Tobago to get help from India

Indian High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago Malay Mishra has promised his government's assistance in developing Tobago.

The Indian diplomat met representatives of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) headed by Chief Secretary Orville London last Thursday to provide an update on the action being taken following the State visit to India by the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

Mishra said: "We stand to have a high quality of cooperation and collaboration between the governments and the two peoples of India and Trinidad and Tobago.

"I want to assure the people of Tobago that we are also looking at the development of Tobago and what India could do to generate growth, employment, tourism, aspects of traditional medicine, education and culture. There are various other aspects that could be developed including trade and development," Mishra said.

Mishra said India would like to see a sort of integrated approach for the people of Trinidad and Tobago and to share its technologies and expertise which it developed over the years for the benefit of friendly countries and south south cooperation.

Chief Secretary London congratulated Mishra on the third anniversary of his stint in Trinidad and Tobago and said during those three years the Indian diplomat has always demonstrated and always very clear that special effort be made to treat with the nuisances, the special opportunities and the special challenges in Tobago and how the collaboration between Tobago and the Indian High Commission could help to treat with some of those issues.

London said among the issues discussed at the 45-minute meeting was the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which was signed between the Government of Trinidad and Tobago and the Government of India involving collaboration and cooperation in the areas of education, culture, traditional medicine and agriculture. "We would be looking at those documents and we have already gotten a commitment from the High Commissioner that a number of teams will be visiting the country over the next couple months and just as he was committed in the past and had fulfilled those commitments he would ensure that Tobago is not left out of the discussions," London added.

He said included among the contingents would be a contingent dealing with business development, investment, adding that a team will be coming to look at the Cove Eco Industrial and Business Park.

London said the meeting also dealt extensively with India's information technology programme and during the next 12 months the High Commissioner indicated that he would ensure the slots allocated to Tobago were filled by Tobagonians.

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Home and Away said on Monday, Mar 26 at 8:51 PM

I am East Indian. I would urge Tobago to not buy into this graceful offer of help. Tobago can forge it's own future. My few visits as a tourist from the cold showed me a paradise that even locals are unaware of. There is grave detriment to any country who invite the Chinas and Indias to "help". Do not sell your selves short. Do not fall into the sic policits that plagues Trinidad. Even as a Trinidadian I long to see Tobago come of its own and surge ahead. Help such as offered comes with a deluge of nationals from those countries, many of whom will never return and many of whom will just send for the rest. Come to Canada and take a look in my town and you will understand.

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Trinbagonian said on Monday, Mar 26 at 11:26 AM

where we are stronger let us help them, where they are stronger they can help us.Don't be naive " there are no bargain deals and no free lunch life was made that way for a purpose. Which is, so we can value the importance of seeking God's grace in all that we do.

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Anonymous said on Monday, Mar 26 at 11:25 AM

where we are stronger let us help them, where they are stronger they can help us.Don't be naive " there are no bargain deals and no free lunch life was made that way for a purpose. Which is, so we can value the importance of seeking God's grace in all that we do.

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Anonymous said on Monday, Mar 26 at 9:14 AM

The best way India could aid tobago, is over populate with Indians , who are known to be hard working and fair, of course this will be different from the usual thinking of tobago

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The Truth said on Monday, Mar 26 at 3:32 AM

Sadly,everything in sweet Tobago is going downhill so fast,that we need help from ANY SOURCE to prevent this terminal decline.

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Anonymous said on Sunday, Mar 25 at 9:51 AM


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Drunk Man said on Saturday, Mar 24 at 11:04 PM

We ent want no dam lice in Tobago, keep allyah dam lice...suck weedicide nah boy!!!

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Anonymous said on Saturday, Mar 24 at 10:14 PM

Indians are nice people far to good for tobago, you have one thing in common,cows roam at will all over the country , difference in tobago they have two legs and some hold office moo moo

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Anonymous said on Saturday, Mar 24 at 3:09 PM

tobago for the criminals, so may be Bless thats what you meant to say,

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Bless said on Saturday, Mar 24 at 1:34 AM

Virginian: you are correct and i should of made that distinction between public and private benefits.

