No arrest yet in record drug bust

By Yohanseh Asukile

The police are yet to make an arrest for what is believed to be the biggest drug bust in Tobago’s history. Compressed marijuana valued at $11.2m was seized on Tuesday night by officers attached to the Scarborough, Moriah and Roxborough Police Stations. According to the police, they were informed about a shipment of drugs coming from St. Vincent; so they put a plan in action and undertook two simultaneous exercises in the Parlartuvier and Roxborough areas. One part of the exercise saw officers in the ‘Criminal Gang & Intelligence Unit’ focusing their operations around Englishman’s Bay in Palartuvier and various other points along the Northside Road into Scarborough . The next part of the exercise was in the Roxborough district and it involved officers from the Task Force Unit, Moriah and Roxborough Police Stations.

According to Garfield Moore, Acting Senior Superintendent of the Tobago Police Division, officers intercepted a rented black Nissan Xtrail SUV at a road block in the vicinity of Runnemede. They found eleven bags of the compressed marijuana, but not before the driver and his passenger escaped. The men had evaded the road block by turning around and attempting a getaway, but the vehicle sustained some damaged after it hit an embankment and the occupants quickly ran off into the dark of the night.

The eleven bags of marijuana weighed 200 kilograms (kg) and had a street value of $6.2m. Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Tobago Division, Heflin George said an arrest will come soon because they know the owner of the now impounded vehicle. Meanwhile, in the other simultaneous exercise, the police officers discovered ten more bags of the compressed marijuana weighing 166.2 kg valued at $5m. The drugs were left in the bushes along the coastline, either waiting to be picked up or abandoned.

ACP George commended the efforts of the police officers involved in the operation as they would have gone the extra mile in undertaking their duties. He said it is a fact that Tobago is a transshipment point for illegal drugs and it is the intention of the Tobago Police Division to target areas where they believe such activities are occurring. He warned drug dealers, drug pushers and the drug lords, that no effort will be spared as they seek to eradicate, confiscate and to prosecute where necessary, to the fullest extent of the law, persons engaging in that type of illegal activity.

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newyork said on Sunday, Jun 30 at 1:18 AM

its jus weed ppl lol.. at the same time im sort of happy it not the heavy stuff.

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GAONIAN said on Thursday, Jun 27 at 4:17 AM

Lets learn to respect each other. Stick to the article and not try to personally attack others.

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mia bella said on Sunday, Jun 23 at 8:29 PM

come to tobago for a good chopping,

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Bella Mia said on Sunday, Jun 23 at 5:53 PM

RJ will welcome you with open arms and a cutlass,of course Tobago looks lush, it is fed with blood from its many victims

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Anonymous said on Sunday, Jun 23 at 1:14 PM

There will be no arrests ,this after all is Tobago

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Batchak said on Saturday, Jun 22 at 10:08 PM

I am beginning to see more and more Americans in Tobago. I think they sick and tired of Jamaica " ....Come to Jamaica and feel alright !" thats the slogan in the Ad I see in the states...

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RJ said on Saturday, Jun 22 at 3:23 AM

James Frank, sorry to know that you are looking for a murderer for 6 years now. Also very good to see that you are following Tobago's news. Maybe just one day they will catch the perpetrator. However life goes on, take one day at a time. Do not stay stuck in a rot. TOBAGO REMAINS BEAUTIFUL, AND WE WILL WELCOME YOU WITH OPEN ARMS.

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James Franks said on Thursday, Jun 20 at 2:15 PM

No arrests,no convictions?? No surprise here,this is Tobago,after all. Murderous killers STILL on the run after over 6 years?? Tobago? James Franks says 'NO THANKS'!!!

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Bless said on Thursday, Jun 20 at 11:57 AM

Where de cocaine dat pass through the island on the night of the black-out...Imagine curent gone for 6 houre on both island no report yet !!!

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citylimer said on Wednesday, Jun 19 at 11:53 PM

Where are the OPV'S which were to work in tandem with the Helicopters - check Brazil and ask them for help and ask the PM to provide the Taxi Helicopterm for crime work. The PP has systematically dismantled the SECURITY SYSTEM and cannot provide an acceptable alternative thus the GUNS AND DRUGS will continue to flow. These drugs and guns should be BLOCKED AT SEA before hitting the ground at least 80% of it. Decommissioned old USA and Columbian ships will notdo. BAE is the best- Brazil just went window shopping and pick up 3 NEW BRAND SHIPS AND TT BOARDERS ARE POUROUS. WE WILL RISE OR GET HIGH ON DRUGS AND THE PP HOG WASH THEY HAVE BEING FEED US FOR THE 3 YEARS.

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Ruth said on Wednesday, Jun 19 at 7:33 PM

Monitoring the many boats and the ports are important in curbing drugs and gun trafficking.

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BLESS said on Wednesday, Jun 19 at 3:19 PM

What is the quality of the Weed ? Boss Weed is 250USD per ounce dirt weed is $20USD/ounce...Is this weed a "Give-MEH"? where is the real drugs "Cocaine"? the big shippment that move through the country during the Big National Wide Black-Out a few month ago!

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Anonymous said on Tuesday, Jun 18 at 11:30 PM

wonder how long these drugs will exist until they very mysterily disappear, remember the guns found in the ceiling of the local cop shop ,corruption alive and well in Tobago.

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spooner said on Tuesday, Jun 18 at 3:46 PM

When I worked with the criminally insane, none has a conscience , I would include a great many tobagans in that group.

