Tobago at a critical stage, says Wong

By Victor Laptiste

The Tobago Chamber of Commerce is celebrating its 75th year of operations in Tobago.

For decades it has lobbied for improvements in air and sea transport, tourism, security, commercial operations and other issues that impact upon our everyday lives. Chairman of the Tobago Division of the Trinidad & Tobago Chamber of Industry & Commerce - David Wong who is the youngest ever Chairman in the history of the Chamber has brought a breath of fresh air to its operations in his first year at the helm.

He is concerned that the economic downturn over the last three years has impacted negatively on a number of businesses in Tobago.

He indicated: "Tobago is at a critical stage. There is lack of economic development in Tobago; there have been a series of foreclosures."

Many businessmen are unable to service their monthly commitments to their creditor financial institutions.

He agrees with Board Member Carlos Dillon that Tourism can be a main contributor to the stimulation of the local economy. For example, there are local producers of organic soaps and shampoos of a high standard which can be used in our hotels; there are also other facets of tourism as Sports Tourism, Medical Tourism, etc.

The Chamber continues to work assiduously for Tobago's development. It has planned a Gala Affair in the form of a Dinner and Dance to commemorate its seventy-fifth anniversary on March 31 at the Ballroom of the Tobago Nutrition Co-operative Society at Canaan.

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Anonymous said on Thursday, Apr 12 at 1:24 AM

Did not this crime happen in Trinidad..Why dont you go to their site and complain..your spiteful vendetta is your true character of you living in hell..what a lonely ,miserable place to live in..keep on throwing gas on your fire,it seems like you enjoy hell

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the child murdered in Triniadad said on Tuesday, Apr 10 at 8:59 AM

TO read of the suffering that dear little soul experienced at the hands of the people who were meant to protect her , where is the humanity the compassion for the innocent,to the people who knew of this abuse , they also be held accountable, to the young mother sterilization , she should never give birth again ,for the male who did this he should be put down like the mad dog he is,you wonder why people view TnT with jaundice eyes, it is because of these behaviours, yes these crimes are world wide, they at least are punished, but in this God forsaken place it is open season on the small innocents the aged and every one in between, frankly you make me sick.

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Anonymous said on Saturday, Apr 7 at 9:27 AM

just to remind you, one product you are good at using is the cutlas, my you can weild that like a pro, brave man, catch them while they sleep.cowardly B------.

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Just a Idea said on Friday, Apr 6 at 1:01 PM

When there is a crime against tourism, inflict the pain on tobago, increase taxes in every way , cut water , plus electricity , no lain no gain, I bet they would give up their criminals in a hurry , of course some compassion , instead of water from the tap, there would be water stations set up, so many buckets per family, for the aged a delivery system , these restrictions should also include THA as thats where most of the crooks reside.

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'I believe conviction... said on Friday, Apr 6 at 12:31 PM

would change the thinking of tourists...! sorry that wont be the case any 'convertees' have long since found other places, much safer than tobago. no I'm afraid what 'we' knew during the halcyon days 1994/2006 have well and truly gone. solving a random crime wont appease, statistics suggests other could become them. also most of these attacks on whites are premeditated because they are easy targets. sorry to be a killjoy but honesty should hurt!

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Anonymous said on Friday, Apr 6 at 7:51 AM

To the blogger who states he is tired of hearing about the same crime,please say what crime is that as there have been so many against citizens and tourists,as for how tobagans feel about whites and the brutality shown toward them, what can you expect from uneducated and low lifes who frequent tobago,I am certain SOME whites view you with great disdain , you are allowed to create havoc where ever you live ,with no consequences, just like a unruly child, those days are gone,so smaten up, and believe many people will stay away, hopefully you will see the error of your ways before it is too late for tobago and most of all the next generation, one more request stay in tobago,

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Toe JAM said on Thursday, Apr 5 at 8:06 PM

Why must Tobago be like every other small island and go for tourism? Why can't we go for small scale manufacturing instead.

