Another ‘Calcutta’ remark by Sandy surfaces

By Adamson Charles

Under fire for his public statement about a “Calcutta boat” invasion of Tobago during a speech on the campaign trail in Dalaford last week Friday, Deputy Chief Secretary Hilton Sandy was forced to apologize after the issue erupted into a full scale racial furor on the national landscape. Sandy, who along with his fellow Peoples National Movement (PNM) candidate for Bacolet/Mt. St. George Joel Jack had appeared on the Radio Tambrin morning show the following Monday seemed unfazed by the gathering implications of his racially charged speech.

Show host George Leacock questioned both men on the issue during the interview. Sandy in his explanation insisted that it was not a racial statement. “The TOP have friends in Trinidad in the Peoples Partnership (PP) government. The Calcutta discussion was not a matter of India. It’s the same way that they bring people in their campaign in Tobago by boat,” he argued. Sandy refused to apologize, when he was given the opportunity to do so by Leacock and continued to defend his position.

“I understand some people are saying I was being racist but this is not true because in India there are black people and in Calcutta there are black people so this can’t be racist. There is nothing about being racial. This is about people and their friends, it is not racist,” laboured Sandy.

Questioned about his feelings about the statement, Jack with some hesitancy suggested that it was all part of political piccong during the election season. “I haven’t seen the headlines as yet for the morning so I don’t really want to comment further on it,” stated Jack. Tobago News was able to get a verbatim report from the earlier meeting that Sandy had referred to during his Calcutta speech in Dalaford.

At that meeting in Argyle, which was chaired by Rev Eastlyn Orr, Chief Secretary Orville London as well as Youth Speaker Cherish Trotman spoke on the platform. These were Sandy’s words in Argyle: “...before I leave, I want to leave this with you all. There is a boat coming from Calcutta. Do you all know where Calcutta is?” The crowd responded: “Yes India!” Sandy continued: Well, ok! After the 21st January, this boat will be coming to Tobago full with these people and they will invade Tobago if you all did not vote for the PNM!”

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Wanderer said on Sunday, Mar 10 at 10:17 AM

We would prefer a boat from Europe or Europeans, not one from Kalkatta as we would spell it before PNM introduced free secondary education. The Indian man have a new set of prejudice called money the God, and a superficial caste structure called "belowme jahajee". REMEMBER THE HINDU CASTE SYSTEM AND POVERTY IN TRINIDAD AND INDIA, excludes women. The today rich indian will sleep with your daughter regarless of caste, nad you mother depending on age, this is factual. The THA should send a boat to Africa and even the racial divide in Trindad&Tobago since the problem in Trini is a African Indian problem historically, with all other excluded. Rememember the Indian woman could stay.

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SAndra D said on Thursday, Jan 24 at 6:08 AM

Mr Sandy DO NOT worry with them AT least for now the ship has stopped, probably sunk do worry with them the truth offends those who want to be offended.PNM tobago we have real homework to do !

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Racial Tobago said on Wednesday, Jan 23 at 10:18 PM

Title states the true Tobago, shame on you all

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Anonymous said on Wednesday, Jan 23 at 10:06 AM

its DELAFORD... not DALAFORD...writer needs to learn how to spell.

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RJ said on Sunday, Jan 20 at 9:16 AM


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RJ said on Sunday, Jan 20 at 8:27 AM

The POLL does not win an election. It is the people who go out and vote that will win the election!! Vote TOP.

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the virginian said on Saturday, Jan 19 at 10:46 AM

Sonofa Tobagonian@5:31PM;I'd like very much to respond to your last question,but as you know,certain things are better left unsaid.

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SonofaTobagonian said on Friday, Jan 18 at 1:31 PM

John Gaffar La Guerre just happens to be the Chairman of the Equal Opportunity Commission in Trinidad and Tobago. This MLBA Tobagonian called "Skippy" Thomas is looking to take Sandy, another Tobagonian, before John Gaffar La Guerre. Since when Tobago get so many stupid people, boy?

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active reader said on Friday, Jan 18 at 11:49 AM

"Calcutta to Caroni": the East Indians of Trinidad; studies, Author: John Gaffar La Guerre Publisher: [N.p.] Longman Caribbean; [distributed in the U.S.A. by Longman Inc., New York, 1974]

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Anonymous said on Friday, Jan 18 at 9:23 AM

RJ you cannot preach GOD and at the same time lie you head off to gain something,it means that you do not have faith in GOD but in the devil,please tell us who you really serve,because as of now you preach GOD ,but serve devil.

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Young Tobago blood said on Thursday, Jan 17 at 10:09 PM

RJ while that may be the best approach you need to get your head outta d sand and realise that your best intentions and the best intentions of others may not always be the same. Get some wisdom for d road n put your ears to the ground. PEACE!

