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Blind Welfare celebrates anniversary

In recognition of its 100th year anniversary, the Blind Welfare of Trinidad and Tobago hosted its first-ever Blind Awareness Programme in Tobago last

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Tobagonian joins the Royal Navy

KEVIN Joseph has fulfilled a lifelong dream and has now become a member of the Royal Navy, based in the United Kingdom.

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Argyle Waterfall awarded Excellence

ARGYLE Waterfall has been awarded a 2014 Certificate of Excellence by the travel website, TripAdvisor.

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Interclub T20 starts Saturday

Local cricketers return to action in the middle  when round one of  the Courts Interclub T20 Championships bowls off on Saturday. Teams will be comp

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Tobago’s Caesar moves to San Antonio Scorpions

Tobago’s Trevin Caesar’s recent move to the North American Soccer League (NASL) outfit San Antonio Scorpions can be considered a huge blow to Nort

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Destroyer, Rising Front win at 25-24

Tabletoppers for the West Zone, Carnbee Destroyers which finished the preliminary round in the Elders Management Committee Over 60 All Fours tournamen

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Health Recipes

Number of Servings: 8             Serving Size: ¼ cupCalories: 108/serving            Preparation Time:  40 minsEquipment, Utens

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Black Bean Burger with Avocado-Lime Mayo

Number of Servings: 4    Serving Size: 1 burgerCalories: 300/serving                    Preparation Time: 30 mins

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Mango Pie

Number of Servings: 8      Serving Size: 185g (1 slice)Calories: 384/serving      Preparation Time: 1 hourEquipment, Utensils and Materials:

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Primary School Feature
The worst night of my life, I can’t wait for next year.

EVERY year my next door neighbours have a party and my family gets prepared for it, but this time we forgot about the party. At around 10pm we were al

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A miserable day at the beach

SCHOOL was closed at last, and it was finally summer time; the time when my friends Anya, Chelsea, Aeryn and her younger sister, Caelyn would come to

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A sleepless night

It was the worst night ever! Since 9 o’clock the rain was pouring cats and dogs and it was now 11 0’clock. I jumped into bed and landed on my silk

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Mason Hall Ole Time Heritage Games

THEY are the games we used to play. Remember skipping, tug of war, the box cart, and even hop scotch? The action took place at the Mason Hall Recreati

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SuperBlue to remake John Legend song

THE indomitable Super Blue will be launching his remake of one of American pop star John Legend’s songs this Friday (Emancipation Day).

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Thousands turn out for Charlotteville’s Natural Treasures Day

“We still have a challenge and a responsibility to protect and preserve what is ours.... , anybody who attempts to destroy that, is our enemy....whe

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EMALIA DeNoon-Herr

EMALIA DeNoon-Herr is a 34-year-old blogger, with her own website called DIY Hair Blogger. She is also the creator of an advanced latch hook technique

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Andre Baker

HAILING from the village of Lowlands, Andre Baker works in the Tobago House of Assembly’s Department of Youth Affairs with responsibility for youth

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Dr. Avanelle Benoit

This week’s trendsetter is 26-year-old Dr. Avanelle Benoit. Dr. Benoit recently completed her internment at the Scarborough General Hospital and is

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Down the years
Dwight Yorke Stadium officially opened

STRIKER Khalid Mathura scored a beautiful goal from a direct free kick to level the scores in injury time during the friendly international fixture be

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24 injured at Festival

AN investigation has been launched into the collapse of a stand at the Tobago Heritage Festival Show at Les Coteaux last Monday night, which resulted

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Pride of Charlotteville

Friday, July 24, 1987 SHE is acknowledged by everyone in Charlotteville as the village’s historian, its infallible source of information.

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