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the virginian said on Friday, Mar 23 at 3:19 PM

Bless,"Alaskans come first"is only germaine to the distribution of public benefits.In other words,taxpayer funded social or other related services and jobs for which salaries are met by the state treasury.Any legal US resident or citizen from any of the other 49 states could land in Alasaka today and commence working in private industry,there,tomorrow.The same is true for Alaskans to any of the lower 48 and Hawaii including oil-rich states such as,but not limited to,Texas,Wyoming or Oklahoma. In short,no residency requirements in private industry.If one chose,one could legally reside in NYC and fly to LA daily for work in private industry with no questions asked. It,therefore,makes perfect sense if Tobago were to maintain the distinction between public and private employment or engagement,I suppose.

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Bless said on Friday, Mar 23 at 12:40 PM

I have always said that Tobago should be for Tobagoinans. You have to live Many years in Alaska before you can partake in all its benefits to include a legitimate Job, It is a rich Oil state so precautions were taken to ensure Alaskans come First. Tobago is Small and rich in potential not only Tourism but fossil fuel and agribusiness. We must be very careful about who we allow to invest in Tobago: Ideally it would be Tobagonians first (diaspora included)

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India said on Friday, Mar 23 at 5:40 AM

To your info. , check Wikipedia for caste system! Wanna go back to slavery, anyone?

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India said on Friday, Mar 23 at 5:37 AM

India has a caste system... In a caste system are black people in the lowest me

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Flowers. said on Thursday, Mar 22 at 8:38 PM

Really! India want's to help. Must be something else going on as I know it India needs all the help they can get. There's is a lot of poverty still in India. Why don't they help their own race.

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I know it for real said on Thursday, Mar 22 at 2:59 PM

You ever hear this statement. "Your people were slaves. Our people were paid labourers." Think about why people feel they have a right to trample your Tobago brethren. You people who stay up in America and feel they can pontificate on people here really annoy me. Your reality in a foreign country with other fellow outsiders is not the same as those you left to protect your heritage. London is wrong.

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the virginian said on Thursday, Mar 22 at 2:10 PM

To the impacted bloggers,after having read renditions of several bloggers associated with this and other articles,I'm left with the question:do Tobagonians as whole really trust or appreciate anyone except an indigenous Tobagonian or one with indigenous Tobagonian lineage and currently a bona fide resident?It seems as though this might be an unrecognized phobic affliction.Is it,you think? As one who was born there but lived mostly off-shore,I can't understand it. C'mon,don't be deterred from taking your potshots,I'm broad-shouldered and sufficiently mature to bend and deflect them.

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D Mouse said on Thursday, Mar 22 at 1:24 PM

Xenophobia ???

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Tobago girl abroad said on Thursday, Mar 22 at 12:42 PM

Mr London, you taught me at school,I hope you know what you are getting into.Have you ever seen picture of most places in India. My dentist went to India to do some volunteer work.The place was so nasty, when he got to the airport to come home he took his shoes off and throw it in the garbag becaues the place was so nasty. They are very nasty peolpe Please don't do this to Tobago

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concerned said on Thursday, Mar 22 at 12:34 PM

THA, becareful what you ask for. Be afraid , be very afraid. I have read all these comments and most of them are warning you all. They cannot feed their own people never mind helping Tobago. Bring two Indian women in Tobago for five years you will have 10 childern . All they need is to have one That child has a status and that's how it starts. I am talking from experience. I am begging . DON"T DO IT

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I know it for real said on Thursday, Mar 22 at 9:12 AM

To Virginian, So if you drive a Japanese produced car or rest your feet on a Persian carpet , or eat Chinese foods or Italian spaghetti. Listen man, they like any others just provide a service that they get paid for.

