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By maxwell adeyemi

Tiredness is a common word in our vocabulary these days, from a little toddler in pre-school ,to the the primary school pupil and secondary school students everyone complains of tiredness. The tertiary students, different categories of workers and even retired senior citizens are not left out.

Tiredness seems to be a modern plague, as a consequence of our busy and stressful modern lifestyles, most people would at sometimes experience tiredness.

It may be common to feel tired all the time, but it isn't normal. Being tired is an everyday experience that makes people to want to stay a little longer in bed, get a good night's sleep or take a quick nap on the job.

While everyone is able to function on less sleep than they should get, if you are consistently under- sleeping you would end up with sleep deficit, and perpetual tiredness would be a result. The complaints usually range from lack of energy, feeling exhausted, feeling unwell or sleepy, to complain of lack of concentration at work, finding it hard to make decisions or carrying out daily tasks.

On most occasions, tiredness can be relieved by a good night's sleep. But it may not always be the case for persons with persistent tiredness, whose qualities of life are significantly affected as a result. Tiredness can be caused by several factors ranging from recent illness, current illness, pregnancy, lifestyle, work problems, bereavement, long travels, vitamin deficiencies and even boredom!

Many times just trying out some lifestyle changes such as dietary adjustments, sleeping at regular intervals and reduction in alcohol and caffeine use might take care of complains of tiredness.

I have to mention here that taking drinks like redbull , bolt, throttle, sharks...e.t.c and many of these highly caffeinated ENERGY drinks to cure tiredness is not a wise idea because the drinks are high in caffeine, they rev your metabolism to the point of operating on a negative energy balance level, they keep you awake against the course of nature and do more harm than good in the long run.

Establishing what exactly is causing those awful feelings of being tired all the time is important BECAUSE tiredness can be a serious problem; there could be a more dangerous problem behind the persistent tiredness such as;


Diabetes is one of the most common health conditions, and regular tiredness particularly after meals is a common symptom, such persons are unable to use glucose in their body leading to a build up of glucose in the blood. The symptom of diabetes include: extreme tiredness much beyond regular exhaustion, acute levels of thirsts, weight loss, constant hunger, frequent urination, blurred vision and in females, vaginal yeast infections.


Anaemia causes extreme tiredness mainly because of low red blood cell counts and other haemogloblin related abnormalities, extreme fatigue, poor quality sleep, low concentration , chest pains, loss of appetites and headaches are some of the symptoms of anaemia.


Extreme tiredness or fatigue is a common complaint in people with heart problems. Being fatigued in the case of a heart condition means most likely that the heart is not pumping enough blood. Essentially we need enough oxygen to have energy and this is carried by blood. But when sufficient blood is not pumped by the heart, fatigue occurs. By the time an individual with heart problem starts to feel fatigued, the possibility that the heart is almost failing is very high.



If your thyroid is not working properly, for example, if it is under active, you may feel exhausted all the time. When one suffers from thyroid problem, the routine daily activities that involve minimal physical activity seem daunting. Hypothyroidism (underproduction of thyroid hormone) greatly affects energy levels- tiredness, sluggishness, weight gain and feeling of inability to participate both mentally and physically in a lot of activities.


Depression can lead to tiredness for many reasons, it could be the depression itself, or the patient may not sleep properly and feel tired as a result. Although symptoms of depression can include extreme lethargy, low energy, alteration in eating and sleeping patterns , feeling of negativity, hopelessness lack of self worth , inability or restlessness.

SLEEP APNEA: This is temporary stoppage of breathing when asleep, a disorder in which one always wake up feeling extremely tired.

This is due to brief interruptions in breathing while at rest.

Sleep apnea symptoms include extreme lethargy, tiredness, high blood pressure and changes in breathing patterns. So if you are always tired, take a trip to the doctor and get it checked to be sure there is nothing else more sinister behind your persistent tiredness.

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James said on Saturday, Apr 21 at 8:14 PM

Thanks for this information on persistent tiredness.

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