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RJ said on Tuesday, Jun 18 at 1:33 PM

While working with prisoners, I had to take a background history, from many of them. They will tell you they were from another Carribean island, or some other Cental American country. Or they would have been born in T&T to parents from these countries. It may not be all their fault that they ended up on the wrong side of the law, however, it creates problems for T&T.

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truth said on Tuesday, Jun 18 at 7:31 AM

Tobago is judged by its weakest link in the chain,

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RJ said on Tuesday, Jun 18 at 4:54 AM

lOTS OF THE SO-CALLED HOME GROWN ARE ILLEGALS from other countries who keep coming to T&T for work. THEY then end up on the wrong side of the law. THE MAJORITY of the CRIMINAL ACTS, and those in prison ARE from those who started SQUATTING IN BEETHAM, SEA LOTS etc, and mainly their desendents. YOU Can live in many areas in T&T and you will not be bothered by crime. IT'S like being in New York, if you live in some areas you will be affected, while in some areas you will not be. They make children in T&T and also teach them the trade, and they keep running from one island to the next when they commit crimes.

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karen said on Tuesday, Jun 18 at 12:28 AM

i have one problem how does the same weed which they call highly compressed marijuana aka jam end up only on 2 blocks like the one in lambeau and whim only two days after it got seized.i am a smoker i can tell because all it had in tobago is vincy local weed for months on every block.there is a string of corrupt officers selling the highly compressed marijuana at a high price for a pound and believe me i know if they took 10 of those bricks it would not even be missed,check this 10 pounds in a brick 15,000tt pound more than their pay for sure

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crinkly said on Monday, Jun 17 at 2:37 PM

Another try to take the heat off your own home grown criminals, most of the attacks and robberies are by the locales, indeed the police should be diligent , reach scene of the crime quickly, but of course this IS tobago

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RJ said on Monday, Jun 17 at 11:16 AM

We need to keep our eyes on all those fishing boats and tankers plying their trade to our shores. Especially those from the Caribbean and central America. Many seem to bring in illegal women as well as all types of illicit goods. The illegal individuals they go into the underworld, and create havoc, along with other criminal activities. The POLICE AND COAST GUARD need to be vigilente.

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Anonymous said on Monday, Jun 17 at 9:31 AM

while looking at the bloggers, may I suggest you also look at criminals and justice that was NOT given,

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Anonymous said on Monday, Jun 17 at 9:12 AM

Drugs are a fact of life anywhere in the world. The police acted on intelligence and at least have taken a large amount of drugs off the streets. What I find so shocking is the Tobago bashing in these comments. This happens on virutally any crime/tourism story. There seems to be an active small group of people who constantly try and destroy tourism on this island and make constant comments. Some in the past have been very damaging. Please can I suggest the mediators of this site look hard at comments in the future.

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cooper said on Monday, Jun 17 at 7:53 AM

Tobago , shows a very callous side to the people who live there, visitors who take a chance of a holiday ,and most any thing that moves,if there is a god, he must be frowning on all your terrible crimes and inhumanity to man king.

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Anonymous said on Sunday, Jun 16 at 6:12 PM

From all our failures,we would prevail and become the best.for all our weaknesses we would become more aware.with our awareness we would do better.GOD BLESS ALWAYS TOBAGO,FOR OUR EYES ARE FOREVER UPON HIM.

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who;s fooling who said on Sunday, Jun 16 at 11:18 AM

Tobago has little to boast about, from health care, education treatment of its elders , exploytation of its children, corrupt police force and government,eco system being ruined, cruelty to animals , the list is long and shameful,good luck with what is left, the beauty is erroding every day from the people who live there,

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Anonymous said on Sunday, Jun 16 at 11:09 AM

yes drugs brings criminals of all kinds,lets hope that instead of the huge um of money spent on tourismn ,that much is spent on the police force to hire and keep watch over our seas and shores.And that zero tolerance would be metted out to the perpetrators.we need to train dogs and people in this battle,because its never the small man who is responsible,but the goverment heads.we need to bring all down and not be as deceitfull as the other nations who only goes after the small man,while drugs only increase in their society by the big men.All drug dealers are to be metted out with the same policies.we are one of the most beautiful people and country left,lets not let anyone take that away from us,let noone take away our credibility,countries can judge but theirs are a ready destroyed nations.hiding behind power and riches as if that makes them the holy saviours of the world.When i speak about a beautiful country ,Trinidad is excluded,they are already a market of deceivers.

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tinker said on Sunday, Jun 16 at 8:46 AM

Another reason to stay away fro Tobago,drugs bring criminals of other kinds,be safe go else where.

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Anonymous said on Sunday, Jun 16 at 8:38 AM

Should we forgive the drug Lords , ask RG that question, they are no different than the killers who are free, do the crime do the time, answer that RJ , or pray for your guidance from a selective god.

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RJ said on Sunday, Jun 16 at 7:49 AM

Did someone give the people a tip off? It is alleged that it came from St Vincent. Did it come with a fishing boat, or with a fuel tanker? We need to have surveillance cameras at out ports, and harbours.

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ray. usa said on Sunday, Jun 16 at 6:57 AM

Great work team congrats

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Another Anon said on Sunday, Jun 16 at 3:26 AM

Hang on there, the police got the drugs and it can only be a short time before they catch the persons responsible! Why stay away unless you are now worried there will not be enough ' compress' for you to use?

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Anonymous said on Sunday, Jun 16 at 1:26 AM

A country with so limited funds,starved by the CG are able to protect the people of Toabgo from drugs,i say they are more than ready to run their own country.DOWN WITH THE CG.

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Anonymous said on Saturday, Jun 15 at 5:07 PM

peaceful place for visit, stay away from tobago

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