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RJ said on Thursday, Jan 17 at 7:30 PM

The African and Indian population are very close in majority!! However how country should never come to use race to devide and rule!!! Lets learn to love and care for each other in spite of out differences. Lets also vote TOP to move Tobago forward.

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Anonymous said on Thursday, Jan 17 at 9:11 AM

RJ i quess GOD was a racist when he threw the arc-angel out of i quess GOD was not GOD since he lived in fear of the arc-angel and refused him to have leadership with him in heaven.So the RJ GOD beign in controll reconised the purpose of removing a company of people from his presense was not what you are saying is that their is no GOD.but iam here to tell you that their is a GOD mighty,wise and powerful.And the children of GOD would not vote TOP,PP,UNC.bUT THEY WOULD FOLLOW IN HIS FOOTSTEPS and cast them out of Tobago.

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SATTY MATTY said on Thursday, Jan 17 at 3:23 AM

SAT MAHARAJ on CNMG --?Asked about racial balance in the Medical profession- "if indians are not applying, we must go to where we could find them" .... there IS an AGENDA for this Government!

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ITALY said on Thursday, Jan 17 at 3:08 AM

"The African population is a minority in Trinidad and IF TOBAGO is EXCLUDED, its MINORITY STATUS becomes more pronounced. Let the 44,190 GO INDEPENDENT if THEY WISH or, for that matter, let them join a federal relationship with GRENADA and let Morgan Job be president. the Indian majority will climb... while the African will slip...'" - (2005) DEVANT MAHARAJ, Now Kamla's SENIOR ADVISER on population affairs and Minister of FOOD PRODUCTION in her CABINET

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RJ said on Wednesday, Jan 16 at 6:30 PM

PEOPLE OF GOD WILL NEVER LIVE IN FEAR OF ANOTHER RACE. WE are all humanbeings, where there is God in control, there is no fear. So lets vote TOP to move Tobago forward.

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Anonymous said on Wednesday, Jan 16 at 11:36 AM

God lead from the front and threw the archagel out of heaven.Jesus said get thee behind me devil.Iwonder what GOD and christ was swo fearful about,that they did not want the devil in their presence,we should take and make GOD our example.God and demonic forces cannot stand in leadership kick the top,pp,unc out of Tobago.

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RJ said on Wednesday, Jan 16 at 6:28 AM

The civilised and God-fearing people of Tobago, need to distance ourselves from such devisive and racially insulting politics. The leader who is unable to lead will be afraid of another race!! Effective leadership is transformational and transactional. They lead from the front and can bring about deep change. They are not afraid of the challenges that lie ahead, but confront them head-on. They do not practice rule and devide politics!!

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Desuperman said on Wednesday, Jan 16 at 1:24 AM

I HATE a hypocrite and that is what we're getting from lots of these Tobagonians who still deply rooted in this "Massa" days mentality. What was "wrong" with waht Sandy said? Is there a specific place to speak the TRUTH? Lots of acres of lands are being bought, some through BEFRIENDING and ENTICEMENTS of Tobagonians who chose to "grab at the carrot on a string". Some undersold their properties, NEVER to get them back, because of GREED and thoughtless behaviour. Many of them are BLINDED or PRETEND to be, of what is happening BEFORE OUR EYES. The whole agenda is about DOMINANCE at any means necessary, even if it takes 50 YEARS. That issue of squatting is very real and VERY possible, under an ASHWORTH JACK Assembly, because (like Jack Warner) he "love" Indians and they will "forever" vote TOP. Yeah RIGHT!!

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Anonymous said on Tuesday, Jan 15 at 8:21 PM

Sandy is a bigger man than,london,at lease he has the gots to say whats on his pnm.nevertheless.tobagonians should not be blind to the truth,by voting away their island by giving it to the top,pp,unc labour would come from trinidad and leave mant tobagonians jobbless.think with sanity tobagonians and stand tall strong and wise with the present tha.

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justanotherlooser said on Tuesday, Jan 15 at 1:17 PM

welcome to the third world!

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Ras B said on Tuesday, Jan 15 at 6:39 AM

I think that statement was crucial if Th PNM wins. because somebody had the nerve and fortitude to make a truthful statement. The truth is an offense but it is not a sin.

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Anonymous said on Monday, Jan 14 at 4:41 PM

then gone would be the days,when they believed in humanity,respect and unity amoung themselves.They would be a divided and confused people,given to a degree of corruption which they hAVE NO UNDERSTANDING OF.Tobagonians live so much in their own wish,i wish world that i fear that they are not prune to the obvious infrount of them.Indians are squatters,its a part of their culture,who would protect Tobago frm this nature.Jack i dont think so.I refer not to all indians,that they all dont like the coloured race,these are not the ones to fear,but the ones who are racist and is seeking power,thats what we are fighting against,not indians persay.