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the virginian said on Wednesday, Mar 21 at 5:58 PM

To all bloggers hostile to East Indians:my cardiologist,chief of cardiology at one of our major teaching hospitals,as well as my internist,are East Indians.Suppose one day you unfortunately found yourself in a hospital emergency room needing immediate invasive cardiac surgery to safe your life but the surgeon was East Indian,would you then refuse surgery,since you don't trust him/her,for fear he/she would take your heart out and donate it to another awaiting East Indian?If your answer is yes,I agree with you and I wish you safe passage to the other side.But if it were immaterial who the surgeon was and you would proceed regardless,then you qualify as a hypocrite.Won't you?

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I Know it for real. said on Tuesday, Mar 20 at 3:14 PM

When India has no more beggars and stops child labour, I will believe they can do something for us here. Until then , I strongly believe that this is a ploy to export some of their citizens.

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Anonymous said on Tuesday, Mar 20 at 2:56 PM

Tobagonians BEWARE OF INDIANS they can't be trusted. they are not genuine people.I grew up in Trinidad between them and I know better. Be careful with your lands.

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suking on the hind tit said on Monday, Mar 19 at 8:23 PM

Yes take aid from india, who is taking aid from uk, also Tobago takes hand outs, CUT AID TO THESE BEGGAR COUNTRIES

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Bless said on Sunday, Mar 18 at 8:41 PM

That's why we have immigration...Not that it works ! But the Chinese are opening up Chinese Resturants selling "only God knows what ?!" for people to eat ! They don't even speak English properly ! But The Chinese Association give them the "start Up Money" they need. What about them ? Then again their goal is to eventually immigrate to the USA ! I got this on very good authority. They not going back to China to live for nothing ! Do you think they will contribute to Tobago ??? They treat their Local employees Like Garbage !!!

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tobago new yorker said on Sunday, Mar 18 at 8:09 PM

Do you want the Indian to come get the little land we possess the are greed for. Land

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the virginian said on Sunday, Mar 18 at 7:20 PM

C'mon New York Tobagonian,you ought to know better.India is a G20 nation and anyone of them,regardless of political or economic and social problems,could be immensely helpful to Tobago.India has developed a nuclear capacity for domestic and possibly defensive or aggressive purposes.How do you think that feat was accomplished?Furthermore,you must also know that the hightech Silicon Valley,south of San Fransisco,couldn't fully function without the influx of highly trained and skilled Indian engineers.India can't seem to produce enough of them to satisfy the demand of the high-tech west. I don't think the London administration should ever pass-up the opportunity to partner with India. Perhaps,your statement would have been more accurate were it to read as follows:some parts of Tobago might be better off than some parts of India.And I can also grant you that some parts of Tobago might even be better off than some parts of the US,as well.But what does that mean?What's the take away here?

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Anonymous said on Sunday, Mar 18 at 12:22 PM

Tobago EDUCATE THE MASSES most are ignorant neer do wells who are fueled by hatred and distrust,of course non of this is Tobagos fault, right ,pull the other leg

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Bless said on Sunday, Mar 18 at 12:01 AM

I bet the Indian delegation want Indian (the country) contractors to do some work in Tobago, that's how the Chinese do it! The Indians (the Country) can speak English and help train locals better than the Chinese can.

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new york tobagoian said on Saturday, Mar 17 at 6:40 PM

Tobagoian is better off than Indian what help they can us

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D Mouse said on Saturday, Mar 17 at 2:07 PM

@Annep: and what eventually became of that country, do tell ? Mandela asked his people to forgive the "Whites" and work together for the sake of the country. Idi Amin Dada was a foolish pig-headed arrogant dictator!

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annep said on Saturday, Mar 17 at 9:55 AM

Remember that famous mad man from Africa---who said you have inhabited our country for years but you won'tlet your daughters marry our sons--you can do better t han India.

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Mexico said on Friday, Mar 16 at 9:17 AM

We are not Americans , we may be poor ,have crime, but we are proud to be Mexicans , unlike Tobago who puts race creed , color before judging,as for Indians , why help these ungrateful people .

