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Unsanitary conditions at PTSC Bus Terminus force out workers

WORKING conditions at the temporary bus terminus at Sangster’s Hill in Scarborough are now so bad that some employees are just working four hours a

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Police: Arrests imminent in Tobago’s recent murders

A senior police official, attached to the Homicide Bureau in Tobago, says all efforts are being made to bring the perpetrators of the three recent mur

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Muslim Responds

THE Director of the Masjid Al Tawbah in Lowlands, Kameal Ali, is calling on citizens not to look at all Muslims as “bad apples”.

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T Party for Table Tennis

The Tobago Zone of the Trinidad and Tobago Table Tennis Association is hosting a T Party today (Sunday) at the Gulf City Mall, Lowlands.

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Action galore in Rhodill Clarke T20 Festival

The Rodill Clarke Inter-District T20 Cricket Festival preliminary round bowled off in the four groups despite heavy seasonal rains. Coordinator of the

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Mixed fortunes for visiting Lateymar Upper Girls

The Lateymar Upper Girls School from England had mixed fortune on their Goodwill Tour to Tobago that culminated last Saturday. While in Tobago, the co

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Thousands turn out for Charlotteville’s Natural Treasures Day

“We still have a challenge and a responsibility to protect and preserve what is ours.... , anybody who attempts to destroy that, is our enemy....whe

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Wake and Bongo at Whim

ACTION in the Tobago Heritage Festival shifted to the Whim Hard Courts for the Spring Garden, Whim, Union and Mary’s Hill (SWUM) Community Council

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Heritage rum shop lime

A rum shop lime has been held as part of the Tobago Heritage Festival.

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EMALIA DeNoon-Herr

EMALIA DeNoon-Herr is a 34-year-old blogger, with her own website called DIY Hair Blogger. She is also the creator of an advanced latch hook technique

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Andre Baker

HAILING from the village of Lowlands, Andre Baker works in the Tobago House of Assembly’s Department of Youth Affairs with responsibility for youth

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Dr. Avanelle Benoit

This week’s trendsetter is 26-year-old Dr. Avanelle Benoit. Dr. Benoit recently completed her internment at the Scarborough General Hospital and is

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