Jack tells supporters

By Adamson Charles

In what many may consider as a daring move, Political Leader of the Tobago Organization of the People (TOP) Ashworth Jack organised a political rally in the midst of the Carnival season last Sunday.

Jack was still able pull a sizable gathering of yellow-clad party supporters and activists to the event. The rally opened with gospel music entertainment from Digicel Rising Star Winner Donnell Job, ace saxophonist Ricardo Seales and Pastor TeranceBaynes.

TOP Councillor Yvette Caruth in a hard hitting political speech wasted no time in bashing the ruling People's National Movement (PNM) regime, which has been in control of the administration of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) for the past 11 years. She slammed the PNM for its legacy of mismanagement and wastage of Tobago's heritage.

"Look at the Shaw Park Cultural Complex, which started out at $96 million. It is now estimated to cost over $400 million and counting," she cried. Since 2006, they broke down Shaw Park and up to now they can't build it back up," she added.

"They are just the break down crew because that is all they can do," she declared. Member of Parliament for Tobago west Dr. Delmon Baker took some time out to convey get well wishes for the husband of his fellow MP for Tobago east Vernella Alleyne-Toppin.

She cannot be here with us today because she is at the bedside of her husband at Mt. Hope Hospital in Trinidad," he reported. On behalf of the TOP family, we would like to wish Mr Toppin a speedy recovery," declared Dr Baker.

He did not share any such courtesies for the PNM administration of the THA, who he charged with importing "pain" into Tobago.

"They run and bring Senator Fitzgerald Hinds from Trinidad to talk about pain, when all they needed to do was ask the more than 1700.Tobagoians, who were fired from Works Development after the 2009 THA election.

"If they want to know what is pain, let them ask any Tobagonian or TOP. Without a doubt, we will vote them out," bellowed Baker to the cheers of the partisan crowd.

"They are now on a paving spree but what they are doing is really paving their way out of office," he added.

In his address, Jack announced that the Cabinet had approved the Green Paper for Constitutional Reform at last week Thursday's Cabinet.

"In a matter of days, it would be published as a public document. Let them know that what Orville couldn't tell Manning to do, Ashworth was able to tell PM Kamla to do," Jack bellowed to the approving shouts of approval from the crowd.

After his address, Jack quickly installed the Scarborough Action Group of the party and then switched the event into a Carnival party featuring Soca entertainers Crazy, Devon Mathews and the Mighty Alrounder - the Garlic Sauce man.

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Adjacent said on Saturday, Feb 25 at 10:44 PM

I guess Long Mango was there when Ashworth joined the Peoples Partnership and therefore would know what made him an equal partner. That is the problem Long Mango....everyone knows that Orville was Manning's puppet during Manning's time. Ashworth is a puppet before, during and even a worst puppet after. Hope you are there with Ashworth after Kamla buss a kick on him.

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Long Mango said on Thursday, Feb 23 at 9:20 AM

Citylimer there is absolutely no justification for your reasoning, what rubbish it's just plain foolish thinking, after all i do not expect you to think on your own, you are destined to follow all uniformed release from the Geriatric LEADERSHIP of the THA and the Tobago Council of the PNM.Tobago land ownership will remin as is under a TOP Administration the big difference will be utilization of the land space to enrich all Tobagonians .Citylimer and Anonymous if you believe that there is a Ghost living in you then all you actions will be ghosty,but on the other hand if you believe that you were created in the image and likeness of God and his holy spirit dwells in you then your actions will show.Just take this advise let the THA Exec Council and the Tobago PNM present credible reasons why they should be returned to office at the Elections. Rumors, Lies, Character assassination and blackmail are the tools used by the PNM they have nothing negative on Mr Ashworth Jack.

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Long Mango said on Wednesday, Feb 22 at 12:29 PM

Adjacent you not in with the times.Mr Ashworth Jack is an equal partner and therefore he is no puppet as was Mr O London under Mr Patrick Manning,even now Mr London is sill a son of Dr Keith Rowley.

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Long Mango said on Wednesday, Feb 22 at 12:22 PM

Bring the GREEN PAPER all sincerer Tobagonian are waiting to give their comments,on this very important development.London you are a waste of time you failed to return to us with the document before a debate in the house so the green paper would provide us with that opportunity.

