of them. A lot of these anti-THA "agendists" are afraid of the improved image of the THA when this is completed.

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Observer said on Saturday, May 18 at 9:09 PM

The THA did not have a plan, this was just part of an election promise that went bad. You want a clean looking place? Where are you going to put all the boats dry docked? If THA had an interest in keeping C'ville clean there would be full time cleaners, not the CEPEP, URP one hour workers from 7 to 8 am and done. This is a full time effort but no one sees the importance in it. If someone wants to build a house legally it takes years to go through all the stages of approval, this is a major structure and eyesore besides and you want to get approvals in 3 months? Destroy the whole village at once and then we will see what goes. The original fishery is half torn down so this contractor can work for the bigger bucks on the new vendors building. One bad decision after another and we should support the THA, goodness knows what goes on elsewhere like Milshirv and the rest of the big projects. First get C'ville clean, help daily operations for fishermen, and work with them.

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citylimer said on Saturday, May 18 at 10:55 AM

Given the controversy the THA needs to at least have outline approval from the Town and Country Planning Division and the other relevant Agency.In construction especially with the long dry season the THA most likely was doing preliminary works within an acceptable time frame.In this Country if you wait for all the I'S T'S to be crossed and dotted rainy seaso will come and go and you have not at least gotten out of the ground thus delaying your project and increasing cost. The soonest the THA finalized the PLANS for all to see and obtain final approvals the better. Perhaps the best way to maintain the view of the sea is by way of a AIR CONDITION GLASS BUILDING with the appropriate Wash Room Facilities and disposal of the waste C/ville needs developing by maintaining the natural ambience as much as possible.The Village cannot maintain the status quo of NATURAL STONE AGE FILTHINESS.The village is a designated PORT and MUST have the basic comforts of a PORT.So lighten up and work with THA

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bam said on Saturday, May 18 at 8:55 AM

Do people recall that the representative of MTS said that they came to C'ville to do smaller project the reconstruction of the fish depot, and they convinced the THA to do an all in one? Is this how development plans come about? Would you call a builder to build a house and have her tell you what to build, when the bigger the house the greater the profit share for her. Will you not use your own brain and asses your needs and tell the builder what to do? In building a public building, will you only look at one option and say that is it? Is the Tobago government setting an example by breaking the rules? Is this not the same kind of planning that led to 12 years waiting on a library, and a cultural complex that after $600M has "infrastructural challenges" according to the Chief Sec. in this very Tobago News. Is the health center that went through several delays, is now not really a health center not of the same parents? Will it be almost unoccupied 2 yrs after construction like Buccoo?

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Observer said on Saturday, May 18 at 8:32 AM

You must be joking that the design is beautiful. Sure come to the Caribbean and sit in a glass box air conditioned box. Let us listen to all the air conditioning compressors. Let us wait for that big wave to crash into the glass wall. This government is always talking about heritage, so why not keep a village pristine. Why go build a new Pembroke heritage village when you can keep the original alive and well? Why does someone have to look online for a rendering when it should be open to view and review? This has nothing to do with keeping Tobago down, but just the opposite keeping C'vill beautiful. Nice to have a building but what about concessions for the fishing boats, a ramp, a covered work area? What about the old bus station, hopefully that will not be a fire house. These issues should all be part of the development, and of course a health centre that actually is one. The outside people all have interest in C'ville and would live here but as you know Tobago is only for we?

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Anonymous said on Saturday, May 18 at 2:23 AM

I also saw the design on the net,its absolutely beautiful and would without doubt fit the ambience of the waterfront.Its attractive for tourist who wants to enjoy the sea,sunshine in a beautiful and developed envoroment.Its amazing to me that the people who are speaking the loudest are does who live abroad,with their cosy beautiful buildings and even trying to get into the cliche of beautiful buildings and enviroment.There are people who just loves if the carribbean remain an underdeveloped country ,to remind them that they are living well and Tobagonians dont derserve anything better by senselessly clamining that development would destrpy the local abience of the the village.2hog wash"hope that the THA would not fall for such physcological brainwashing rubbish.Instead of everyone complaing that planning aproval is not involved,one should ask themselves ,why the THA does not want them involved.I stand by my word,i trust that the THA wants the best for Tobago and would do so.

