Mason Hall man is 7th road fatality in one month

By Elizabeth Williams

The road fatality figure in Tobago has jumped to seven for 2013, with the death of 58-year-old Victor Baptiste of Cocowatty Trace Mason Hall on Saturday midday.

When Tobago News visited the dead man's home, only his daughter Tianna Baptiste, a sixth form pupil at the Signal Hill Secondary was at home. She was at home when she heard the shocking news.

"He was always there for me; teaching me how to dance, to carry myself and stuff like that; that is what I will miss about him the most," the daughter of the deceased man told Tobago News.

She is saddened by the fact that her father would be missing her graduation, marriage and everything else.

Her dream is to become a lawyer and wants to continue pursuing that path in honour of her father. According to police officials, Baptiste was the front seat passenger of a green B14 motorcar of which his brother, Fire Officer Errol Baptiste was the driver.

The vehicle was proceeding west along the Windward Road, Hope and attempted to turn north unto Belmont Road, when a pink Bluebird driven by Olson Wright of Windward Road Mt. St. George collided with the B14 motorcar. Wright, who was proceeding east at an accelerated pace according to traffic officers, overtook a number of vehicles, spun out of control and collided with the green B14 motorcar causing the accident.

All occupants were taken to the Scarborough General Hospital, where Victor Baptiste subsequently died while undergoing emergency surgery.

The other occupants remain warded at the Scarborough Hospital in stable condition. Inspector Stevenson Mark, Acting Sergeant Toppin, Acting Corporal Andre Sebro, and Officer Stephen Jerome visited the scene. Sebro is spearheading investigations into the incident.

On Carnival Sunday, five people lost their lives in a two-vehicle smash-up on the Claude Noel Highway. A few days later, another life was lost in an accident in Moriah.

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A British Tourist said on Sunday, Jun 16 at 2:45 AM

You all seem to want to cut down on Road Traffic accidents. Then the Police should use Radar Guns, patrol the roads and high fines for all speeding. Plus insurance should be checked and vehicles destroyed if no insurance as it is in the UK. Drinking and driving should be clamped down on. Most of this is common sense but does need a professional and pro active Police force to carry it out. Something I have yet to see in either Trinidad or Tobago.

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kathryn Garcia said on Sunday, Jun 9 at 9:11 PM

Sad day for this young daughter she lost her father and a role model.The island is small enough for the stakeholders to take control of the lawless drivers, road signs,speeds limits talking and texing on the phone, Tobago needs a make over for road traffic signs and management. I will do a document and give it in to the stakeholders. The people who drink on the ferries are drunk when they come off and proceed on the nation's roads.The Port Authority should do random breathalyze them before they leave the port. Tobago needs help in this area. One is too many five is the most in one day.Please let us help Tobago with their road traffic management if they would take advice we will help them. Its not about PP and PNM,its about a system in place for citizens to follow and people should stop blaming governments and contribute just like they dip their fingers to put Government in power.They have an obligation to ensure that they too take responsibility of their own safety on the roads.

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seade widows said on Monday, May 13 at 10:32 AM

first of all.i would like to say how sorry iam to here from this feeling are for this young man and others who are hospitilies.Who is to blame for this?vote PNM want self/govement?

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Dean said on Thursday, May 2 at 9:12 AM

Due to the lack of law enforcement on the roads and the failure to adopt modern methods encourages motorist to take risk which harms innocent people. when someone is injured its the entire family that is affected. Apart from speeding there are many things that distract drivers for example a passenger tapping a taxi or ph driver to pay and the driver accepting money and trying to give change while the vehicle is still in motion

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all seeing eye said on Friday, Apr 26 at 9:01 AM

A car is a weapon , it kills, also cutlass is a weapon, also kills, along with fire arms, all of which are in great abundance in Tobago,stronger laws, sentencing for All who use these items to kill maiam , fairness to all whether Black or White, aint never gonna happen in Tobago

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Anonymous said on Thursday, Apr 18 at 10:44 AM

check out talay riley -make you mine.on ytube.the girl in the video is from Toabgo.