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Adjacent said on Monday, Feb 20 at 10:34 PM

Don't worry Ashworth, if u don't win over Tobago for Kamla/UNC, they will tell u what to do...................I hope Jack Warner advise u soon

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Adjacent said on Monday, Feb 20 at 10:30 PM

People reading a script and performing.....just imagine Ashworth Jack telling Kamla what to do.

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RJ said on Monday, Feb 20 at 3:44 PM

TOP please take your message to the villages and the towns, also start going door to door. Do not loose your focus by these distractors. Get your vision for Tobago to the grassroot people for this is where the majority is, and this is where you can make a great difference. ALSO START USING THE MEDIA TO SELL YOUR MESSAGE OF CHANGE. People will buy into your message of change if you offer them what they are interested in, and show that you care.

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Desuperman said on Sunday, Feb 19 at 11:43 PM

"In a matter of days, it would be published as a public document. Let them know that what Orville couldn't tell Manning to do, Ashworth was able to tell PM Kamla to do." Oh please! Is this the same Ashworth who along with the other jokers before him, used to tell Tobago people that that the PNM were "foreigners" and not to let them come here? The same Ashworth who used to say that Orville was Manning puppet? Now listen to these nasty hypocrites today, Assworth and he party need the UNC so bard that they are now prepared to act the roles of puppets so that their campaign could get some money. They are prepared to "suck salt" and be "loyal" to Auntie Kamla by stifling dey conscious on many issues and what the COP and MSJ are outspoken about. The man just so believe he's important that he behaves as a cabinet member, telling Tobagonians what they can expect from government. But he better pray that things end up in he favour, because Vernella waiting patiently.

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Anonymous said on Sunday, Feb 19 at 5:26 PM

Tobagonians, Jack is clueless and Vernella is playing for herself. When recently, Ms. Toppin was asked by an acquaintance, what has she done for Tobago since in Cabinet, her response was that she has an election to win. Ms Toppin is engrossed in the trappings of power. Nothing she is saying and doing will result inany benefit for Tobagonians as a whole. Her Master or Mistress is Kamla and she must do Kamala's bidding. Unfortunately Kamala's bidding is not in the best interest of Tobagonians. So where are we going with a TOP leadership, which has to defer all decisions to the UNC? Is it this type of backward movement we are supporting? Who will heed the voices of Tobagonians? The current government has done nothing for Tobago since in power, because they were unable to usurp the THA. They have recently opened the airport 24/7, with no enhancements to the existing structure,yet we are to believe, they are serious about Tourism.Big joke.I could go on and on,but I will allow you to think

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RJ said on Sunday, Feb 19 at 5:04 PM

TOP you are on the right path . Go to the people and sell your vision for Tobago. We need usutainable agri, effective tourism, good public transport, effective Health system, good security ect. Effective leaders are transformational and transactional. They lead from the bottom-up and not top-down, they are democratic, not autocratic.

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citylimer said on Sunday, Feb 19 at 3:54 PM

Anonymous - I agree with you. Tobago Land is both economic and political power.PP/UNC have both in Trinidad but not in Tobago they will move heaven and earth to capture Tobago so that their diaspora could expand and monopolize Tobago which as a vast potential of wealth both on and offshore. Their financiers have deep pockets and they feel that they have a divine right to own every thing in sight and could bribe Tobagonians and TOP people to win the THA election. If the PP/UNC win the THA election the first thing they will do is to revert all the THA land-which was purchased to preserve Tobagonians inheritance - back into RICH private hands.Tobagonians would never never be able to purchase a THA house again because a 5,000sq.ft of land would be at market prices which is about $500,000 at current market prices and we know who the purchasers are now and will be then. Tobagonians READ THE GAME PLAN OF NEGATIVE CAMPAINING against the current THA as was in the lasr election. SEE WHAT YOU GOT

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Anonymous said on Sunday, Feb 19 at 9:55 AM

All of this is shallow talk. Tobagonians must realize that the fight in this upcoming elections is not a political fight for "things", but a fight for the preservation of our Tobago heritage and our demands to govern our own affairs. The TOP as it is, is now financed by the UNC. Will the UNC finance anything and remains a dormant partner? This is the question Tobagonians should answer. What is at stake here? The most important item for any level of productivity is land. The THA is now in possession of various properties, who will be the recipients of these properties, should the UNC financed TOP wins the THA? Let us not fool ourselves, the UNC will obviously demand high returns on their investment. This could cost Tobagonians their inheritance.

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