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Anonymous said on Monday, Jan 14 at 4:36 PM

My agenda is that people need to start beign honest and see the realities of truth instead of fantasy.This is a local election,why is Kamal and her cohorts in Tobago campaigning so eagerly for Jack.What agreement did they make in the back room ,which we Tobagonians are not aware of.It is not racist to identify a movement and påeople for what they are,even if they pretend otherwise.Kamal seems to be saying,lets rise an attack a nation at ease,which lives in confidence,we would plunder them and make them booty.Iam all for Tobago and TObagonians,and thats the only reason why i would vote LONDON.DO i like him of course not,put he is all about protecting Tobago,for Tobagonians.Jack is the Total opposite,so im am not voting the man,i am voting the country.And believes that the disrespect treated out to the THA should not be accepted by Tobagonians,because its exactly how they would be treated as a people if JACK wins.If they remain blind because of fearvof beign called a racist,

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Anonymous said on Monday, Jan 14 at 3:48 PM

your agenda is quite transparent. you are anti pnm what is the purpose of this excerpt? can it sway voters? or is it design to paint PNM as a racist party? please explain

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continuation said on Monday, Jan 14 at 6:37 AM

and nollify a people.If Tobagonians remains an unsuspecting people they would loose their identity,making things even more difficult forthemselves and their children.Vote Tobago,start there.Tobago is the IS trinidad ridding on the back of jack ,free passage into our country for their own benefits,not Tobagonians.its already yours,dont give it up,to then go into war to retrieve it again,it might just be too late.protect whats yours now.

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Anonymous said on Monday, Jan 14 at 6:32 AM

first you see one rat,and if that rat eating good,you see a tornadoe of rats.thats the pychics of law.rats dont adapt they do what they are accustom to.which is to take over and destroy.if the natural order of te day for rats is to live accordingly to their natural instinct,do we really think that the human behaviour is any different.someone said that only the rich indians are comming till Tobago,we also know that money has influence and power,what would happen to Tobago ,who is not ready our prepared for the influences that would prevail in the influx of the indian nation and culture ,since Tobagonians are so eager to welcome all.I dont think that Tobagonians fully understand what is happening our going on in Tobago.They seem not to understand the pychology of people and power and the great looses involved if they are not aware of the realities taking place right in their mids.I am not a racist i am a realist.i am a traveller and i understand the how people take over a country and nol

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SonofaTobagonian said on Sunday, Jan 13 at 7:15 PM

@the Virginian, I apologised for setting you up. By Renuka Singh, Story Created: Jan 28, 2011 at 4:40 AM ECT in the Trinidad Express: SECRETARY General of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS), Satnarayan Maharaj, is alleging that Indian High Commissioner Malay Mishra interfered in the establishment of a Hindu temple in Tobago, adding that this was a "direct attack" on the SDMS...........Dealing specifically with the issue, Maharaj said the conflict between the two came to a head earlier this month when Mishra called a meeting in Tobago, days after the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) agreed to lease four lots of land in Signal Hill to the SDMS for the first Hindu temple on the island. Maharaj said Mishra instead began lobbying to get the land handed over to the local Indo-Tobagonian community for a cultural centre instead of the Hindu community for a temple. As I type this, I can assure you that Mr. Mishra has more claim to Calcutta than any of the Trinidad complainers.

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the virginian said on Sunday, Jan 13 at 6:28 PM

Sonofa Tobagonian,anyhow that comment is sliced,it wasn't funny if it was so intended and it has no place in public discourse.Sandy should publicly apologize if he hasn't already done so but my feeling is that his resignation is unwarranted and as such he shouldn't oblige.The High Commissioner not objecting is immaterial.Since this is a political matter,in a politically charged season,his/her objection could be interpreted by some as active and intentional interference in the internal affairs of the host country which diplomats try to avoid like the plague for obvious reasons.So the apparent silence,in this case,might be misleading.Kudos to the Indian High Commissioner for avoidance so far.BTW,when one publicly steps into pigsbuckybooboo,as seems to be the case here,one should always be publicly remorseful posthaste with the hope of depriving the faux pas any legs.

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SonofaTobagonian said on Sunday, Jan 13 at 5:38 PM

There is a boat coming from Calcutta. Do you all know where Calcutta is?” The crowd responded: “Yes India!” Well at least the crowd knew its geography. I haven't heard the Indian High Commissioner objecting, only jokers like Makandhal (spelling intended) Penknife (again spelling intended to show his reduction in stature) and Reginald Doomas (I ran out of "s" es).

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