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canadian/tobagonian said on Wednesday, Mar 27 at 2:07 PM

In response to .P.Noonan blog.of tntwarning. I identify with some of your experiences.It is a shame that people have to go so low to make a living and it is blatant. i experience the one price for locals and another for foreigners it was said as plain as day. but i don't believe we should not go there. just get a front man a trusting one that is from the islands. i wil guess most of the people on the small islands do the same typen of business, but when it is in the govermnent sector that is scary. dont giveup these people need help with their conscience.

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Tobago Mother said on Tuesday, Mar 19 at 8:47 AM

It is so disturbing that the authorities have no will to be proactive in accident prevention.

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Anonymous said on Sunday, Mar 17 at 7:42 AM

Man we need stricter laws and a re-education program to help the people of the two islands. It so sad that the actions of just a few can make us look so bad.

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TRINI said on Sunday, Mar 17 at 12:12 AM

Tobago drivers are crazy the look to overtake around corners. no regards for safety like they made from iron and could go to a parts shop and buy a new life. man all you take it easy nah the island small you go reach in time in a car not a casket. Trini drivers eh backward neither them mad too let not this culture reach Tobago which is a loving people always like to spend my vacation there.

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P noonan said on Saturday, Mar 16 at 12:25 PM

read my blog,

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Anonymous said on Friday, Mar 15 at 1:10 AM

are you people adult or children. look how you turn this article into a point of contention. You should be ashamed of yourselves, but as you show all you are capable of doing is attacking others, so go ahead and attack me too. The lot of you are so small minded.

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Anonymous said on Friday, Mar 15 at 1:07 AM

Why do you people spin everything around to the same topic. look how you take away from this tragic accident and turn it into a point of contention, you all should be ashamed, but I know you will just turn and attack me too. go ahead, that's the best of you people here. small minded and petty.

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Anonymous said on Friday, Mar 15 at 1:00 AM

Stupid the lot of you

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Anonymous said on Wednesday, Mar 13 at 8:50 PM

blog 11:06 you have egg on your face ,is that simple enough for you idiot

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Anonymous said on Tuesday, Mar 12 at 11:39 AM

BUll Shhhhhhhhh

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Anonymous said on Tuesday, Mar 12 at 12:38 AM

Tobago news is a weekly papers. This is so foolish and you go to lengths to prove how Foolish you are. so there have never been misprints in big newspapers. I could find more than five in every-day's Express. Hold on to that silly point it seems like it does it for you.

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we say attack tobago sayswhat ever she wants to save face said on Monday, Mar 11 at 2:52 PM

answer to 11-06, so thats the excuse, any editor of any worth would have caught that error, accident and incident only to the uneducated would slip by,you do not like being caught, to the small minds it was a accident, why did the Tobago news not correct it the next day.?typical Tobago once again muddy the waters,

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Anonymous said on Monday, Mar 11 at 11:06 AM

To Anonymous on Saturday, Mar 9 at 4:26 PM. Let me break it down for you in simple terms so you can understand. The papers misprinted the headline the word "accident" should have been "incident".

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Anonymous said on Monday, Mar 11 at 10:13 AM

If the police don't want to do their job, is time the public take charge. Most cell phones have a video camera. I am sure most people would want to see themselves on television driving like a fool. Post it on youtube, facebook, CNC3, TV6. what ever it takes.

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Tobago Mother said on Sunday, Mar 10 at 8:50 PM

Drivers in Tobago like to overtake at intersections and into oncoming traffic. How come they cannot get relatively bright officers like Inspector Hazel to set up sensible approaches to these problems ? Is is a shame that there are no sleeping policemen (humps) in areas where drivers race. It is a shame that there is no hotline to call when we see people driving drunk or badly. It is a shame that all accident participants are not tested for alcohol and drugs. It is a shame that there is no 24 hour patrolling of the roads. How many times have I called the police to report dragracing in the night ? Do the police appreciate the level of crime detection that will be accomplished if only they monitor , inspect and supervise what occurs on our roadways.

