Crime increased in February

By Elizabeth Williams

There has been an increase in crime in Tobago, and the launch of the 21st century policing initiative has come at the right time. This from Senior Superintendent of Police Peter Reyes as he spoke during the launch of the initiative in Tobago.

Tobago is the third division in which the initiative has been introduced. According to Senior Superintendent Peter Reyes, there was a decrease in crime of 33.7% compared to last year for the month of January. However, in February there was an increase noting that this trend needs to change.

"For the comparative period in February 2012, there have been 77 serious crimes, 30property crimes, 22 general larcenies, and 13 robberies, an increase ladies and gentlemen, of 12%. It means therefore, we have an increase in crime," Senior Superintendent Peter Reyes said.

Senior Superintendent Reyes stressed, the symptoms of crime should not continue to undermine the social and economic stability of Tobago, as the island needs to be crime free, with 100% zero tolerance.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Jack Ewatski said with the launch of the 21st policing initiative, there needs to be the enforcement of the traffic laws.

"Too many in the country lose their lives needlessly as a result of road traffic accidents, and an aggressive enforcement activity by police is required," Ewatski said.

DCP Ewatski said the fact that the Tobago economy is heavily dependent on tourism was taken into consideration, in implementing the new initiative in Tobago. The 21st century initiative was introduced into Tobago after consultation with various stakeholders in Tobago.

"We have developed the tourism oriented policing unit, that will deal specifically with issues of Tourism safety and working very closely with all our stakeholders in the hotel and tourism industry, with our partners in the protective services in Tobago," Ewatski said.

During the launch WPC Natalie Denoon Cooke and Officer Dexter Miller, were both elevated to the position of Corporals.

At this time there is a total of twenty police vehicles throughout Tobago, two of which were deployed on Monday. Deputy Commissioner of Police Jack Ewatski assured residents of Tobago should now be adequately served when calls are made for assistance. The victim support program has also been enhanced, with a social worker on board. Ewatski remains confident this model will work for Tobago.

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StingRay US said on Friday, Mar 16 at 3:32 PM

Let's protect this island guys stay focused.

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Jack Doe said on Saturday, Mar 17 at 4:39 AM

What about unreported crime. Those too afraid (due to threats) to report crime carried out by serving officers. The service needs to weed out the bad apples.

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Anonymous said on Sunday, Mar 18 at 12:23 PM

crime is the only thing they know, it will never change

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reltih floda realises said on Sunday, Mar 18 at 1:25 PM

the 'new regime' is prepared to forgive and forget (gloss over previous murders/rapes/robberies!) and start again; sorry but those were never solved otherwise it would be possible to adopt tolerance. a new broom sweeps clean but what about blood on the carpet(s)?

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cville brooklyner said on Sunday, Mar 18 at 8:21 PM

You all contuine. To keep Tobago clean

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James Franks said on Monday, Mar 19 at 4:54 AM

What planet do these people come from if they ever think Tobago will be crime free? Not a snowballs chance in hell!! Tobago? James Franks says 'No Thanks'!!

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Victim of Incest said on Tuesday, Mar 20 at 8:34 PM

unreported crimes like incest....and those of us that went through that have no hope...ever

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Tobago Mother said on Tuesday, Mar 20 at 10:25 PM

From what I understand Incest could be reported and prosecuted regardless of how long ago it occured. Still the penalty for incest should be life with hard labour.

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Avo said on Wednesday, Mar 21 at 11:09 AM

Tobago Tobago (My People) we have to change your way of thinking. We have to think outside of the box if any change is going to come about.

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Anonymous said on Thursday, Mar 22 at 4:54 PM

To suggest that a country would be crime free,when poverty is high rising is irresponsible. I personally would not have in position anyone whos main objective is to filled the minds of people with fantasies. If the problems causing the crimes are not dealt with you are fighting a loosing situation.'If in rich countries the crime rates are rising rapidly,i suggest that these false profits give us a documented proposition released to the public on how they are going to achieve this.Otherwise stop speaking so much and let humane actions work effectively.Unless people who are honest enough to deal with the root and cause ,dont waste our time ,making unreasonable promises.Its time to stop the lies and dishonesty. Unfortunately with uncontrolled tourism comes poverty and an increase of crime.

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Punish crimnals said on Thursday, Mar 22 at 6:04 PM

Crime is rampent in the tiny Island Tobago, such a back log of unsolved crime, families left to grieve and never know who killed their loved ones, Tourists stay away, there will be more deaths of foreigners , sad but true.