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D Mouse said on Friday, Mar 16 at 3:43 AM

Let us wait and see. Mr London will make sure Tobago gets a fair deal. UNC afraid of him Bad Bad because he knows his stuff and cannot be fooled. All of UNC ministers shake around him because of his exquisite intelligence and they cannot get anything pass him. Its so uncanny how they become so passive around him.

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Mesehsoh said on Friday, Mar 16 at 2:39 AM

Oh by the way I know that you are worried thatyou may go to sleep and wake up and find a little India ,dont be afraid it wont happen we wont tolerate that mjust hold on to your lands and dont let anyone fool you with sweet talk and money or ladies ,think with your top head and correction to the person who spoke about mexicans they are americans okay and they are being treated unjust and they belong and they are very hardworking and they get little dont go there..this is entirely different...and there are parts of India that are totally rich and well built up so like every country in the world,,parts are slums and parts are rich.

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mesehsoh said on Friday, Mar 16 at 2:26 AM

What is wrong with you people,Mr london must hold talks with the High commissioner Just as he would hold talks with the High commish of The USA or any other country for that matter,The Important thing really are the Jobs ..It will benefit Tobagonians and YESIndia have expertise and why cant we use it and Benefit from it .Mr London will not make them take anything from us not like Vernella and Jack selling out Tobago ..This is .this is Trade etc.

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angelfish said on Thursday, Mar 15 at 5:36 PM

This is real ridicoulus, what have India and tobago in common? Tobago people please let nobody walk over you.

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RJ said on Thursday, Mar 15 at 3:40 PM

IS THIS BIG BUSINESS OR BIG MONEY TALK??? Do any small frys have a stake in this???? Tobago is peaceful and quiet, so lots of people will want to come and enjoy the good weather, beach, resorts, scuba diving, Buccoo Reef, nature walks ect. They see potential in Tobago. However it appears that those who are filled with poison can only see the negative things. In spite of this we must keep focused and dwell on the positive things or we can end up sick, and suffer, heartattack, stroke, diabetes, and all the negative ailments. Let keep highlighting the positives of Tobago.

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TTAngel said on Thursday, Mar 15 at 10:36 AM

Truthfully I have to agree, India has so many problems that they haven't even begun to solve (starting with slums and abject poverty nationwide) and they want to help us develop? Something is wrong here. Tobago has a 99% access to potable water, India has 35% (and that came straight from the Indian Gov't)...that is just one statistic. Mr. London, please be smart about this.

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Anonymous said on Wednesday, Mar 14 at 9:54 PM

Is these Indians from India you are importing to Tobago, are they coming with the right credentials like a visa. You better be careful because they will come like the mexicans that take over the United States expecialy Texas, and You the Black people of Trinidad And Tobago will become second class citizens in Your own country, Then they will start calling you the N word, you know what i meen.

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Tobago Mother said on Tuesday, Mar 13 at 9:45 PM

I though London was smarter. He is setting himself up for a con job. They smile first and then take you over by the thousands or millions. London, where you go put them?

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Anonymous said on Sunday, Mar 11 at 10:06 PM

jacqui, here you go like most tobagans pulling the race card, I think atlanta no goin would fix this with all his wisdom and threats to return to tobago, (did he really leave)why do most of tobagans blame others , who are most often superior their approach to life,at least the indians work to support their families

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Extinct race said on Saturday, Mar 10 at 9:47 PM

Know your limits London with men already becoming extinct...we are selling everything we own for next to nothing.

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jacqui said on Saturday, Mar 10 at 7:26 PM

How stupid is Mr london! Why are you dealing with India! NEVER trust those people. Remember they are like ants. One ant goes searching for food and before you blink there are millions crawling everywhere. Don.t encourage those corrupt tax swindlers in Tobago. The gov,t of T.T disgust me.

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Anonymous said on Friday, Mar 9 at 3:29 PM

TnT has not had a good word to say about India or its people , India is a hard working country ,many poor and hungry people,when educated they are among the worlds best , treat them fairly, with out the usual deceit of TnT

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India said on Friday, Mar 9 at 3:09 AM

Is the poorest country in the world, ....bring more problems to us?!

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