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Bago born said on Sunday, Mar 10 at 10:02 AM

Is this what really happened???? I reach on the site like a minute after and it was not a b14 first of all it was a b13. The bluebird did not spin out of control. infact what happen is when he saw the car turn to go north he slam his brakes and the car slide into the b13. Now the driver of the bluebird is a friend of mine and honestly i am real upset with him. reason being if he was going at a moderate pace even if the driver of the b13 mad the same turn he would have been able to stop of swing away from hitting him. We all need to drive at speed that will allow us time to make drives that will save people life and our life also. There are places that we can drive at 100km up to whatever speed and that is on a race track. lets use the road as a mean of getting to point b from point a.

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Tobago Mother said on Sunday, Mar 10 at 8:12 AM

Sorry, I should have said , there are too many traumatic happenings in Tobago. But, I just cannot understand how those in authority could just rock back and accept what is occurring. It is not acceptable.

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Tobago Mother said on Sunday, Mar 10 at 8:05 AM

Is it to be understood that Police should only act when a crime is committed ? Police must also act to prevent lawlessness - including lawless driving. The service needs to begin employing bright personnel who are adaptable to necessity and change. There is too much traumatic happenings in Tobago.

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Anonymous said on Saturday, Mar 9 at 4:26 PM

Now this is a accident, condolences to all, not like the accident with the German senior couple, which was a attack,

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Anonymous said on Saturday, Mar 9 at 10:53 AM

BRENAN has said it all. However, The authorities who could provide so many officers after an accident must work proactively to prevent occurences, as a matter of high importance.

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Abagointown said on Saturday, Mar 9 at 4:58 AM

It seem like Tobago catch the Trinidad bug of road lawlessness, it scares me to drive in Trinidad it seen i hve to be scare of Tobago now as well

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Brenan said on Saturday, Mar 9 at 4:33 AM

It is scarey driving on the highway , Drivers are overtaking and on comming cars have to take the shoulder to get away .They are saying " you dont want to get hit so you will move over and give them room to overtake " My prayers for these drivers ,I do hope some common sence will prevail in their heads.They are bussy but still have to wait whan they cause an accident.These drivers needs defensive driving skills and common sence

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stingray said on Friday, Mar 8 at 7:22 PM

Never try to to argue with a stupid person they will drag you Dow. To there level and then beat you with experience these are peoplewho cause these type of accidents

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Occasional resident said on Friday, Mar 8 at 5:27 PM

Around carnival time, when it was even more likely that the driver concerned had had a drink or five, I saw a car driving slowly, erratically and drifting from side to side on a busy stretch of road. A police car came up behind and put on the two-tones. I naively thought "Yippee, what brilliant luck, they are going to pull him over, miracle of miracles they have actually come along just at the right time". No, they just wanted to get past and didn't appear to be on a more urgent mission either. If they don't do anything when it is staring them in the face what hope is there of bad drivers ever getting pulled? It's so much more impressive to bring the rush hour traffic to a standstill doing a licence check opposite the port.

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Part-time Resident said on Friday, Mar 8 at 8:20 AM

My sincere condolences to the Baptiste family during this most difficult time. I think there is an urgent need for Drivers Education Refresher Courses. Every day when I am driving in Tobago I see drivers overtaking on solid lines (Do these mean anything to them? No!), overtaking going up a hill (How they see the oncoming traffic on the other side of the hill is amazing!), reckless speeding (Speed limits do not exist apparently), tail-gating (Why? For fun?), passengers standing or sitting on open trays (Is this the new urban safari?). Where are the police patrols? Besides zooming up and down the highway, sirens blaring to avoid the line of traffic. And, I can attest to witnessing this, eventually seeing the patrol car and officers calmly getting out of the patrol vehicle, joking around and slowly sauntering into the Crown Point Station; so what was the emergency to blare the sirens? Do highway laws exist in Tobago? Before driving, I fervently say my prayers to avoid becoming roadkill.

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