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Charlottevillian said on Friday, May 17 at 9:46 AM

now here is a Member of Parliament who never seems to know or even understand what is going on in her constituency, always ill informed and ill advised,for someone encouraging the drug trade only god alone knows where we going.

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Observer said on Friday, May 17 at 7:55 AM

"living in NY" just check out the Charlotteville Beachfront facebook page and that will fill your outsider interests as who and how many people are talking about this unbridled development. You will read things like how the contractors are dumping debris on pristine hillsidescreating more landslides and silted coral beds. All about money and quick turn around so they can fill their trucks again. Covering up culverts and reduce drainage will effect the village way back to the under utilized health center. All these happenings will be a future problem for the village. If Town and Country was involved maybe it could be more thought out, but they were not. Who was the architect for this project anyway? Some CAD (computer aided design) student. This is serious development and many issues arise. THA wants a cruise ship complex looking building, people who love c/ville want something that fits into the beauty of the village that is useful. Why can't we keep the C'ville beauty alive?

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Phoenix Rising said on Friday, May 17 at 12:36 AM

I salute Jabba, Kenneth Murray and Mr. Mapp for their efforts. Yes we want development, but not at any price. Environment and aesthetics must be considered, What is being planned will ruin meh Village forever and the very tourists we rely on will smart is that. How could so many chalos sell ou their heritage for party alignment, They will feel the pich if this nonsense proceeds outside environmental law,,,how chupid is that! we can have development in an environmentally appropriate way whilst preserving our heritage---well done Bretheren Jabba...hold strong!!!!!!

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dydle, NY said on Thursday, May 16 at 11:50 PM

Wouldn't it be nice to have the members of the 'Charlotteville Beachfront Movement ' identify themselves ? I think it would be great for their credibility. Please do; I think the wider C'ville populus are anxious to know who you are.

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Observer said on Thursday, May 16 at 2:09 PM

Tha is not dumb, they would have not survived so long. It is just he issue they are not proud of what they are doing because no one can see what it will be! They are just pushing through to do what they want. People are happy for the facelift but is it sustainable for the future at sea level? all those people are squatters like so many of Tobago residents building and doing what they want, just look at the structures where and how. This injunction is a time out to do a check and balance of what they are actually doing. Again you go on and on about things that have nothing to do with the fact there is no public plan available, plus the fact they are breaking the law. Oh well that is the Tobago way, no wonder no criminals are caught, or criminals go free. For your words God Bless Tobago as it is to blind for it's own good.

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Anonymous said on Thursday, May 16 at 9:18 AM

obsever,I hear many a c,ville villagers excited about the project,beign done in charlottville.Tobagonians do not corward away,they stand for good.If they did not believe in the process taken by the THA ,THEY WOULD NOT HAVE LEFT.AS far as i can see you and your squatter are the only ones complaining.and trying to declare THA AS DUMB,THAT they have no idead what they are doing,is arrogant on your behalf.The people of c,ville can all come together and petition the courts ,if they felt that they are unjustly handled.your suatter freiend would reach his end in a timely manner.Afools rope can only stretch so long.Until i hear the people of c,ville protesting against the actions of the THA,YOUR BARKING is a passing breeze.