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Bless said on Thursday, Apr 5 at 5:59 PM

I saw the house Mr Orville London build and I can tell you it is a modest home. They rent it out for now because they currently occupy the State House which is for who ever is the Chief Sec. Compare the Modest House of the Chief Sec to the Grand Castle (TT $5 Million) of the Opposition Leader and you will wonder if the Opposition leader is making more money than the chief sec; answer is probably yes because the Opposition Leader of the TOP has Businesses. I am not suggesting that anybody is on the Take, at least these two gentlemen, what I am saying is that one cannot just jump to unfounded conclusions.

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Born Tobagonian said on Wednesday, Apr 4 at 6:53 AM

When I was a child I remember Tobago supplying trinidad with food,now it's the opposite.we have to get back to agriculture and other form of productions.why should we base our existence solely on tourism?

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Anonymous said on Sunday, Apr 1 at 4:02 PM

A collaberation of all goverment powers around the world is hyperbolic.And with the amount of corruption existing amoung them ,the word rain is by no means an exageration.

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the virginian said on Sunday, Apr 1 at 2:36 PM

Anonymous,I'm unaware of any government without some form of corrupt element(s) but to say where"corruption does not rain"--rain being the operative word--might be a bit hyperbolic.Don't you think?

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Anonymous said on Sunday, Apr 1 at 4:28 AM

To indian girl we are all aware of the corruption,which is infringed in the Tha,and happy that you can point out the wrongs.We are however a democratic society,which gives us power come election day.But do you know of any Goverment where corruption does not rain.

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Anonymous said on Sunday, Apr 1 at 4:24 AM

Its is wrong informed and bias information ,which allows Tourist to believe,that Tobagonians in General have any interest in Tourismn.There are the exceptional few,who relies solely on Tourismn for a living and is benefitting from the declining few.We are completely satisfied with the statistics of inflow into the Island.No one is singing the songs of slavery mantra.We have experienced alot of racist,devious,pretensive Tourist and it has caused a backlash,and have generated little support for whites in Tobago.How TObagonians feel about whites ,is what they themselves have created,they are have come across as untrustworthy and unreliable. Even you can understand what such attidues produce. And quite frankly as a Tobagonian,i am tire of hearing you preachj about the same crime.It has become a broken record,and no one ever listens to a broken record.

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Tourist said on Saturday, Mar 31 at 4:01 PM

How does a country that supplies its citizens with water only 3 days a week expect to attract tourists

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Anonymous said on Saturday, Mar 31 at 9:34 AM

INdeed the tourists are not visiting , the reason, very plain, criminals that prey on them, and whites, who live on the island who I may add pay taxes, plus generate income for the tobago coffers,tobago days, of glory will take a decade to return, one reason the lack of conviction of the thugs who cause harm to others, they are never made to stand trial, are allowed to walk free, after the death in Bacolet and attack on senior couple the word has spread of the dangers that exist for any person to visit ,I firmly believe conviction and heavy sentences would change the criminals activities, plus reassure potential visitors ,until all the racial skurs and slavery talk ends I see no future for tobago, yes indeed the page of history on slavery is shameful, you can continue to cry foul , it will not change the past,you were not enslaved ,put all that energy into making tobago well , until that day you are still victims of slavery by your own hands.

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Anonymous said on Saturday, Mar 31 at 3:37 AM

I think that the amount of tourist in the country is enough for now.It allows the Goverment to regroup aND START BUILDING from a different angle.Those who are now comming would also have a more positive experience,where they can relax and enjoy the beautiful surrondins.This would surely put Tobago back into a positive light a,and slowly but surely have the tourist destination,which they themselves invisions.

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Tourist said on Friday, Mar 30 at 11:41 AM

Shame the tourists have been forced out and wont be coming back any day soon . As for investment, what foreigner would trust a regime that can introduce a bylaw that locks that investment. Tobago has lost the chance, it will take at least a decade to bring back even the volumes of tourists that were around 10 years ago

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Anonymous said on Friday, Mar 30 at 9:21 AM

I really like the idea of using Tobagonians products in the hotels-ect ect. If they can also use agriculure for exporting services ,then many more young people would take a keen interest in farming.There was a time when Tobago was the food chain of TRinidad,lets hope we CAN start building on it again.

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