Tobago's only roundabout commissioned

By Adamson Charles

The Division of Infrastructure and Public Utilities (DIPU) celebrated the commissioning of a new roundabout and the re-opening of a freshly paved, upgraded Signal Hill Road to the new Scarborough Hospital last week Friday.

According to DIPU Secretary Hilton Sandy, the project which was completed at a cost of $4.1 million includes 750 metres of roadway that utilized 2000 tonnes of asphalt.

He however explained that a delay in the delivery of the project was due to the unseasonal rains this year.

"This project, which started on November 28, was expected to be completed in two months but because of the rains we are late in delivery," he explained.

Sandy was high in praise for the "in-house staff" of DIPU, who worked in collaboration with BBML Civil Design Consultants, Seeraram Brothers and a Road Painting Crew from Trinidad to bring the project to its fruition.

Project Supervisor Althea Gordon, though absent was singled for special mention with high commendation for her leading role throughout the construction phase of the project.

"DIPU is ready and willing to transform the infrastructure of Tobago once given the means," declared Sandy. Also present at the function were: Chief Secretary Orville London, Secretary for Health and Social Services Claudia Groome-Duke and Chief Administrator Dr. Ellis Burris.

London in his remarks expressed satisfaction with the performance of the development workers of the DIPU.

"They have shown that they can deliver with quality," he remarked.

London announced the date of the hand-over of the first section of the new hospital as March 22.

"We expect the new Laundry at Shaw Park to be completed in about a month's time," he declared.

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proud resident said on Friday, Mar 16 at 1:40 PM

from looking at this picture, I feel so much pride. If it wasn't stated in the article I woud never have imagined it to be in Tobago. I must definitely take a drive through to further appreciate its beauty.

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Tobago Mother said on Saturday, Mar 17 at 1:00 PM

Good start. More such practical solutions needed.

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In a roundabout way said on Saturday, Mar 17 at 2:48 PM

The title of the article suggests that this roundabout is alone in Tobago. Not so! there are two more at the Tobago Plantations Estate on the way to the Magdelena Resort!

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Road Paint said on Saturday, Mar 17 at 2:53 PM

The road painting crew were from Trinidad. They couldn't find the Tobago crew. They had been painting the town red.

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the virginian said on Saturday, Mar 17 at 8:07 PM

What's going on here?Are gonians so fascinated by roundabouts?This one,especially the markings,looks so unfinished,sloppy and crude.In this day of mechanization,a better job should be expected.You guys like elaborate multi-exits roundabouts,vist N.W.Washington,DC.

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Despuerman said on Saturday, Mar 17 at 8:23 PM

Virginian you are a sick S.O.A.B. All you do is "look down" on us. I bet you also have an annoying fake yankee accent, that hurt ears. Did anyone say we need a round-about like NY and Washington DC? Certainly the two countries CANNOT be compared in terms of infrastructure. Thank God I don't have to hear you also. That whole road way has totally transformed from what it was. The only thing is that a side-walk should have been considered since a lot of activities in terms of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. But it's not too late to construct a side-walk.

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Desuperman said on Saturday, Mar 17 at 8:27 PM

I hit the "submit" button too quick: A lot of activities in terms of vehicular and pedestrian traffic will intensify when the Hospital becomes operational.

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the virginian said on Sunday, Mar 18 at 11:06 AM

Desuperman,my comment in no way draws comparison between Tobago,NYC or DC.Look again. Moreover,what you seem to say is that because it was made in Tobago by Tobagonians,therefore,based solely on that criterion,it is expected to be inferior to that made in an accomplished city.Baloney!That sort of thinking gets you no where and that's evidently one of your local drawbacks--Tobagonian craftsmen aren't expected or supposed to produce anything world class.How could they?That belief is self-defeating. A "sick SOAB",maybe I am but perhaps it takes one to know one.A"fake yankee accent"?Well, even a lowly ant responds to its environment--it's natural--,so after many years here and to avoid the refrain"pardon me,but could you please repeat what you've just said" I'm not at all surprised of my compromise.So a "fake yankee accent?"Thank you.You don't know what you're missing not hearing it. Finally,I think you might benefit from an emotion control and anger management seminar.

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Anonymous said on Sunday, Mar 18 at 9:06 PM

My God some of Tobagos citizens may never make it home again, just keep going round and round, so Tobago like,

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a tobago driver said on Monday, Mar 19 at 12:53 AM

i would like to see an ambulance pass there in a emergency... what a waste... they should've just put traffic lights there to control the traffic in the event of an emergency... then again how these politicians know anything if they don't even drive their selves... oh well...