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The Truth said on Friday, Mar 23 at 6:46 PM

With a murder rate some 24 times higher than the UK,for example,the Police certainly have their work cut out to be crime free.This is surely an aspiration only and as we know,talk is cheap.Time to walk the talk,Commissioner if you wish to save tourism in Tobago following a series of unsolved crime

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spice girl said on Saturday, Mar 24 at 12:56 PM

Tobago is in a real mess, killings, rapes, incest,cases go unsolved, you would be wise to leave the tourists alone, not only for the finances generated to the economy but the determination for resolution by the victims , who have the backing of powerful people and very long memories, Tobago is on its knees , all of which you the citizens have done ,remember be very careful who you attack and rob ,

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the virginian said on Saturday, Mar 24 at 2:09 PM

Anonymous,be very careful what you ask for 'cause you might just get all of it,and some.The makings of a police state.Imagine if I were to return to reside in Tobago--though remotely unlikely--and I were to be your so-called neighbor and you came up to me,under false pretense,with those questions,I certainly can't divulge in this forum what my response would be.Let's just say I'm sure after hearing,you'd avoid me like the plague.

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Anonymous said on Saturday, Mar 24 at 2:58 PM

I totally agree with you Virginian,i would be the one helping you express yourself in words which cannot be said on this forum

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Realistic said on Sunday, Mar 25 at 5:10 AM

With the clear breakdown in law and order and a crime wave spiralling out of control,Tobago is FINNISHED as a tourist destination as things will only deteriorate,not get better over time,regardless of what the Commissioner has to say.

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NO NEWS said on Tuesday, Mar 27 at 9:25 AM

WHY WASNT THE ATTACK ON GERMAN NATIONALS NOT IN THE NEWS ???ATTACK TOOK PLACE FEB 10 , family name SCHILDT , similar attack in DEC 2011 ,what else is hidden,

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Realistic said on Tuesday, Mar 27 at 12:18 PM

Hi No News, Is this a different attack on 10/2/12,to the one on the German Nationals ,to the horrendous attack detailed on Channel 5 Tobago News recently that took place at a local waterfall,where the tourists were threatened with machetes and knifes unless they handed over all their possessions.Quite disgusting as the couple also had two very young children.Wake up Tobago ,stop shielding your sick criminals

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Another Hardcore Attack said on Wednesday, Mar 28 at 3:39 AM

Tobago police failed to respond to a call from a female visitor who was later raped, robbed and beaten and whose attackers had time to leave her house and return to beat her up a second time, People’s National Movement senator Dion Issac said yesterday. “It’s a tragic, graphic story and I’m sorry I have to bring it, but it’s imperative it must be said,” Issac said in his maiden contribution in the Senate yesterday.

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March 28 said on Wednesday, Mar 28 at 3:43 AM

Issac related what happened concerning the female visitor to Tobago who tried to get police help. He said the visitor who owned a villa in Tobago was at home one evening when she realised there were intruders on the property. “She locked herself in the room and called the police  station...They said they were coming,” Issac said. “She told them there were some individuals in her house.   “She said I think they’re here to rob me, come. “Those individuals had the time to rape that woman, to rob her, to beat her, to  relieve her of her ATM card and go to the ATM machine, only to realise she had given them the wrong PIN number. “And then they had time to come back and beat her again to ensure that she give them the right PIN! And Police still didnt Show up! Tobago, Clean, Green, Safe and Srene, right!?

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scoop said on Wednesday, Mar 28 at 8:39 AM

In any newspaper on the planet this would be headline news......So who is pulling the strings in Tobago??

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Anonymous said on Wednesday, Mar 28 at 11:31 AM

A tourist in Tobago not attended to immediately,i dont think so.Keep spreading your lies,hope it keeps you warm at night.And why as a tourist who finds Tobago so unsafe,is still living on the Island,Strange huh.

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Anonymous said on Wednesday, Mar 28 at 3:55 PM

Comfort your selves in thinking this is un true, these crimes are becoming more frequent and soon some one will die,Tobago is not worth the time or money,things will get worse I wish you experience more crime preferable to your own

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Anonymous said on Thursday, Mar 29 at 1:19 AM

Tobago not worth time or money,yet still you are here forever in this forum and still living in Tobago,make sense or just shut up.

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Anonymous said on Thursday, Mar 29 at 9:21 AM

Think what you wish, I stand by words re Tobago safety,

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Dan said on Thursday, Mar 29 at 9:52 AM

What the hell has happened to Tobago? Why so much crime for a small island? I used to feel safe visiting but I'm staying at a villa near Arnos Vale next month and now feel like I have to be very worried at night for fear of armed gangs breaking in. Hopefully it will be okay.

