Buon Appetito Tobago

By Gabriele De Gaetano

Easter is approaching, and you will be spending some good time together with family and friends over the long holiday: I will suggest an easy recipe with chicken, to be prepared the night before and cooked in the oven at the last hour before the meal, leaving you relaxing with your guests instead than trying to catch up!

First of all, estimate how many additional guests you may have: yes, I am suggesting you consider the extra friends that will be popping at your door to say hello, smelling the flavours from the kitchen and joining the rest of the family! To be more practical, will usechicken drumsticks, easier to portion out (at least two per person) and they don't require any chopping.

The recipe is for 6 people; should you have more, increase the quantity accordingly. At the same time keep in consideration the size of your oven and the amount of trays that you have at your disposal and that can fit inside the oven at the same time.

Evening before: (3 large potatoes) boil with skin on till cooked (insert a fork). Let it cool down, and refrigerate in a sealed container. (chicken preparation): 12 chicken drumsticks, white vinegar, 2 tsp salt, 2tsp black pepper, 1tbs red chili peppers, 1 clove chopped garlic, 2tbs Italian seasoning, 5 sliced flavour peppers, 2tbs olive oil. Wash the drumstick with water and rinse; wash with vinegar and rinse; place in a metal bowl with the rest of the ingredients. Using two spoons, mix and toss until herbs and condiments are evenly spread, cover tightly with cling wrap and refrigerate overnight.

Day after, 2 hours before serving lunch: start the oven temperature 375C (if you have a broiler use it for the first six minutes, it will give a better colour to the chicken).

While the oven gets in temperature, peel and cut potatoes in medium pieces, place in the bowl with the chicken, add 3 tbs extra virgin olive oil, 5 pear ripe sliced tomatoes, 2tsp salt, and bread crumbs (easier way is to blend half a pack of Crix), and toss with two large spoons. Oil the bottom of a large baking tray, or two baking trays that can fit together at the same time on the same oven rack, evenly distribute the chicken and potatoes and place in the oven.

If you are using the broiler, please do so for 3 minutes, then while standing on the side of the stove open the oven door making sure your face is far from the opening (heat wave will come out to your eyes), take out the tray, toss and turn the chicken and the potatoes and place back on the rack for another 3 minutes.

Using the same attention to the heat, re-open the oven, take out the tray, and toss the ingredients making sure that the chicken and potatoes are not dry.

Then cover tightly with aluminium foil, set the stove to oven 375, and cook for an hour covered.

Turn off the stove, and let it rest till ready to serve. Wine suggested for this recipe is a Rose' Las Moras, vibrant dark pink in colour, young, fruity, intense with floral aromas.

Serve well chilled. For anymore details about this and other recipes, the wine and suggestions, please e-mail:

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Tom-Cat said on Friday, Apr 6 at 1:30 AM

hmmm.. I have to try this one.. But wait, wasn't this man wanted to stop Sunday School once upon a time?

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Anonymous said on Friday, Apr 6 at 3:12 AM

Yes he was,he is just one of those outsiders,who likes to come into another mans country and make changes to suit them.As usually they feel that because they have a certain colour it gives them power .Unfortunately Tobagonians were all too willing to relinguish this power,to him.And he feels he is all that.He has contacts with all of the most important people of Tobago. The things we know about this man.would make you red in the cheeks.And we are coloured people.They love saying Tobagonians stupid.

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Tom-Cat said on Friday, Apr 6 at 4:12 PM

Anonmous you couldnt put it better: 90% of these outsiders in Tobago have nothing good to say about Tobago and Tobagonains. I saw and heard for myself how these people talk bad about Tobagonains. There is one German woman there in Tobago. I wont give her location. She never have anything good to say about Tobago. One day ah had to put a stop to her. At first they come in nice and kind and after they get what they want, you then see their real colours. Sometimes I asked them if Tobago is so bad, why the foot you dont go back to your country, what keeping you here? look let me stop here before ah sin mih soul..

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jocelynah said on Saturday, Apr 7 at 4:40 PM

Who the hell is this man coming to tell Tobagonians how to cook haaaaahahhhaaaaaaa

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Lived There for a year said on Sunday, Apr 8 at 3:13 AM

Good morning There are manns tobagonians living in Norway but we dont treet dem like this You wold go to jail fore writing. Like this Even if The man tride to stopp sundag school ;( Tobago get Well soon

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Anonymous said on Sunday, Apr 8 at 7:59 AM

Norway..please,what happens in Norway is that a crazy man waits until outsiders gathers Together and then shoot them dead..... And Tobagonians shows respect in your country.. If they try the stunts Gabriel tries..They would deport them...So Gabriel should know his place in another mans country....with all the money they laundrying from Italy .he could go and try that rubbish in Trinidad,and see how long he would survive.

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Tom-Cat said on Monday, Apr 9 at 3:31 AM

Oh God.. The man learned well now that Tobagonains are not fools. He just trying to show us how to add another meal to our Sunday dish, but still we have to let him and others like him know they place.

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Concerned said on Tuesday, Apr 10 at 2:54 PM

He tried to stop Sunday school? An weh yar still doh ah Tobago.

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Anonymous said on Tuesday, Apr 10 at 11:16 PM

Is it not strange,that a man who is Italian,married to A Trinidadian is living in Tobago...One of the reasons he is in Tobago is because he sees that with his money ,he can manipulate the system,as he sees fit..Thats why he says Tobagonians stupid..In Trinidad he would loose his life if he tries those things.. His ego is so big ,that he spends considerable amount of time beign unfaithful to his wife..But a clever woman she is..I think she has managed to cut him down to size.

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Tobagonian for life!!! said on Wednesday, Apr 18 at 7:54 PM

I would like to apologize to you Gabriel for the nonsense that has been written here about you. I have eaten at La Tartaruga on many occasions and the service and quality of food is certainly one of the best on the island. The owner is humble and enjoys talking to guests. I would just like to say to you Gabriel keep up the good work and there are some of us that benefit from your articles. God Bless!!!

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Frequent Tobago visitor said on Wednesday, Apr 18 at 8:02 PM

Thanks for all your articles Gabriele....they are so great and the food you and your wife cook is so delicious each and every time. I am appalled at the negative comments below because one reason why Tobago sees visitors is partly because of your being one of those visitors together with a lot of friends and family....anyway keep up the good work and many many visitors will continue to visit...and continue writing and sharing as this will be better for your business....peace and love...

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