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Tobago Mother said on Monday, Mar 19 at 9:22 AM

How the patients and staff crossing the highway ? Two walkovers are needed to cross the highway . 1. The Part connecting with Shaw Park where the Scarborough Sec children need to cross also. 2 . The area by Pentecostal Light and Life school.

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RJ said on Monday, Mar 19 at 1:59 PM

Why does most projects have to have a cost overun?? This carries up the cost and the tax-payer has to foot the bill.

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Abi said on Monday, Mar 19 at 3:01 PM

Virginia, clearly you have a big problem. people can only do as good as their best. We are satisfied that it is better than it was. We will creep until we walk. Until that time comes that we can afford to do better, we will enjoy waht we have. we are happy for NYC and all these places and their large-scale development. That's what makes them different. This is why we travel there and feel differently. If all the world had the same things, what a boring life it would be!!!!

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the virginian said on Monday, Mar 19 at 6:48 PM

Abi,I'd like very much to be enlightened.What are the markers to determine when someone has done or achieved his/her best.By mere examination and acceptance of the finished product,is that sufficient?If the finished product were cradled in mediocrity,it is still unacceptable regardless as to whether that person performed to his/her full capacity. Presently you(Tobago)could afford to do better but why should people extend themselves when sub par performance is acceptable and there's no incentive to do otherwise?That is the problem.A half-picked duck will suffice,thank you.There's no valid reason why Tobagonians can't always strive for and achieve world standards whenever engaged.Why not,because it's Tobago?Nonsense!A fair number of Tobagoinians have been trained in some of the premier universities and colleges in North America,Canada and Europe,so the skill is there,all around you,but not harnessed.

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Tobago Mother said on Tuesday, Mar 20 at 10:19 PM

Today I learned that the design of the roundabout requires very slow moving vehicles. Were the general guidelines for roundabout construction adhered to . When I saw the narrowness of the pathway, I became concerned since it would be distressing if a vehicle were to shut down on said narrow roundabout. But as with everything else,we have to try ,or how else we would learn.

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Toot said on Wednesday, Mar 21 at 9:51 AM

That's a really nice roundabout single lane approach, good markings (problems always occur on double lanes..people getting in the wrong lane for quick exits, then cutting others up). Nice and flat middle, good all round vision. Don't let some idiot put a flower display on it. Yeah, good one. I like it

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ashworth jack said on Wednesday, Mar 21 at 10:24 AM


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the virginian said on Wednesday, Mar 21 at 1:47 PM

Well said Mr. Jack,an overpass would have been more efficient,present a diminished propensity for accidents though more labor-intensive and costly to complete.

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Tobago Mother said on Wednesday, Mar 21 at 7:39 PM

Ashworth Jack , if is you who really writing you best hush. You sell we out to Trinis already. I sorry I vote for all you.

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Ms Tobago said on Monday, Mar 26 at 1:26 AM

Sooo, what's the real problem here? When have we ever gotten what's right for us, and when we do get something done, when has it ever been up to par? I guess we forgot the reason why the first round-about was decomissioned? We need traffic lights more than round-abouts! Next issue is this... we are beating up on each other but we elect people who court us, then dump us the same day they win. (Yeah, it's kinda like a rape, isn't it? Worse, it's more like marrying the rapist). Don't forget the hospital that took almost (if not) thirty years to build. Next thing to worry about is who will staff it. The same old staff with the same old nasty attitudes? I pray constantly never to be hospitalised there. We need to retrain staff,or get new ones, and we need to elect new brains!!! One more thing, we need to support each other when we speak up about real issues on our island.

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lilly said on Wednesday, Mar 28 at 10:11 AM

Mr Ashworth Jack when do you intend to fix the Easterfield Road, Mason Hall road? The same road you use on a regular basis. Pot hole every where. At least patch the road. You need to do better than that. Sorry i voted you

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JOY said on Friday, Mar 30 at 12:51 PM


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Proud Bagonian said on Tuesday, Sep 11 at 8:57 PM

You people are so inconciderate after reaing all the comments most of u don't know what went into this. Do u know how many nights i spent there w8in on my mother the superviser to finishing giving orders i mean she went out of her way to do that she doesn't get paid over time the workers do so be4 u all quick to run all u mouth try lookin at all the hard work behind everything :/

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