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OBserver said on Thursday, May 16 at 8:39 AM

Wow, off on a tangent with the ranting and raving about what god wants? The story is about how there is not plan on this beachfront development for people to see. The rolling over the people with infringing on their rights sounds exactly what you are saying mother Trinidad is doing to Tobago. In this day and age all around the world as they would say in a political world "transparency" especially in T and T. We are blocked from the plans and just herded by THA because they are our leaders. Where is the vision in that. This is about peoples rights and one person is standing up for theirs while the others cower in their wood huts. If the truth was there THA would follow suit to all the other public projects by showing something about it. There is so much at stake in C'ville with regards to environment, sewage, water run off, beach erosion, storm surge, tourism, and self sufficiency for vendors and the village. This is the nicest village in Tobago and only want to have a say.

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Anonymous said on Wednesday, May 15 at 11:42 PM

Foreigner,if you have a peice of land and i decide to craze my animals against your will,simply because of technalities i have that right,you would be the first to jump,kick, while you are not sitting in the same frying pot with the THA of course its easy for you to be so perfectely selfright..I say tha well done teach our younger generation to speak out against unjust acts on every level.Thats leadership in the highest level.cONTINUE TO TELL THEM THAT THEY ARE OF VALUE,and noone is to tell them otherwise.Tell them that when their rights are beign infringed upon ,that its their human right to fight against it.For the laws of GOD are higher,mightier than the laws of men,which and who intention is to keep you blind and in captivity.C,VILLE people unite,come together and make a decision with the THA for the betterment of your community,its your village,not the CG our no foreigne.Until the CG gives you the people the rights to be Tobagonians govern by Tobagonians.

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Anonymous said on Wednesday, May 15 at 11:31 PM

Foreigner,when evil trys to stop and dictate your human rights,the only law that is to prevail is the law of GOD.all through history has taught us this.Do you think that it is in the rights of the central goverment to keep us tied to a slave stick to serve their own purpose.Are we to teach our children that we are forever to surcum under misstreatment,abuse and unfairness.I would say that its worse and deplorable to know that its your rights to be in control of what is yours ,while a bully ,meaning the CG denies you your legal right.MARTIN LUTHER,NELSON MANDEL,CHRIST himself,in such circumstances became rebles against the law for just causes.Lets put the THA in these great men shoes.Until we THE tOBAGO PEOPLE IS given our just due,not you our anyoneelse have any rights to critazize our human rights to run and rule our own country.Talk about how they are staeling and starving the Tobago people ,i would say who is breaking the law and an inhuman one at that.

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Observer said on Wednesday, May 15 at 10:49 PM

Right on Foreigner.

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Foreigner said on Wednesday, May 15 at 7:25 PM

@Anonymous So you have no problem with the THA disregarding due process, environmental clearance, town and country planning, squatters rights and now violating an order from the High Court to stop still think they are upholding a great tradition and are "pillars and examples of our communities and ideals for our children to follow". Can't imagine what kind of example you have in mind? Acting like vigilante criminals and riding rough shod over the interests of the local economy, environment? "what should be encouraged by you and all others against this development is continuous meetings on how to keep the THA in check in unity as a village,every one can condemn,but greatness unite for the better good." Very much encourage this but this is the responsibility of the people of Charlotteville. If the THA do so much consultation why are there still not any plans publicly available and why have they never once entered into talks with the Charlotteville Beachfront Movement.

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Anonymous said on Wednesday, May 15 at 1:53 PM

I believe that we have a very intelligent goverment,who is for the country and people.They have a legacy to uphold,The goverment is already making an effort to try and unite the people in their own communities and get invloved in its development.Tell me foreigner!in that which you have seen all too often ,2have you ever seen such characteristics ,whereby continuos meetings are held with each district ,by their goverment efter election.Now here we have a huge difference.They are pillars and examples of our communities and ideals for our children to follow.what should be encouraged by you and all others against this development is continuous meetings on how to keep the THA in check in unity as a village,every one can condemn,but greatness unite for the better good.Start there you no sayers.