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Anonymous said on Thursday, Mar 29 at 1:07 PM

When you leave remember to spread the news of what a fabulous time you had.And if you have beign comming till Tobago and always felt save,why the sudden worry.

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Anonymous said on Friday, Mar 30 at 9:10 AM

Take care to all who visit this dangerous place, talk to the citizens ask them what it is like to live with the fear , tobago is falling and will continue to decline until all corruption is dealt with, to the Tourists carry mucho insurance, as much as you can afford , you may just need it.

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Rather be anonymous! said on Friday, Mar 30 at 10:44 AM

The shame on us is people and police know who do the thieving but as they is family or they fear there house get burned down they rather do nothing and turn a blind eye. Shame on us.

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Anonymous said on Saturday, Mar 31 at 4:16 AM

Are you not refering to Trinidad.What a coward you are rather anomynous

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James Franks said on Saturday, Mar 31 at 5:26 AM

Me thinks Tobago is in a dreadful mess. Tobago? James Franks says 'NO THANKS'!!

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Anonymous said on Saturday, Mar 31 at 9:52 AM

Me thinks James Frank is right.

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Anonymous said on Sunday, Apr 1 at 5:45 AM


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Anonymous said on Monday, Apr 2 at 5:59 AM

Unlawful killings Mar 2012 1/Hakeem Lewis, 20,1/3/12 shooting 2/Desmond Boyer,47.1/3/12 unknown 3\Darren Ryan 34.1/3/12,shooting 4/Hakeem Lewis,20.1/3/12 shooting 5/ tobago murder.2/3/12.details not published. 6/Keron Smith, 21,3/3/12 shooting 7/Myron Francis,24 2/3/12 shooting 8/Kirby Velox, 41.3/3/12 shooting 9/Isiah Woods, 21,3/3/12.shooting 10/Antonio Collin Murray35,4/3/12.shooting 11/Willis Patrick Julien,29.6/3/12 shooting 12/Sedrick John,50.8/3/12.shooting 13/Amoy Lewis, 41,8/3/12.chopping 14/Carli Bay River,unidentified.8/3/12 15/Darius Bailey18.9/3/12.strangulation. 16/Gabriel Vialva 18.12/2/12.shooting 17/found, Carli Bay. unidentified12/3/12 18/Carl Samuel 52,13/3/12.stabbing 19/Cassius Williams.27.13/3/12.shooting 20/Nichel Brooks, 24,12/3/12.shooting 21/Keron Scott,25.12/3/12.shooting 22/Terrence Smith, 23,14/3/12.shooting 23/Vera Saunders 39.missing since 13/1/12 24/Marvin Patrome/Patrong,22.15/3/12.shooting 25/Jeromey Joseph,25,15/3/12.stabbing

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Anonymous said on Monday, Apr 2 at 6:00 AM

26/Derron Sandy,30.16/3/12.shooting 27/Clifford Charles,23.16/3/2012.shooting 28/Denzil Stewart, 22,18/3/12.shooting 29/Arima businessman.19/3/12.shooting 30/Kelvin Monroe.40,20/3/12 shooting 31/Sheldon Joseph.22.21/3/12.shooting 32/Anthony Balfour, 53.23/3/12.shooting 33/Raymond Maxime, 60, 24/3/12. shooting. 34/Mark Anthony Robinson, 28,28/3/12.shooting 35/Abdul Samaad.55. 28/3/12 un known 36/died "unnaturally.4 months old. 28/3/12 37/Sheldon Sammy,29.29/3/12.shooting 38/Curtis Burroughs.39, 29/3/12.shooting 39/Abdool Samad, 51 piracy. 40/Abdul Mohammed, 25.30/3/12.shooting 41/Rossi Jeffers 25.30/3/12.shooting 42/Francis Eddie Hosein.35.31/3/12 chopping.

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Realistic said on Monday, Apr 2 at 9:21 AM

Quite disgusting statistics if accurate. Keep away from this cesspit of a tourist destination.

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fooling no one said on Monday, Apr 2 at 9:34 AM

statistics are rue, easily checked, looks bad for TnT,I also feel tobago crime is being kept from the press , time for truthful reporting

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Anonymous said on Monday, Apr 2 at 9:48 AM

All killings,which happened in Trinidaa,keep fooling yourself that youn would suceed with your lies.

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