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Foreigner said on Wednesday, May 15 at 12:24 PM

Jaba is not East Indian but is a squatter and qualifies for ownership rights under squatters rights laws. As did the other vendors until they voluntarily, or under threat of eviction, or in some cases under pressure from their politically motivated families, vacated their premises. No-one is against development for Charlotteville, least of all us foreigners. Nor do any of the foreign citizens in Charlotteville dispute their outsider status. However, those Charlottevillians who treat their fellow citizens as outsiders, accept whatever the THA say without question, and support them in breaking the rule of law, make a mockery of the idea of T&T as a democracy. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance towards those with power. Educate yourselves, hold your government to account or they and the gas company behind this development will develop Charlotteville in a way which is not in your interests. We've seen it all before in a hundred other locations.

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Anonymous said on Wednesday, May 15 at 8:59 AM

observer,lets hope that Trinidad lets go of Tobagonians and we have to start working for our money,That we can both conclude is a step in the right direction.The THA is doing nothing illegal,its their rights to run and build the country for the people.East Indians are squatters ,and i am sure that he has no rights to be where he is.The people in c,ville has the confidence that whatever the THA is doing would be a result that they can build and improve on.Trinidada should mind there own buisiness.If Tobago didi not think that they could not survive without Tobago they would not be seeking self goverment.I say its the other way around,Trinidad needs Tobago ,so that they can keep on stealing from us.As for the east indian,i hope the people of c,ville get together and run him out of their ,now thats a huge development for that part of the island.I am sure that he is not the only indepent shop their from the beggining.Why dont the people take the vote.You know who would win THA.

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Observer said on Wednesday, May 15 at 7:26 AM

Madness, the first statement Anonymous highlights that THA is doing an illegal act. Forget about Trinidad sure, but what about the people of Tobago. Just seeing how lawless they are not following a court order to stop construction that is pretty bold. Sure the mandate of getting money because Tobago has a percentage of the population turns out to be quite a bit of money. Tobago has no gross national product, every cent comes from Trinidad, so right now Tobago needs Trinidad. You mention the East Indian, well they are only and employee the owner is from another village but lives in C'ville for many years. If Tobago wanted to stand up on it's own the population would have to work for a living rather then have their hands out. Look at an earlier blog about Mr. Hercules , someone says because he is in business and making money he should give things back to everyone for free. That is the mentality. This whole project is not thought out with a true plan to sustain it for the future.

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Anonymous said on Wednesday, May 15 at 3:31 AM

As far as i can understand,Tobago has cut the chord by making a decision,without the permission from Trinidad.NOENE in Tobago wants to have a Trinidad goverment howering over them,so in this case the THA has every rights,its between then and the citizens of charlotville,not every tom dick and harry.To the people who own the land that this east indian is so freely applying his trade i say raise the rent and drive him away.who is he to stop development.If he was in Trinidad he would not even dare to defile an entire talking about Tobago not having autonomy,thats not a choice made by us,its a devious action taken against us Tobagonians,and that needs to change.Tobagoninas needs to start uniting and send a clear message to Trinidad goverment stating that they are not any longer welcome in our business.As a citizen i have confident ,that whatever development which is taking place in c,ville would benefit the people,so who wants to pry into what that is,not i.confidence,trust.

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Observer said on Tuesday, May 14 at 10:03 PM

SOS, Did the design team make concessions for the rising water and tides? Big article about Grenada last week in your NY Times that the beach community is being swallowed by the sea. The fishing village is under water and the fishermen now have to live in apartment houses up on the hillside. So much of Tobago has been lost to the sea already, so big question was this taken into account in the famous design we have not seen? Your hurricane Sandy licked up NYC and most everyone on the sea front. So a local grand dame or C'ville on the Beachfront movement was so glad for the change, one comment back was like just move to Miami. The face lift is surely needed, but not taking into account that a lot of the tourists dollars like C'ville but no one cares about the influx of their money into the village. C'ville is one of the last places like it in the Caribbean, enhance it do not kill it. Oh how many years and millions for this contract? Let us agree to see what they are putting up.

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Observer said on Tuesday, May 14 at 9:54 PM

To SOS, That is the point, no one knows what the actual plans are! No design, No plan, No permission, nothing. Sure it is great to travel and sure many locals barely leave C'ville that is known. You look at Bequia in the Grenadines, that looked exactly like C'ville in the early 90's. Now the place looks like Scarborough with a huge pier, water front with big buildings. It only used to be the bank, now plenty more where that came from. With a plan, which was supposedly changed from the glass tower to block we still only have verbal. All of the other planned buildings like Milshirv,Roxborough center, etc. all have renderings to show what is planned, do you see that in C'ville? NO! That is all is being asked for, just a plan, or a true discussion what people want rather then this is what we are doing, no questions asked. All the foreigners say what you say, but guess what no locals want to hear what an experienced traveler wants to say. We doin it our way, the THA way.

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SON OF THE SOIL said on Tuesday, May 14 at 7:20 PM

I am totally disappointed with the behavior of some of the residents of Tobago and even more those who live in C/ville.One person even expressed that nothing was wrong with the bay front and that all those shacks needed was a bit of of paint.Am wondering if that person ever left Tobago. That bayfront was a dump which was badly in need of development ;Thanks to the sensible people with great intentions towards Charlotteville; soon we all will see a big difference at the bay front.I live in New York city ;I visit home often and also travel elsewhere extensively.I know what a beautiful scenery looks like; Our people are afraid of change and I must remind them that it is 2013;Let the changes prevail.

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Observer said on Tuesday, May 14 at 6:23 PM

Disgusting to be jealous of someone providing a service which takes a lot of work and investment and they hope to make a profit on. The same person must give something back for free? It seems folks only know how to take or feel entitled that because someone is in business they must give you something for free. Why be in business then? Roti has been selling in the village for years, I guess you forget about Jane and her great Roti, or the parlour behind the Bayview market. Is it because the cook is East Indian that ruffles your feathers. Roti is a cheap filling food that most enjoy and many are looking to buy it or try it. Ms. Turpin who inherited the operation of the estate after her late husband died is she not responsible for all the taxes the estate owns? The people who occupy the land pay a meager sum each year, when they can purchase it but price too high! Here again I am sure Ms. Turpin should just give away the land for free too? C'vilians making it nasty just look!

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Disgusted said on Tuesday, May 14 at 1:00 PM

With all that is being said. if Jabba so want to make a dollar to provide for himself and family, he has a house in Louis Dor that he can repair and set up shop. I am no fan of the THA either, but I am a resident of Charlotteville and for the reporter to paint a picture that the majority of villagers are opposed to the project is very wrong. The opposition only comes from a set of people who name "come yah" to Charlotteville. Pat Turpin, Ervin Jabba, and Carl Cupid(a villager playing outsider). Jabba pays no rent, constantly robs the villagers because he contributes nothing. All he does is take, what does he give back? And we can go on and on with Pat "land Thief" Turpin. As for the want to be reporter "Carl Cupid" get a life! WE the villagers want to clean up the bayside, we prefer not have a shop selling roti, but yet trafficking weed by the side. When I was growing up, the bayside never looked like that. We have allowed the outsides to destroy what our foreparents left.

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Charlottevilee Beachfront Movement said on Tuesday, May 14 at 11:43 AM

On 10th May the High Court of Justice ruled that construction should stop since neither EMA approval nor Town and Country Planning permission have been granted. Yet construction continues in flagrant breach of law. So yes a follow up article would be great.

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Observer said on Tuesday, May 14 at 10:53 AM

There is a Town and Country office and Environmental office that takes care of Tobago. Tobago is part of Trinidad until Tobago has the courage to cut the chord. I am sure if a building was to go up in Arima the same process would have to take place. You make it seem Tobago is it's own planet and we actually have autonomy, but not yet! That is just rhetoric as always with what ever coloured papers are written. Mr. Hercules is a resident and a business in the same spot for many years, while many of the other shacks were closed or dormant for so many years. Only now they come out of the woodwork so they can have a new and free business place. Hercules is open everyday in every way and is not playing the opportunist like the other so called business people. Again you playing the "he na from here" card. All citizens are supposed to have the same rights or does that not apply to C'ville.

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Anonymous said on Tuesday, May 14 at 9:21 AM

If the THA has to go to Trinidad to get permission to build.Then they did the right thing.And the process is legall in every for the independent speaker ,i hope he does not seek a spot efter the finished building

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observer said on Tuesday, May 14 at 7:35 AM

What NY D? The sentiments given were from citizens, the fact that PNM rules Tobago is just that. The problem stated is with the process, including the actual foundation of the planned building. The fact is THA went ahead on a whim without any planning permission or environmental concern. If you want to build a house legally which most are not in Tobago everyone needs to go through this process. Most in that arena are disappointed and have to wait years for approval or disapproval. The problem is how this process began and continues. Tobago people whine and talk but not many stand up because they are scared of retribution from neighbors or pressure relating to their jobs. Mr. Hercules is independent, and has recreated himself over at least a ten year period and paid his dues. Of course most of the tenants are squatters from day one, and now will have a new business place for free except maybe for utility charges. Those tenants are happy and should be as it is a birth right.

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dydle, NY said on Tuesday, May 14 at 1:03 AM

It is quite clear that this reporter is no fan of the present THA, or of the THA of the recent past (all PNM). A glance at his work, including this one, quickly paints the picture. This report begins with a sense of bewilderment experienced by many over the project and continues with a laundry list of THA misdeeds citing commentary by a disgruntled few. But look closely; at no point during this report does this objective reporter present the views of the large majority of C'villians. Well, why not? Does something smell fishy here? Well, let me not jump to any conclusions; perhaps the reknowned reporter has a part II to this report, so let's just wait and see; 'hmmh.'

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MizSpiz said on Monday, May 13 at 7:23 PM

Observer has said it all. I totally agree!

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Anonymous said on Monday, May 13 at 3:56 PM


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Anonymous said on Monday, May 13 at 12:54 PM

@Anonymous 8.33 . "Exactly what is wrong with what they are doing" No one knows what they are doing . No plan has been lodged with the planing or environmental authorities . Congratulations to Adamson Charles on a well written article.

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Anonymous said on Monday, May 13 at 8:33 AM

How can these people express so much negative comments,without knowing the outcome of what the THA is striving for.why do people have problems and issues with development.exactly what is wrong with what they are doing.

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Henry-Joe said on Monday, May 13 at 4:44 AM

Typical,is this what the ppl of Tobago voted for? Well now you have to take it--on the nose.PNM=Tobago going in reverse,but probably you all want it to stay so..Engage the reverse gear.And i am LOL...

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Sorry said on Monday, May 13 at 12:37 AM

I am sorry for all C'ville residents, it was truly a special village with a very charming waterfront. All was needed, was a paint job and a cleanup, maybe some small improvements. It's all gone down the drain...... RIP

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77 Clash said on Sunday, May 12 at 6:02 PM

@Observer ..Well said

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Observer said on Sunday, May 12 at 10:24 AM

Well the courts said THA progressed in an unlawful manner, and work has been forced to stop. As mentioned in the article the plans of the building are not public, that is a major thing. People, even Mr. Hercules is not totally against beautification, but against the process of getting steamrolled without having a say in the future of his livelihood. Sure people cry "he not from here", but he is the only true businessman who deals with foreign and local alike in a NICE WAY! Town and Country Planning approval has not been asked for. They are a horrible agency to begin with and are not consistent with their outlines, all part of the corrupt way of doing business. People call it development, sure it is but peoples lives are effected good and bad. Another day, another week, another project. What about the fishery and temporary fishery which is more unsanitary than the one broken down. Confusion the Tobago way.

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